Session 1 has 13 spots left and Discovery Camp has 22. Averaging 1 registration per day, it looks like everyone has a month before we go to a waitlist. Please encourage and remind your friends and family to register ASAP. We can help out with scholarships for anyone who needs financial assistance. Just call or email. :)
We All Have a Story
Mine is about Camp, Teaching, Friends & Family
Has anyone else had a crazy past few months? In 2017, I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with my fiancé, Amy "Athena" Howerton. After stepping off the trail, we spent September in Washington State with my mom and stepdad. We spent October in the Bay Area, staying at my brother's house while he was in Europe. We spent November and December in Texas with Amy's family and after the holidays and Winter Camp, we finally got an apartment and began to settle down in Pleasanton with our dogs Buddha and Zeus, our cat Topaz and our fish.
Amy recently got a job in the Pleasanton Unified School District and I am currently teaching a film class at the San Ramon extension campus of Diablo Valley College. With the help of several campers, LITs and staff, we have attended 4 weekend camp fairs this month and have enjoyed talking with parents and students about the magic of uCamps. Thank you to those who volunteered at the uCamps booth!!
Tri-Valley Camp Fair
Silicon Valley Camp Fair
Marin County Camp Fair
In the middle of February, I assisted former uCamps Director, Blake "Tiny" Longfellow, at the Middle Stage Drama Festival in Pleasant Hill, attended by 20+ schools and 300+ middle school actors. For Valentine's Day, Amy and I went to dinner with my sister Debbie "Donuts" and her fiancé John. 1-3 days a week, I have been leading fun team building workshops at a number of schools in the Bay Area. Last week, I surprised Amy by flying her mom Barbara out to California from Texas. It was Barbara's first time seeing San Francisco and our families finally met each other at a dinner in Half Moon Bay. It was a wonderful evening.
Middle Stage Festival
Family Dinner in Half Moon Bay
Valentine's Day Dinner
I attended an Oscar party hosted by uCamps Director "Hot Rod". Amongst the 20+ attendees, I dressed up as the dad from "Call Me By Your Name", Athena dressed up as Tanya Harding and Hot Rod won the night, dressed as Tanya Harding's mom from the Academy Award winning movie "I, Tanya". My birthday was March 14th and we celebrated with a ski trip to Tahoe. It snowed the entire time and we had to stay an extra day after getting caught in a bad storm. The skiing and the Air BnB, however, were perfect.
Allison Janney won the Academy Award for playing Tanya Harding's mom in the movie "I, Tanya".
"Hot Rod" made us laugh dressing up as Tanya Harding's mom at an Oscar party!!
Athena and Bald E on a ski lift in South Lake Tahoe, celebrating Bald E's birthday!!
As the month comes to an end, I continue teaching film at DVC (I just gave a midterm exam and we watched "The Empire Strikes Back"). It's awesome teaching a college course where I get to introduce students, 18-22 years old, to amazing films from the 1950s to today!! On the camp front, we are gearing up for another exciting and very special summer at our new home, Camp Jack Hazard!! Finally, I am headed to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, March 21-24, as a chaperone for 78 students from the California and Dougherty Valley High School Theatre Departments in San Ramon. We will be seeing "Henry V" and "Othello". It sure is nice to be back in the Bay Area. I'm excited to deepen my connections with my friends and family and I'm thrilled for camp this summer!! Well...that's my story and that's my world!! Thanks for reading and I hope everything is wonderful in your world as well. Until next month's newsletter, adios mi familia de campamento!!