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March 2017   

We hope you and your family are all well and excited we have entered the SPRING season!

This is the time of year where we begin to get excited about the nicer weather; opening our windows to the fresh, warmer air, spending more time outdoors; biking, gardening or just reading on the porch.

It is also the season to do your taxes and many of you may be expecting an income tax refund this year.   It is important to remember that the government isn't sending you a bonus check, but rather returning your money to you.  You really shouldn't be treating your refund cheque any differently than you would your weekly or monthly paycheque.

We suggest you give your refund a purpose and let it make a difference in your personal financial situation. Consider paying down high interest debt, pay for something of need (car repairs or broken appliance replacement), make contributions to your education, disability or retirement plans or use it to kick start a savings strategy for a future large purchase.

Whatever you decide, we are here to help make it count! 

Karen, Richard, Jeff, Janet, Ingrid and Sheila 
2017 Federal Budget
March 22, 2017
No one was expecting that Canada's 2017 budget would match the punch of the 2016 edition given that the latter was the product of a newly minted Liberal government looking to put its mark on fiscal policy after a decade in the wilderness. Still, the 2017 budget is surprising in how little it delivers .

FYI -  No changes were made to the capital gains inclusion rate or the federal income tax brackets in this budget.
Karen on Rogers Daytime TV

Karen spent a few minutes chatting with Melissa on "Special Needs Planning" last month.  Click here to watch this short video.
Loaning money to your Children

It used to be that once children entered the working world most parents were largely done supporting them financially. But the working world has changed, and a growing number of young people struggle to get by - turning to Mom and Dad for help.

Do you know a teen who has lost a parent and is struggling
    with the cost of post-secondary education? 
We are looking for applicants for our Bursary program .  
Visit  www.liveup2.org/bursaries for more information and application.  Please be sure to pass this along to anyone you know in this unfortunate situation that could use some financial assistance. 
Live Up 2 is a standalone organization and is not a service or offering of  
Spectrum Financial strategies or Worldsource Financial management.
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Market Watch

Market Watch   
For those with more of an interest in what has happened in the markets this past month, Click here for an update.
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