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Don't forget that one of the main reasons PodiatryMeetings.com was created was to allow both DPM and exhibitors share feedback about the meetings they experience.

Please use the links below to take a short survey and to offer specific feedback about any meeting you've recently attended or exhibited.
Congratulations to our Virtual Exhibit Hall Shopping Spree Winner - La Vergne Andre, DPM!

Last month the PodiatryMeetings.com Sponsors gave away $900 for a virtual exhibit hall shopping spree to one lucky DPM winner!

Stay tuned as we will continue to provide more awesome contests and giveaways throughout the year.

Haven't visited the hall yet? Click the link below to visit our sponsor booths and take advantage of incredible specials!

Our current exhibit hall includes providers of the following products/services:
  • Class IV Laser
  • Foot Padding Supplies
  • Marketing
  • Orthotics
  • Pathology Services
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Wound Care
  • Dispensing
Attention Vendors!

Looking for a way to maximize the work you've put into creating a virtual booth during this crazy year? Then get involved with PodiatryMeetings.com and our ongoing virtual exhibit hall.

Click here to view the hall now and then contact us if you want to be a part of our virtual vendor family.
Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
No more just going through the meeting motions... make a plan!
Last month's newsletter provided thoughts regarding how you can increase the value of your meetings if you take some time to make an action plan beforehand. Click here to read that article.

As promised, your DPM Downloads are now available to help you get that plan off the ground!

Want our additional DPM Downloads?
TIP FOR: Vendors
Get Your Gear in Gear for On-Site Events
Finally, we are seeing a cautious return to in-person events. Yes, they may be hybrid (both an on-site aspect with virtual), but that means we are on the brink of more events where we will all be face-to-face again! Given, the forecast, now is the time to dust off your exhibit materials and ensure everything is on-site show-ready.

So, unpack and set up all your booth materials and clean, iron, replace broken pieces and update all your brochures and flyers. If you’ve been considering new exhibit elements such as a new backdrop, tablecloth or technology stand, get started designing and ordering now so it’s all ready to go for your big debut.

In addition to reimagining your booth design, you probably have a completely new budget for exhibiting. Review your previous year’s budgets for exhibiting and refresh your goals. We’ve heard from many exhibitors that they will be drastically reducing their participation in trade shows in the future. If this is you, be sure your budget plan reflects that and all of your spreadsheets are aligned. Meet with your sales team and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to chat with an exhibitor about what draws attention to a booth. In my experience, a clean booth with your logo/company name clearly visible and very little other wording on the display, is the most important attractor. I hate when I'm walking around an exhibit hall and can't figure out who's booth it is because their company name isn't highly visible. If you have a new product, putting it on a pedestal of some sort, front and center is probably your best move. If there are no new products, you will need to rethink your most popular products. Think of a new display, new verbiage, maybe new colors... anything that looks fresh. Finally, the sales rep is an attractor.

We know that familiar faces draw people in. Perhaps consider pushing your booth display back further into the space and standing in front of the display, rather than behind the table.
TIP FOR: Meeting Planners
Make a fresh start!
With the return of in-person exhibit halls and conferences on the horizon, combined with the increase in online CECH opportunities for DPMs and the knowledge that exhibitors will be attending fewer trade shows than they have in the past, it is crucial that meeting planners rethink their events and what makes them successful.

Gone are the days of “copying and pasting” your meetings from year to year. Give your exhibit halls a fresh look with an exhibitor friendly layout. I recently read a tip from a meeting planner to create exhibitor booth “pods” to better utilize the more spacious socially distanced exhibit hall.

Encourage the use of, or even provide furniture options to offer more creative seating and design layouts. 
Voice of the DPM
February Vote-N-Go Results
Last month we asked our DPM readers:

Are you open to allowing show organizers to give your email address to vendors in a post-registration spreadsheet?

Here are the results.
I am open to having organizers provide my email address to exhibitors.
I am open to it, but I want to sign a consent form first.
If I want an exhibitor to have my email address, I will provide it personally.
No. I feel this is an invasion of my privacy.
DPM Vote-N-Go
Meeting sponsors are always looking for new ways to engage their DPM audience during a meeting. One way of doing so is by hosting non-CECH lectures during normal lecture break times.

We want to know...
Do you find value in the sponsored, non-CECH lectures and do you enjoy attending them?
Yes, I often attend them and find value in sponsored lectures.
I attend sponsored lectures sometimes, but not always/often.
No. I don't like sponsored lectures as they come off too commercial.
Check out our recent webinar video recordings:
Marketing; How Patients Really Find You in 2021
Cash Services: Remy Class IV Laser & PodoExpert Foam Cream Line
Onychomycosis: Scientific Diagnosis
and Treatment

Presented by
Steve McClain, MD

Tuesday, March 30th | 7:00pm EST

If you want to be included in this webinar event, please use the quick poll below and we will send you login instructions.
Yes, please send me login instructions.
Not this time around, but thank you.
Voice of the Vendor
February VOTE-N-GO Results
Last month we asked our vendor family:

We want to know... how are you utilizing the dollars saved from lack of meeting travel?

Here are the results. Meeting Planners take note!
We're saving the dollars for future on-site events.
We're using the dollars toward different marketing initiatives.
We've been putting the money into more virtual events.
Vendor Vote-N-Go
What's Valuable and What's a Gimmick?
After almost a full year of virtual exhibiting, we've seen different ways that meetings get DPMs engaged with virtual exhibitors, from Bingo Games and Scavenger Hunts to Promo Codes and Raffles.

We want to know... during a virtual event, what would you consider to be a valuable contest entry (what the DPM has to provide) to be entered to win a giveaway?
They should have to provide an email address.
They should have to provide a phone number and email address.
They should have to ask a question about products/services.
All of the above.
90-Day Meeting Outlook
Click below to see events calendar for the given month:
Speaking of Calendars... PodiatryMeetings.com has the most fun calendar for you and your team! This entertaining National Day Calendar has the most outrageous and fun days plotted out for you.

Want some for your office? Select an option below and we'll send you some! We will email you for your mailing address once you respond.
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Large Meeting News: Did You Hear....
  • ACFAS Annual Conference is going hybrid for 2021
  • Midwest Podiatry Conference 2021 is now virtual only
  • FPMA Summer conference will be in-person in Bonita Springs in June. If you can exhibit in person, we highly recommend it.
  • The APMA National looks to be moving forward with an in-person event in Denver. We encourage everyone to attend and support meetings that are bringing back face-to-face conferences in an environment that is safe. We hope to see you there!
Need Credits in the Double Digits?
Check out the meeting list below which, according to their official websites, provide 10+ CECH.

The meetings listed below take place from May - June 2021.

NOTE: Details regarding podiatric meetings listed in this newsletter and on PodiatryMeetings.com may not be complete nor are they guaranteed accuracy. Please visit each meeting’s official website or contact each meeting’s organizer for official, complete details and registration rates.

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