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Alison Allman, BSN, ICF Health Coach, Pyramid Health Coaching

Saint Louis, MO


Fulgencio Antuna, MD, Physician, Optum Medical Partners

Henderson, NV


Agnes Chan, PhD, Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, Hong Kong


Bradley Dyer, DO, Hospitalist Physician, Mosaic Life Care

Parkville, MO


Petr Hora, MD, Medical Doctor, Medical Beauty: Clinic of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine

Plzeň, Czech Republic


George Motto, MD, Founder, The Metabolism, Weight, & Lifestyle Institute, Ltd.

Arlington Heights, IL


Lidia Nelkovski, MD, Medical Director, Interactive Health

Schaumburg, IL


José Neves, MD, Medical Director, Private Clinic

São Paulo, Brazil


Willard Schuler, MD, Owner, Cutting Edge Enterprises, LLC

Elbert, CO


Shanon Spiller, 

PA-C, Physician Assistant, Alliance Medical Center

Ukiah, CA


L. Nathan Thomas, MS, Associate Professor, Salt Lake Community College

South Jordan, UT

MARCH 2015


Abeer Alharthi, BSN, Nurse Intern, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

Springfield Gardens, NY


Evan Allen, MD, Medical Director, Dr. Allen Wellness and Medical Center

Henderson, NV


Carol Ash, DO, MBA, Corporate Director for Sleep Medicine, Meridian Health

North Brunswick, NJ


MaryElizabeth Bissell, MD, Physician: OB/GYN, Boulder Medical Center

Boulder, CO


Sheree Chambers, BS Nutrition, Health Coach, EHE International

Brooklyn, NY


Charles Evans, MD, PhD, Physician/Medical Director, The Institute for Lifestyle, Preventive and Family Medicine

Lufkin, TX


Steven Feyrer-Melk, PhD, Director of Patient Wellness, Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center

Scottsdale, AZ


Paula Gates, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner, Slainte Family Clinic LLC

Benton, LA


Katrina Hamilton, Heritage Fellow, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Athens, OH


Frances Ilozue, MD, Practice Owner, Rapha Family Medicine, PC

Buffalo, NY


Alison Ozgur, BS Dietetics, Registered Dietitian, Private Practice

Vancouver, WA


Karen Prieto, RN, BSN, Advanced Practice Nurse, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

Edina, MN


Michael Reid, BMBS, PhD, Director, McLaren Vale Family Practice

South Australia, Australia


Gregory Steinke, MD, MPH, Family and Preventive Medicine Physician, Adventist Health Tillamook

Neotsu, OR


Sandra Telesmanic, B.S. Pharm, Pharmacist/Prinicpal, HealthWell Corporate Solutions, LLC.

Port Washington, NY


Wan Himratul Azliza Wan Harun, MBBS, Consultant Physician, Tropicana Medical Centre

Selangor, Malaysia


Stewart Wilkey, DO, Family and Preventive Medicine Resident, Loma Linda University

Loma Linda, CA


Bill Williams III, MD, 

EVP, NAMCP Medical Directors Institute

Glen Allen, VA

Upcoming Events 


Nutrition and the Science of Disease Prevention 

This forum will focus on promotion of optimal metabolic health, building on input from several complementary disciplines.

April 16, 2015

New York, NY


CHIP Facilitator Training Workshop

Attend a training workshop to become a certified CHIP facilitator and impact lives in your community and workplace. 

May 11-12, 2015

Athens, OH 


Tools for Promoting Healthy Change

Change your competence and performance-in-practice by increasing your knowledge of lifestyle medicine. 

June 26-27, 2015

Boston, MA


Lifestyle Medicine 2015

ACLM's annual conference, featuring 30+ industry leaders and luminaries, along with 35 exhibitors, and 700 healthcare professionals from around the world. 

Nov. 1-4, 2015

Nashville, TN


Join the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in its support of GLiMMER.


Founded by ACLM President David Katz, MD, the GLiMMER Initiative's ultimate mission is to spark a rally cry that will unite us in reducing the prevailing burden of chronic disease by up to 80%-adding years to life and life to years. The potential strength of GLiMMER derives from an unprecedented unity of voices.


Please click here and add your voice to the True Health Coalition. 

Lifestyle Medicine in Action
    April  2015
The President's Report  

David L. Katz, MD, MPH


Lifestyle Medicine: Spate of Communion


Presidents are supposed to give periodic status reports about the unions they steward.  In our case, I am privileged to be in that position of stewardship as our union not only thrives, but unites with other, likeminded unions.  So the best way to characterize the state of our union is to describe the recent spate of our communions.


We are quite far along the path of communal effort with the American College of Preventive Medicine.  Conjoining these two organizations in a manner that lends the strength of each to the other while preserving their important distinctions and character has long been an aspiration of the leadership in both camps.  There are some details to be worked out still, but the effort now seems certain of success.  I expect our College to be the stronger for it.


We are an integral part of a fast-growing coalition of lifestyle medicine organizations all around the world as a founding partner in the Global Lifestyle Medicine Association.  We have our friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Sagner, President of the European Society of Lifestyle Medicine, to thank for the heavy lifting that set this in motion- but ACLM has been engaged from the start.  The awareness of lifestyle medicine as a global movement has inspired the creation of new organizations around the world.  In recent weeks, we have learned, for instance, of just such efforts in Canada, Korea, and Brazil.


Our spate of good ties and tidings includes our evolving relationship with the Blue Zones.  We have the public support of Blue Zone founder and CEO, Dan Buettner, for the GLiMMER Initiative, and can all look forward to Dan as a keynote speaker at our conference in Nashville.  Dan and I just shared the podium at a conference in San Diego, and I am pleased to report we are all in for a treat.


Read complete article at



A Culinary Medicine Revolution 

at Tulane 

David Ferriss, MD, MPH        
VP & Medical Director, Healthways
ACLM Member/Former Board Member 


In the most recent study of nutrition education in U.S. medical schools, Kelly Adams and her colleagues at the University of North Carolina Department of Nutrition concluded, "The teaching of nutrition in U.S. medical schools still appears to be in a precarious position, lacking a firm, secure place in the medical curriculum of most medical schools."  Indeed, the 2010 study published in Academic Medicine found that only 27% of 105 medical schools responding to a survey met the minimum requirement of 25 hours established by the National Academy of Sciences in 1985.


Not so at Tulane!  In August of 2014, the Tulane University Medical School opened its new 4,600 sq. ft. Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine, the first-of-its-kind medical school teaching kitchen, for the nutritional education of medical students, residents, practicing physicians, and community residents.  The kitchen is led by Dr. Timothy Harlan, an internist and the Executive Director of the Goldring Center.


A professional chef by passion and training who subsequently pursued a career in medicine and assumed the identity of Dr. Gourmet, Harlan realized at the beginning of his medical career the powerful influence that food has on health and disease.  In addition to his role as an Assistant Dean, Harlan has guided the creation of a culinary medicine program at Tulane that has achieved an impressive number of firsts:

  • 1st teaching kitchen in a medical school
  • 1st and only medical school with a chef as a full-time faculty member
  • 1st medical school to license its culinary medicine curriculum to other medical schools (12 schools and counting)
  • 1st medical school to incorporate culinary medicine into its core curriculum for all medical students

Speak at Lifestyle Medicine 2015
The Call for Presentations (CFP) is only open for a few more days, so make sure and submit today !

Attend Lifestyle Medicine 2015
Not interested in speaking? We'd still love to have you join us as a conference attendee. Save over 30% with the Early Bird discount from now until 6/15

The Lifestyle Medicine Foundation: 
An Official CME Accreditation Provider

One of the hindrances to moving Lifestyle Medicine forward has been that pioneering LM organizations have been dependent on CME-accreditation sources to provide CME credits for conferences, seminars, and other educational offerings. With the goal of providing CME from within the LM professional community, the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation is actively working toward becoming an official CME accreditation source - fulfilling its mission of changing healthcare through education, including efforts toward formal certification.

Through your tax-deductible contribution, we invite you to be part of the solution in bringing regular, high quality, CME accredited Lifestyle Medicine education to the professional medical community: Donate for CME Accreditation.

American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine (AJLM) is a close partner of ACLM, and would like to open the chance for the ACLM community to submit a paper for consideration, to appear in the AJLM.

WEBINAR: Lifestyle Medicine Strategies in Obesity, Weight Management & Prevention

Date & Time: May 5th @ 10 am EST / 7 am PST

Join the European Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the lifestyle medicine community in bringing awareness about the potentially disastrous effects of the obesity epidemic. 

The webinar is an introduction to lifestyle medicine strategies in weight management, obesity prevention, and treatment. 

Presented by:

WEBINAR: Reduce Federal Debt and Create Jobs by Improving Health

The folks over at Health Promotion Advocates are putting on a webinar to address the issue of our federal debt, based upon the Congressional Budget Office's prediction of the debt rising to almost $50 trillion by 2035, if current trends continue. 

So what can we do? Join the webinar to learn more! Learn more about what they're doing on their website

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 14th @ 1 pm EST

Harvard Medical School Presents: 
Tools for Promoting Healthy Change

Date: June 26-27, 2015
   Location: Boston, MA

This immersive two-day course offers state-of-the-art strategies to guide patients to healthier lives. Education includes evidence-based tools and techniques for effecting healthy changes in diet, physical activity, sleep, weight loss and stress management. Register early and save! DVD: Volume 23
Get your FREE copy today!

Our friends over at want to give ACLM community members access to Dr. Greger's  Latest in Clinical Nutrition: Volume 23  free of charge.

To get your complimentary copy, just email and specify whether you'd like a physical DVD, video download, or both!

Research Summaries

The following presented by Medpage Today (May require log-in)

Workouts for Weight Loss: How Much is Enough?

Better Metabolic Profile for Teenagers Who Eat Nuts

Pre-diabetes Patients Have Fewer Gut Bugs

Restricting Fructose Cuts Liver Fat in Kids

LA Fast Food Ban No Fix for Obesity 


The following presented by WebMD

Processed Food Additives May Alter Gut Bacteria

Avocados Help Lower Cholesterol in Some People


The following presented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

Associations Between Family Income and Children's Physical Fitness and Obesity in California, 2010-2012

The following presented by Harvard Medical School
Links to Opinion Articles, Practice Advice and Patient Handouts

The following presented by

Food insecurity is an un-diagnosed medical problem


Lifestyle Medicine in Action  

Editor-in-Chief: Grace Stillar
Contributing Writers: David L. Katz, MD, MPH, David Ferriss, MD, MPH
Contributing Editors: Susan Benigas, Lisa Gregory, Lindsey Christensen 

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