March 2017
An award-winning financial planner and speaker for your next event

Lili has been busy speaking at a variety of engagements: from her ongoing series of talks with  Attorney Mediator  Maurice Segall, “Divorce Myth Busters;” to taking part in a panel discussion on the topic of  “Connecticut Teachers Retirement & Social Security – Not Your Average Pensions.” Lili is available to speak to your organization or group -- please get in touch to schedule, or visit our website  to learn more.
How to confront an overspending spouse
Lili is quoted in a recent article for Magnify Money on how to handle a spouse who is chronically overspending. Lili says, “Financial infidelity is not a financial exercise, it's an emotional exercise. Sometimes overspending may be the result of miscommunication, emergency spending, or deeply seated emotional issues like an addiction.“ Read more ...
New Social Security Rules:
What Divorcees Should Know
Lili's latest article has been published on Investopedia, a new platform on the web. Investopedia offers timely, trusted and actionable financial information for every investor. Lili will be writing articles to be published there on a regular basis — we invite you to take a look  by visiting our website.

Signs of Divorce: What to Look for and What to Do
Lili is quoted in a recent article by Veronica Dagher for the Wall Street Journal on the topic of the signs of divorce such as changes in behavior, spending habits and other signs that a spouse could be contemplating divorce. Lili says, “behavioral and workplace changes are common red flags.” Read more by visiting our website.