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  • DPM Poll - Practical or Academic? What Are You Looking For?
  • DPM Tricks of the Trade - Focus on You, Stay in Your Lane
  • Exhibitor Tricks of the Trade - Stop Doing it Just Because They Did
  • Practice Partner Academy Updates
  • From the Patient to the Pathologist - Guest Contribution
  • Featured Event: FABI Free Masterclass (Tomorrow!)
  • Meeting Planner Tricks of the Trade - Your Meeting Has a Life of Its Own - and That's a Good Thing!
Speak Up, DPMs!
Each meeting has its BIG HITTERS, right? Often the big hitters are the speakers that are legitimately enlightening due to their insights and research, but they also aren't "in the field." They aren't the DPMs that are seeing patients all day, every day. So, where's the balance?

Here's the question? Do you seek out faculty members and presentations from DPMs who are immersed in research day in and day out, or are you more inclined to appreciate the lectures that are delivered from those that are "ankle deep" with the patients... the ones that are in daily practice.
What Type of Faculty Do You Prefer?
Academic researchers who aren't "in the trenches"
Those in day-to-day practice who are applying practical insight.
Focus on You, Stay in Your Lane
Often I will hear physicians discussing their practices and what they "need" to bring to it in order to feel as if they are staying relevant. In the last few years some of the hot buttons have been everything from regenerative medicine to minimally invasive surgery; and let's not forget about the all-important, "what will Medicare cover." These types of topics come up in meetings all the time and it can create a sense of anxiety if you aren't already on board with new types of procedures, or if you're not focusing on the conditions that are reimbursing better than others.

I'm certainly not implying that these types of procedures or management strategies aren't valid, but are they taking you away from your strengths, and/or your focus?

It's very easy to get caught up in feeling like you have to do something just because everybody else is. But, when you're feeling overwhelmed or that you are falling behind, be sure to take a minute and think about the type of practice you want to build and the types of patients you want to see. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean that you have to.

Again, please always take time to seek out new skills and, we even recommend going to a meeting outside of your comfort zone. The main idea here, however, is there are a lot of new and exciting ideas that could take your practice to new heights. Just bite them off one at a time and make sure they align with your vision.

- Sarah
Bonus DPM Poll
Every poll you answer gives us feedback that helps improve various aspects of the industry.

Inquiring minds want to know -
Do you dispense orthotics out of your practice?
TRICKS OF THE TRADE - Tips for Exhibitors
Stop Doing It Just Because "They" Did
How many times do you walk around an exhibit hall floor and see the glitz and glamour of other booths? Maybe it's a huge blimp-like sign above the booth coming from the ceiling... maybe it's a display with screens and lights built into the walls.

Maybe it's not the booth at all. Maybe your competitor is hosting a non-CECH lunch... or maybe they have their logo slapped everywhere the eye can see.

When these things happen it's very easy to get intimated and think - we need to do that too!! However, try to keep it in perspective and always go back to your goals. Just because someone else has a booth the size of most small homes, doesn't mean that it makes sense for your company - even if you can afford it.

Put your blinders on and walk into the show with confidence and do what you came there to do. If you spend the entire show worrying about what everyone else is doing, the next thing you know the meeting will be over and you didn't maximize the resources you DO have.

Take a minute to review one of our previous exhibit tip videos:
Selecting the Right Sponsorship For You.
This video is specifically focused on the FPMA Annual SAM Conference, however, the tips you will take away will help you to circle back and recall the types of show marketing that is right for you, both within your goals and your budget.
- Sarah
Attend a session before April 30th and be entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card! The more sessions you attend, the more chances you have to win.

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Biomechanics: Is a custom orthotic always needed?
Presented by Alan Bass, DPM, FACPM
April 12th at 8pm EST

Also coming in April (date/time TBA)

  • Offloading & Early Intervention: What to look for in patients with neuropathy and DFUs

  • New solutions for offloading plantar pathologies that you can dispense in your practice

  • Monthly Marketing Tips with Randy

Young Physicians Panel
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McClain Laboratories:
From the Patient to the Pathologist:
What Actually Happens
Kim Rhatigan, MA, HTL (ASCP), QLS, CPHQ
What is histology? What is Pathology?  When patients think of doctors, they don’t think about the pathologist and the laboratory. They think of the doctor that they visit and speak to. They think of the doctor they make an appointment to see. What most patients don’t know is that the pathologist is the one who makes the diagnosis of their condition and without them, the rest of the medical team cannot treat the patients.  Behind the scenes pathologist are making critical decisions that really, no one else can act without having the information that they provide. 

Pathologists are critical and fundamental to patient care. However patients and family are often unaware of the pathologist's role in their treatment.  Because they don’t ever see or meet the pathologist, they do not know the critical role that they play in getting their diagnosis. Podiatrists and Dermatologists base their treatment of the patient on the pathology diagnosis. Without it, the wheels of health care cannot move!
Are you interested in histology - the science, definitions and process?
What is important to note for podiatrists and dermatologists is that their specimens get sent to a dermatopathology laboratory. A dermatopathologist specializes in skin, hair and nail samples. Whatever laboratory the doctor’s office decides to use, it should be sent to the dermatapathologist on staff.   This is critical as they specialize in diseases of the skin and nails and this is the key to a proper diagnosis.
The podiatrist is recommended to have a relationship with their dermatopathologist to help them treat their patients. Working with a pathologist you trust is of the utmost importance to help treat the patients.   If you had a breast biopsy, you (as the patient) would want a pathologist who specializes in breast pathology to read the slides.

I am proud to be a histotechnologist and helping patients behind the scenes to get We play a critical role in helping the patient get a diagnosis and get treatment. Although we don’t have one on one time with the patients, it is highly rewarding that we can make a difference in their lives every day.
Article Provided by McClain Laboratories
FEATURED EVENT: Free Exclusive Masterclass
FABI Million Dollar Practice Blueprint
Thursday, March 24 at 8pm EST
In this Masterclass, you will learn a simple yet effective strategy to keep your pipeline filled with quality patients, attract your 'Dream Team' to serve your community, increase profitability, & more!

The Million Dollar Podiatric Practice Blueprint will provide 7 principles taht lead to more revenue, higher quality patients, and increased profitability.
Check out this teaser of what to expect at the upcoming FABI conference in April.
90-Day Meeting Outlook
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TRICKS OF THE TRADE- Tips for Meeting Planners
Your Meeting Has a Life of Its Own...
And That's a Good Thing!
As you get closer and closer to implementing your educational event, there's going to be a solid amount of time when you reflect on what you've accomplished in years past. When you look back, there are likely some common themes that you always incorporate into your meeting - the aspects that both attendees and exhibitors can depend on and the features that make your event unique.

What usually also happens during the planning season, is observing what everyone else is doing. Which you should! It's important to be aware of what other meetings are doing in order to better understand key success factors and trends. During this process, though, it can also be easy to go down a dirty road of Conference Envy. You know - looking at another event and potentially feeling inadequate.

Focusing on the elements that aren't realistic for your particular event will ultimately take time away from your maximize on your event's unique features. So avoid spending too much time trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole. Go back to your event blueprint and highlight the areas where you excel - and make them even bigger and/or better (as bigger is not always better).

Are you unsure of what your attendees and/or exhibitors look forward to the most at your event? Guess what? Use our handy-dandy survey tool and gather as much feedback as you can. Wrap your arms around what you're really good at, and do it better than everyone else!

- Sarah
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