March 2020
Women's History Month
The theme of March 2020's Women's History Month is "Valiant Women of the Vote" in acknowledgement of the long and hard work to win the right to vote for women (19th Amendment).

In this election year talk with your children about voting and why it is an important tool to use to have your voice heard. To help with that, check out this Goodreads list of fiction and non-fiction children’s books about voting. 
This is also a good time to talk about gender equality and how that is changing over time, including:
  • Who we "should" be – Have you heard that some parents are trying to raise gender-neutral children? It’s a way to highlight their child's individual traits and strengths while shying away from reinforcing boy/girl stereotypes.

  • Stories we tell - This book collection illuminates the lives of trailblazing women (famous or not) in the areas of science, sports and activism. Expand your child's idea of what a hero(ine) looks like!

  • Opportunities we offer - Did you know women make less on the dollar than men, do more unpaid work like caring for children and are underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields? Parents and educators can take the small step of encouraging the girls in their lives to see themselves as just as deserving and capable as their male counterparts of achieving and being considered equal.
Free High-Quality Preschool
Preschool Promise offers free, high-quality preschool for children ages 3-4 who are income-eligible, in various classroom settings throughout Lane County. If you are interested in learning more about the program visit .

And, for those who would like to receive an application for the 2020-2021 program year, once they are available in mid-May, fill out our online interest form in English and Spanish here .

Please note: space is limited, so not everyone who applies and is eligible will be placed in the program.
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Wondering What to Read?
Grace for President, words by Kelly DiPucchio, pictures by LeUyen Pham
“I’d like to be president”, the title character in the book Grace for President proclaims after being shocked to learn that none of our nation's presidents have been women. While some of her classmates react with snickers and giggles, Grace’s teacher seizes the opportunity to immerse the class in a mock presidential election.
Grace is determined to win votes by meeting with her constituents and making good on her campaign promises. Her opponent is confident that because the boys outnumber the girls by one vote and will undoubtedly vote for him, he will easily win. On election day we wait anxiously with Grace wondering if her tenacity and perseverance will be enough to sway at least one boy to vote for her.

Grace for President is a touching and remarkably accessible children's book about our complicated election process and the electoral college. This is a perfect book to read to your preschool or elementary age child to instill that every child has great potential and should dream big!
- Michelle Sheng-Palmisano is the LaneKids newsletter editor and parent of 5 year-old twins.
Upcoming Events

March 7

Join the Museum of Natural and Cultural History for a weekend-long celebration of animal athletes! In this bilingual exhibit (in English and Spanish) you will learn which animals would triumph on the track, and explore the amazing adaptations that make it all possible. Explore the new exhibit, create your own animal crafts, and get moving with track & field-inspired activities at this family friendly event.

Show your Oregon Trail or other EBT card for an admission discount through the Museums for All program .

March 14

Television personalities from the TV show “Finding Bigfoot” will be in the old Gym at McKenzie Schools showing kids how to cast a footprint in their own backyard. There will be a raffle for kids and adults and live music.

A benefit for the McKenzie River Community School.

March 21 & 28

Miss roller skating? Visit the Cottage Grove Armory for some indoor skating fun! Kid skate, 18 and older, and all ages skate sessions. Bring your own skates or rent them at the Armory.

March 21-29

It’s Whale Watch Week along the Oregon Coast! In spring approximately 20,000 gray whales travel north to the cold waters of Alaska. Talk to knowledgeable volunteers at the Sea Lion Caves Turnout, Cook’s Chasm Turnout and Cape Perpetua. Whales are an awesome sight to behold.

March 22

Cruise the country roads around Junction City to see the bright yellow daffodil blossoms all along the roadways. Buy armfuls of daffodils, browse local vendors, enjoy live entertainment, take a horse-drawn wagon ride and admire antique cars. The Daffodil Drive & Festival is a favorite family tradition. This is the largest daffodil festival in the state!
Pi (π) Day
Pi Day is an increasingly popular holiday which celebrates the math constant pi (π). Pi is equal to 3.14, thus the celebration on 3/14.

Mark the day by competing with family members to memorize as many of the numbers in pi as possible (it goes on infinitely, so good luck), run 3.14 miles, or eat pie shaped foods like fruit pie and pizza. Prefer something more creative? Design pi themed art or a haiku:

Pi Day Indulgence
Pizza, shepherd's, fruit and cream
I will eat them all
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