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New Special Enrollment Period For Those With Incomes Less Than 150% FPL: If your income is equal or less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Limit you will qualify to enroll in or change your Affordable Care Act plan starting with April 1st 2022 effective dates. This has actually been effective prior to this. However, the Marketplace / Healthcare .gov did not have the logistical capability of doing so. If you would like to apply or change your plan, please reach out to us. To the right is a chart of what your HOUSEHOLD income is required to be at or below to qualify for this Special Enrollment Period.

Healthcare. gov / Marketplace Should Mail 1095s: The Affordable Care Act required those with Affordable Care Act plans to file a IRS Form 1095 with their taxes to prevent being required to pay the "Obamacare Penalty Tax" (Shared Responsibility Tax). However, the "Trump Tax Law" (Tax Cuts & Jobs Act) eliminated any penalty tax for not enrolling in an Affordable Care Act plan. However, if you have an ACA plan, you will still receive an IRS Form 1095 to file with your taxes. This will need to be done, especially if you are receiving an Advanced Premium Tax Credit. By law, the Marketplace should be mailing these out to you in January. Unfortunately, every year the Marketplace fails to mail 1095s to a large segment of people due to a "glitch in the system". (They have a lot of "glitches"!) If you did not receive a 1095 and are enrolled on an Affordable Care Act plan you can Create An Account at our private exchange to view your 1095, plan, premiums, eligibility, etc. If you have not yet created a password or forgot yours, click "Forgot Password" and enter the email you used when enrolling. You may also reply to this email with your full name and we can email it to you.
Medica COVID-19 Vaccine Website and Information
National General has typically been offering the lowest priced 3 year plans for those age 55 and younger. Contact us if you are interested in quotes.

COVID-19 Updates from National General.
Pivot Health is now offering 3 year plans in Iowa.
Wellmark Blue Cross has set up implementation of the No Surprise Act requirement. This requires providers to charge reasonable amounts for out of network emergencies. A notice will be included with each Explanation of Benefits you receive. This notice will provide you instructions on how to handle a balance bill (surprise bill) and what to expect.

UHC has is currently offering both 2 and 3 year plans. While they are similar in price, the 2 year plan has substantially easier underwriting. If you would like to see these options, please let us know.

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