March 2023
ICRF Gears up for Scientific Review Panel
Members of the Scientific Review Panel (SRP), comprised of leading U.S. and Canadian scientists working in fields related to cancer research, will soon be evaluating the proposals of Israeli scientists seeking funding for their research. ICRF is looking to identify and support the very best cancer projects and will select only the top candidates for funding, based on their creativity, their focus on timely and significant problems and the budgets required to accomplish their goals. 

We wish all the scientists the very best and thank the SRP members who are generously committing their time to this rigorous and challenging process!
Circle of Inspiration: Michelle Primack's Journey
The Circle of Inspiration is a way to share inspiring stories related to the cancer journeys of members of the extended ICRF family. 

What advice would you have for people on their own cancer-related journey?

Put one foot in front of the other. Take each day as it comes and be your own advocate. Say "I love you!"

Anti-Stress, Anxiety, Inflammation Meds Reduce Post-Surgical Metastasis
Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu, PhD, Tel Aviv University, is an ICRF Project Grant recipient who is currently conducting clinical trials on colorectal patients being treated with a beta-blocker, anxiolytic, and pain drugs alongside tumor removal to prevent metastasis. 

We are thankful for receiving such important support from ICRF, which partially covers the expenses of our ongoing clinical trials. 

Professor Ben-Eliyahu
Spotlight on ICRF Researchers
Gali Prag, PhD
Tel Aviv University
ICRF Acceleration Grant

Professor Prag's research is focused on treating colorectal and other cancers by identifying drugs that will work together with the ubiquitin system (the body’s method of removing damaged proteins) to degrade specific proteins that may promote the development of cancer. Read more
Ahinoam Lev-Sagie, MD
Hadassah Medical Center
ICRF Brause Family Initiative for Quality of Life Grant

When successful, bone marrow transplants provide long-term care. Unfortunately, complications often arise, resulting in severe gynecological trauma for female patients. 
Dr. Lev-Sagie is trying to better understand what causes this condition, in order to treat it or prevent it from occurring. Read more
Angel Porgador, PhD
Ben-Gurion University
ICRF Acceleration Grant

Determining how a patient will react to immunotherapy treatment is very challenging. Professor Porgador will use a technology that he and a colleague developed, to explore its usefulness for predicting the response to checkpoint blockers (treatments that help the body recognize and attack cancer cells) in lung, kidney, and head and neck cancers. Read more
Stories of ICRF: Dr. Sidney Winawer
Get a peek into ICRF history with Dr. Sidney Winawer, an ICRF charter board member internationally recognized for his contributions to the prevention and diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Dr. Winawer organized and led the first study to conclusively demonstrate that colorectal cancer can be prevented by finding and removing polyps through colonoscopy, and played a leading role in the formative years of ICRF.

I was very much involved with ICRF Founder Dr. Daniel Miller in the formative years of ICRF from 1975...Dan had a wonderful vision, laid a strong scientific groundwork which we all know has grown exponentially, thrived, and has become a major force in cancer research in Israel, the results of which have had a major worldwide impact.

Dr. Sidney Winawer
Upcoming Events
6:00 PM
Toronto Revolving Tables Networking Event

ICRF Toronto’s signature young professionals networking event, Revolving Tables presented by Peak Hill Capital & Lighthouse Credit Union, will be held at the Park Hyatt, Toronto. Over a three-course dinner, attendees will revolve tables and network with a new mentor and young professionals for a unique experience at each course. This year’s selection of mentors are exciting and diverseContact Estee Buzaglo, Events Manager,

7:00 AM
United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

Team ICRF is running the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon for the second year as an official charity partner. Contact Alan Herman, National Director of Advancement, 

7:00 PM

Get On Board for Research

ICRF Chicago is hosting its 5th annual Women's Spring Event at Studio One in Highland Park, IL. This year's event, Get On Board for Research, is a hands-on charcuterie preparation experience in support of women's cancer research. This fun-filled night is for women of all ages. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Allyson Marks Greenfield, Chicago Executive Director,

Tickets go on sale March 8
7:00 AM
TD Five Boro Bike Tour

Sign up with Team ICRF to cycle the TD Five Boro Bike Tour.  Contact Alan Herman, National Director of Advancement, 


Second Annual ICRF Tri-State Golf Outing

Join ICRF on the green for the second annual Tri-State Golf Outing at GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills, New York. Contact Alan Herman, National Director of Advancement, or David Kweskin, CT Area Director,


Chicago Revolving Tables Networking Event

ICRF Chicago’s signature Visions young professionals networking event is back this summer! Mark your calendars -- this unique networking event is not to be missed. For sponsorship opportunities or to get involved in the Visions Young Leadership Board, contact Allyson Marks Greenfield, Chicago Executive Director, 

Chicago Drive Fore Research Golf Classic

ICRF and Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation are teeing up to raise money for research on early detection of pancreatic cancer. Join us for the inaugural Drive Fore Research Golf Classic at Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, IL. Foursomes and sponsorship opportunities are now available. Foursomes are limited! If interested, contact Allyson Marks Greenfield, Chicago Executive Director,
Science At A Glance
What is Epigenetics?
Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. 
News Roundup

  • UV nail polish dryers may cause skin cancer (Forbes) The results of a University of California San Diego study strongly suggest that radiation emitted by ultraviolet light nail polish dryers may cause cancers of the hand and may increase the risk of early-onset skin cancer. 

Double the Impact of Your Tax-Deductible Gift
Did you know that you can double the impact of your tax-deductible gift to ICRF by taking a few seconds to check if your employer will match your gift?

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