Dear Friends of Cornerstone Institute,

We live in turbulent times. There is so much going on around the world and in our country that we can easily be overwhelmed. What are we to do?

One thing is not lose heart. Do not despair. Rather, you should remember your calling. You are to be faithful where you are.

The apostle Paul reminds us in Col. 3, "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."

Don't lose focus on your particular calling. We are to be like shining stars in the sky and not those grumbling and complaining. Those around us should wonder about the hope we have within.

We are working to prepare our students with a a Christian worldview, quality job skills training, and a godly backbone so they can standout from this crooked and perverse generation.

"The end of a man's calling is not to gather riches for himself, for his family, for the poor; but to serve God in serving of man, and in seeking the good of all men; and to this end men must apply their lives and labours." 

William Perkins

News & Updates
  • Our Epiphany Term has finished. We now have two completed terms under our belt. We are excited to start our full-time program this fall. If you know anyone that might be a good fit. Send them here: Interest Form

  • Mark the date for our next Saturday Seminar with Ryan Harrison.

Made to Make:
The Posture, Philosophy, and Process of the Creative Life in Christ
Date: Saturday, April 23th
Time: 10:00am CST
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  • If you missed our February Saturday Seminar with Dr. Chad Brand: A Theology of Political Economy. You can watch it here.

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2022 Enrollment is now open for our full-time program.
Featured Business Partner

Kepler is a Marketplace for Live Online Classical Christian Classes
Combining the firm belief that parents are the primary educators with a strong desire to equip and support parents in their task, we exist to make a Classical Christian Education available, affordable, and accessible to everyone who wants one.

What is called Classical Christian Education today used to simply be called a liberal arts education. But like many words in a dynamic language, liberal arts education doesn't mean what it used to. An historic liberal arts education was the education of the freeman who influenced and ruled society (thus, liberal from the Latin liberalis meaning free).
In a democratic society, such notions of elitism are frowned upon and education is reduced to job training and civic compliance, the education of an industrialized consumer/cog. Though democratic societies tend to strive toward the least common denominator so the masses can all have their fair share—i.e., a mile wide and an inch deep—a democratic society can also afford those who desire to do so, an opportunity to strive for something better. In a democratic society, organizations like Kepler Education can make what was once an elite education available to everyone who wants the education of a freeman.

Given that Kepler is an online platform, a consortium of independent highly-qualified teachers, and not a school, our overhead is much lower than most schools or other academic institutions. We remove the bureaucracy and administrative costs and bring committed Classical Christian educators and families together. We make Classical Christian Education affordable by letting teachers to set their own prices and parents choose the right teachers and courses for their children. We are a marketplace for Classical Christian Education.

Creating and operating out of a Christian imagination, our team leverages the best available technology and attracts the best teachers in their field; thereby, we make Classical Christian Education not only available and affordable, but accessible. Any student with a reliable internet connection and well-functioning computer can access some of the best classical Christian educators in the world from anywhere in the world. One doesn't have to leave their state or their town to find a good education. One doesn't even have to leave the house. Kepler Education brings Classical Christian Education straight to your living room.

Core Values
Merely Christian
We embrace those essential, common, and core beliefs left by Christ and the Apostles to the church catholic, the body of Jesus Christ on Earth, held through the ages by all orthodox Christian traditions alike.
Broadly Classical
We engage students in the pursuit and acquisition of the liberal arts, that knowledge which is pleasurable for its own sake, and which frees the mind and prepares the soul to be wise and virtuous. 
Historically Conservative
We teach students to recognize, value and delight in the permanent things and pursue necessary and healthy change according to the contours of the natural and created order.

You can find out more here.
Featured Article
We know there are issues with our current higher educational system. It is one of the reasons we started Cornerstone Institute.

We want to provide additional options for our Christian young people as well as those already in the workplace to be faithful to Jesus and His call to seek first the Kingdom.

Photo by Parker Gibbons on Unsplash

Is the US higher education bubble about to burst?
by Vivekanand Jayakumar

The decline in college enrollment since the pandemic began has raised alarm bells in some quarters. Doomsayers claim that declining enrollment implies a bleak future for America, one characterized by an increase in inequality, a decline in life expectancy and a loss of international competitiveness.

But reality is far more complicated and nuanced. There is a tendency for those within the higher education sector to overstate the economic significance of getting a college degree. Not all college degree holders can expect to attain successful and highly remunerative careers, and the widely reported average earnings gap often fails to acknowledge the enormous range and variance in earnings that results from factors such as field of study, occupation, age, gender, race and ethnicity, and location.

The choice of college major is of particular salience in influencing lifetime earnings. In an era of widespread grade inflation, undertaking challenging coursework and selecting rigorous majors may offer a clear signal to potential employers and yield a higher return on investment. There is some evidence that college completion rates in recent years have risen in conjunction with a spike in grade inflation, suggesting a decline in the strength of the signaling effect of college degrees.

Many students naturally tend to seek out the most lenient professors and the least demanding course schedules. Poor preparation in secondary schools often discourages students from undertaking challenging coursework at the college level. Others may struggle to balance work and study and may not have the luxury of sufficient time or energy to undertake a rigorous major. This has resulted in a surfeit of college graduates with less sought-after degrees who are, consequently, underemployed.

Continue reading here.
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February 2022 - Saturday Seminar
Don't worry if you missed our February Saturday Seminar with Chad Brand. You can watch it on our YouTube channel.
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Cornerstone Work & Worldview Institute is a Christian work-and-worldview community of educators, business professionals, and church leaders committed to building Kingdom culture in the workplace by equipping Christian students with a Trinitarian worldview and vocational competencies through our integrative work and study programs. Cornerstone Institute is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Christian educational, cultural, and vocational ministry of Cornerstone Reformed Church, Carbondale, IL, USA.