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It's been said that shamrocks won't grow anywhere but in the rich soil of Ireland. That may be true, but you can grow a clover that looks like shamrocks in your own home---a great accent plant for St. Patrick's Day!

The plant we commonly consider a shamrock is called oxalis, and it is related to sorrell. The small plants you see in grocery stores this time of year are Oxalis acetosella. This variety makes a good houseplant because it stays under about 10 inches tall. There are several other varieties, including some with colorful purple foliage or delicate pink flowers.


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March Maintenance Tips



During heavy snowstorms remove snow buildup from limbs. Prune any branches that are broken or heavily damaged.


* If conditions have been dry, water lawn and ground cover areas, evergreens, and newly planted deciduous trees and shrubs once per month. Water only if the soil is dry and only when warm weather is expected for several days. Most established deciduous trees do not need extra water except in very exposed sites.
* In late March or early April, remove wrap from trees. Be sure to remove any tape that was

securing the wrap to the trees to avoid damaging the trunk as the trees grow.
* Prune summer-blooming shrubs (those that bloom on the current season's growth) in late March before new growth begins. (examples: Blue Mist Spirea, summer-blooming Spireas, Butterfly Bush) 



Spring is just around the corner; however, do not jump in just yet as March weather in Colorado can be fickle. This month's weather possibilities are endless with snow, hail, rain, cold days, warm days, along with a combination of all in one. The one thing that you can be for sure of, is March weather will keep everyone guessing.


Regardless of the weather uncertainties, April is just around the corner which means it is time to start thinking about your landscape plans for the season. Our Colorado landscape is beginning to show signs of awakening from the winter time. March becomes a good time to apply a pre-emergent to rock and flower beds and start aerating the turf. Along with other enhancement projects like adding mulch, rock, and even changing bed lines around for the season. Don't forget irrigation system activations are also just around the corner.


Metco Team Spotlight

The Metco team prides itself on being involved in the community and helping those in need. We are always looking for more volunteers or anyone who would like to get involved.

Please save the date for the Inner City School Fundraising Gala on April 25th, 2015 at 6pm.  This school is near and dear to our hearts.  We hope you will join us and get to know the wonderful children who benefit directly from your donations. 

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