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Skyland Community Church
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10:30 Sunday Service
March 2014
Minister: Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Wicht Property Motion:
Vote March 9


To the Congregation -


Per the Congregation's instructions from the Annual Meeting, the council has discussed how to proceed with regard to the Wicht's property adjacent to the Church.  As a result, prior to further discussions with the Wichts, we are requesting your preapproval of a maximum offer, at a special meeting of the Congregation on March 9th, after the Sunday service.


The proposed motion to discuss at that meeting is:


"The congregation instructs the Council and/or their appointed designates to negotiate and complete the purchase the Wicht property adjacent to the Church for a sum, included all closing costs, not to exceed $15,500."


We will present more details with respect to the Church finances and

comparable property values at the meeting.  Please plan on attending.




Larry Cooke




Irish Poetry March 17


Brown Bag Poetry, an informal workshop with Erica Goss, is on the first Thursday of every month. She will read at CB Hannegan's on Monday, March 17, for a Celebration of Irish Poetry. Audience members are encouraged to bring their favorite Irish poem to read or listen to.

                              -- Erica Goss



Altar Flowers


There are plenty of opportunities in March and April for donating flowers. Please sign up in Whitaker Hall for any of the following Sundays: March 9, 16, and 30; April 6, 13, 20, and 27.


-- John Heyes



For a lovely bowl
let us arrange these flowers, 
for there is no rice.
Matsuo Bashō


Meditation Moment 


 Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be,

since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.


--Thomas � Kempis

Imitation of Christ

Still Creating a Livable Earth

Minister's Column
Dear Friends, This past January, I preached on our cosmic human identity, aided in the science by a book called
The New Universe and the Human Future, by local authors Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack. They tell us that the hydrogen in our bodies (approximately 10% by weight) was created in the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, and the rest of the elements in our bodies came from ancient stars at least 4 billion years old. 

I combined their work with the theme that "God Is Still Creating," and doing some of that through us. Abrams and Primack advocate immediate action on Global Warming to help create an earth that is sustainable for more than a hundred million generations to come. 

So in January, we combined themes of astrophysics, God creating through us and the importance of addressing Global Warming. Then in February we looked more closely at Global Warming and how to create a powerful and positive response, or to let God create it through us! We heard from Hugh Shyba about how he and Cheryl are participating in the Citizens Climate Lobby to persuade our legislators to take corrective action. I referenced a one-stop text on this issue, The Climate Casino, by long-time climate researcher William Nordhaus; and at the end of the month gathered your suggestions for how we as individuals and the church might move forward together. 

Your ideas group easily into three categories: 

* Individual and Communal Actions: more efficient cars, carpooling, turning down the heat, eating local, healthy and more meatless food, recycling, planting, composting, learning more about the issue, writing letters, voting, sharing with others, holding the earth through prayer and meditation, joining Citizens Climate Lobby (citizensclimatelobby.org), buying carbon offsets, teaching our children, educating the wider community. 

* Skyland Church as a Model and Community Center: explore going solar, use our newsletter, email blasts, and website to share information, use our building for community meetings, movie nights to get the word out, an information booth at Harvest Festival, connect with other churches doing similar work (see interfaithpowerandlight.org).

* Emphasis on Education of self, others and community. 

On March 2, in a family Sunday service, I suggested that we form a Cool Climate Club where adults and kids together can learn and take action to cool the planet. We developed a "secret" handshake (ask anyone who attended) and though we didn't create any details, I am hoping that some readers will feel inspired to create a steering committee to get it started. Please let me know if you are interested, kids included! I believe that our actions can make a difference. 

That was the season of Epiphany! ..... now on to Lent. Lent is traditionally the season of preparation for the next Christian revelation of God's presence in the world: Easter! This year, I will be using sermon time to preach on some of Jesus' parables, stories Jesus used to get people thinking, and sometimes riled up! Don't miss out! 

In case you want to plan ahead, in April we will have short contemplative prayer services on Wednesday nights before choir practice from 7:15-7:44 in the sanctuary. Those dates are April 2, 9 and 16. I hope you will join us!



The Colors of Spirit



How Spirit / God / The Holy Spirit speaks to us

Women's Retreat 

  Skyland Community Church UCC

Saturday, March 22, 2014



Home of Diane Cooke

15360 Stetson

Los Gatos, CA. 95033



What does it mean to be a woman in search of her spiritual core in the the 21st century? Skyland Church women will spend the day exploring how Spirit uses symbols, such as colors, to get our attention. Through guided meditation, journaling with writings and/or drawings and collage, we'll look at how how color impacts us and explore the messages that Spirit offers.  Enjoy talking, eating, relaxing, moving, reading and sharing our writings, drawings and collages with each other.   


Pamela Peterson, Leader

As a life-long teacher and avid traveler, Pamela co-founded a women's spiritual practice group at the UCC Santa Cruz Peace Church. She has a daily spiritual practice that includes meditation, prose, poetry, collage, dream work, reading and prayer.  Pamela will open her heart to share many of the insights she's uncovered in her new book, Dreaming in Colors: A Spiritual Memoir, a journey through life's joys, doubts, anger and fears. With reverence and gratitude for life, Pamela is poignant, vulnerable, often questioning, sometimes amusing, and always hopeful.  


$25 fee includes lunch and supplies  


Registration/questions? Contact: shannonedwards14@gmail.com by March 15, 2014




Note - Ellie Lavender reminds us that this Saturday, March 8, is International Women's Day. A history of this annual celebration can be found here.   



MNHN Video after church March 23

 Whitaker Hall as a movie studio. Anne                Patricia rocks!
  Evans interviewing Patricia Wood, 
 with Evan and Al Feuerbach as crew.


In 2014 the Mission Board decided to support a few local organizations by focusing special attention on their mission. Our first endeavor will be to host a community forum in Whitaker Hall for Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors on March 23 at 11:45 AM. 


Patricia Wood saw the need for services in our community and responded by calling a community meeting for potential volunteers to create what was later named Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Thirty-five people came to that first meeting two years ago and there was agreement that services such as transportation to medical appointments, light housekeeping, delivery of firewood, and yard work for the elderly or housebound was essential. 


Patricia and the Board then received a grant and training protocols from the National Caregivers Volunteer Services and MNHN became a 501(c)3 non-profit last year.


The Mission Board's goal is to raise awareness in the community about MNHN as they discuss the scope of their work and future plans. We will also premiere the video "A Way to Connect" about MNHN at the forum. 


Please join us and bring your friends and neighbors on March 23 at 11:45. If you could bring finger food to share that would be much appreciated.


For more information:  www.MNHN95033.org 


-- Anne Evans



Financial Report for February 2014 


NOTE from your treasurer:


Nothing special to report this month.               


Here is our operating finances report for February 2014 as of Feb. 25.                   

                     Summary of Operating Finances                       Feb. 2014       |Jun 1,2013 to Feb 28,2014                  Actual   Planned |    Actual      Planned  

Income   $8,696    $ 8,642 |   $145,949    $143,125  

Expenses $ 11,787  $ 7,650 |   $127,463    $124,204

Net      $(-3,091)  $  992 |   $ 18,486    $ 18,921


 -- Gerald J. Alonzo


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