Dear Bengal Parent or Friend,

Spring break is just around the corner. This brief respite from classes is the perfect opportunity for students to recharge before they enter the last few weeks of school, which are filled with papers, projects, and final exams. As we race towards finals and commencement, it is important to recognize the growth and achievements of our students both in- and out-of-the-classroom.

MJ Riggs once said, “We come to college not alone to make a living, but to learn to live a life.” Student Affairs  staff support students as they begin to live their best lives. ISU students participate in student organizations, student government, student employment, and a myriad of engagement opportunities. Students lead meetings, plan and promote events, and write for campus publications. Students also are employed both on- and off-campus through programs like our  Career Path Internship  (CPI). Participation in the CPI program provides  Idaho State University students a direct connection to professional, paid experiences that enhance their career opportunities upon graduation.  The combination of these experiences allows students to develop and refine the skills they need.

I encourage you to speak with your student about the experiences they have had at ISU. How have these experiences shaped them? What have these experiences taught them? Our goal in Student Affairs is to provide opportunities and experiences to help your student learn to make a living AND to learn to live their life. 

Lyn Redington
Vice President for Student Affairs
Fall Housing
Now is the perfect time to start planning for fall housing.
Which Housing Option is Right for my Student?

There are several options for housing some of which you and your student have already used. ISU Housing wants to make sure you are aware of all your students’ choices.
The first housing option is the residence hall . Residence halls are best suited for traditional freshmen and sophomores. Residence halls offer a strong community atmosphere and student interaction through educational, social, and cultural programming. One of the benefits of choosing to live in a residence hall are meal plans. Chartwells, ISU’s dining provider, offers both all you care to eat and declining balance plans. Cuisine ranges from American to Italian and Asian. There is no question that students will be well-fed and satisfied. All three dining locations (Rendezvous Hall, Pond Student Union and Turner Common) are committed to offering students a wide selection of delicious and nutritious options.
The second option to consider is ISU’s on-campus apartments . On-campus apartments are available to non-traditional freshman and sophomores and students who have already completed their first year of college. Apartment living provides an opportunity to live in among a community of students and their families from all over Idaho, the United States, and the world.
To apply for one of the on-campus housing options, please follow these steps:
1.      Log into BengalWeb.
2.      Once in BengalWeb click on the ‘University Resources’ tab.
3.      Click the ‘Apply for Housing’ link in the ‘University Housing’ channel and select the application for the academic year.
4.      Please note your application will not be completed until you have paid the $150 deposit.
5.      Remember the earlier you apply, the earlier you can secure the spot you want!
 The last option to consider is off-campus living. Many ISU students choose to live off-campus. Living off-campus is a great choice for many students, however, you and your student will want to answer several questions before making that choice such as:
1.      Safety: Is my student in a safe neighborhood?
2.      Rent/utilities: Can my student afford to pay rent and utilities each month?
3.      Transportation: How will my student get to and from class each day?
4.      Lease requirements: Is my student aware most leases require a one year contract?
5.      Furnishings: Does the housing come furnished or will my student need furniture?
6.      Food: Does my student have convenient access to a grocery store?
7.      Laundry: Does the housing have its own laundry facilities or will my student need to consider public laundry facilities and are they convenient?
Live On...Connect, Be Involved, and Succeed!
At ISU Housing we understand that deciding where a student should live is just one of the major decisions a student makes during his or her college career. We want you to be fully aware of the choices, benefits, and statistics about living on and off campus.

Did you know that students who live on-campus have higher grade point averages and higher rates of retention than students living off campus? It’s true, on average, traditional-age freshmen living in residence halls have GPAs that are 10% higher than their peers living off campus. Students that choose to live on campus are more likely to take advantage of the many benefits offered to them. Why is that? Proximity! When students are immersed in campus living they have more opportunity to form relationships and be part of a larger community of students sharing similar experiences and resources.
Please visit ISU Housing to apply
Coffee With Kevin
At ISU, we value transparency, and want to make sure all of the voices in our campus community are heard. Each month, University President Kevin Satterlee hosts "Coffee with Kevin," an informal opportunity for students, faculty, staff and the community to share what's on their minds. Coffee and hot chocolate are provided, and all are welcome. Upcoming events are listed below: 

Wednesday, April 3, at 9 a.m.
ISU-Idaho Falls
Bennion SUB Multi-Purpose room Bistro

Tuesday, April 9, at 9 a.m.
Little Wood River Room, Pond Student Union
Important Upcoming Dates
Summer Registration
Online registration for summer courses is now open for all class levels.

Positive Body Image Symposium
March 12, 2019

Tech Expo
March 14, 2019

Last Day to Withdraw from Full Semester Courses
March 15, 2019

Chrome In The Dome Car Show
March 15-16, 2019

Spring Break
March 18-22, 2019

March 22, 2019

Fall Registration
April 8, 2019-Seniors
April 10, 2019-Juniors
April 12, 219-Sophomores
April 15, 2019-Freshman
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