March Newsletter
SVVCI® 40th Anniversary
Summit August 16, 2019
John and Sue Denver 30th cel;ebration
Dr. Linda Silverman
The day we met Dr. Linda Silverman our lives changed. She helped us understand Charlie's Giftedness and then Adam and now so many of you! We are thrilled Dr. Silverman will be leading the afternoon workshop at our 40th Anniversary Summit, see details below to join us...
SVVCI® 40th Anniversary Summit AUGUST 16, 2019
We are excited to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in
Business by inviting 40 of you to celebrate with us at: 

The Summit is coming together quickly so we wanted to
give you a first opportunity to see what we are planning
and to register for one or more of the 40 spaces.

Here are the topic areas:

Susan and John discuss the state of women and men in in the age of #metoo

  Life After Corporate Panel:
(All star panel that has successfully transitioned to post corporate careers)
Roberta Teran 
Crossroads Reach Out Director-Human Sex Trafficking Prevention India & Cincinnati, Ohio 
Hilary Beard
Award winning writer, public speaker, trainer and
Personal Development Coach
Christal Fisher    
Ordained Minister Christian Church in the Southwest 
Mike Colucci
Board President Saginaw Township Community Schools and STEM Advocate and Volunteer

Featured Speaker : Linda Kreger Silverman Ph.D
Licensed Psychologist;Director Institute of Study of Advanced Development/Gifted Development Center Linda will be talking about the latest developments in understanding Adult Giftedness and will administer the Her latest Gifted Adult Inventory with each participant!

Susan Van Vleet
Founder& CEO Susan Van Vleet Consultants®, Inc.
John Van Vleet
VP, Susan Van Vleet Consultants®, Inc.

4:00 PM Cocktail Reception
The Four Seasons Hotel and Spa 
Westlake Village, CA. 91361
 Cost: $2500 PP 
Early Registration Discount: Only $1,500 register by Friday March 18, 2019 
Group Discount: $2000 (3 or more on one credit card):
8 spaces gone already!

Susan will be leading...
Women Moving Forward®
in Geneva, Switzerland,
October 16-18, 2019
Don't miss the opportunity to for
women to attend WMF® in Europe!

Course fee $6,750

Save $1,000 if you register by March 25th.
Don't wait space is limited!
No Handbook on Giftedness!

Whether it is your team, your boss or your kids, or yourself, misunderstanding "smart people" can be a real problem.

Do you know how much conflict is generated in teams because the Visual Spatials and Auditory Sequentials see the world totally differently?

Moody, Aloof, defiant, Fragile, Argumentative, Arrogant, Condescending, Overly Emotional, Self Absorbed, Finicky, Needy, Disorganized and so many more...

All these descriptors of gifted people that point to the lack of understanding we have about what come with the package of Giftedness.

Join us to learn the complexities of Giftedness that will allow you to be successful with all the gifted people in your life.
Smart People:
Managing and Retaining Gifted People©
June 4-6, 2019
Westlake Village, CA
2019 Public Workshop Schedule    

Enabling Purpose through Relationships©
April 2-4, 2019
Westlake Village CA $3,750 2 Spaces still available!

Women's Leadership Retreat®
April 30-May 2, 2019 Catch up day April 29
Location TBD Session Full see November dates!

Managing Corporate Change©
May 21-23, 2019
Westlake Village, CA NEW SESSION!

Enabling Purpose through Relationships©
June 4-6, 2019
Westlake Village, CA $3,750 NEW SESSION!

Smart People: Managing and Retaining Gifted Employees©
June 18-20, 2019
Westlake Village CA $4,500

Leading Projects through Relationship, Commitment and Purpose©
July 15-19, 2019
Westlake Village CA $5,000

Advanced Women Moving Forward®
July 25-26, 2019
Westlake Village, CA $3,250

40th Anniversary Celebration of SVVCI®
August 16, 2016
Four Seasons, Westlake Village, CA

Women Moving Forward®
September 18-20, 2019
Westlake Village, CA $4,750

Enabling Purpose through Relationship©
September 24-26, 2019
Westlake Village CA $3,750

Advanced Men's Course®
October 15-17, 2019 Catch Up Day Oct 14
New attendees $4,950 Returning from 2018 $4,175 FULL

Women Moving Forward®
October 16-18, 2019
Geneva, Switzerland
$6,750 $1,000 discount till March 25th

Women's Leadership Retreat® New Edition!!
November 6-8, 2019
Four Seasons Westlake Village CA

Advanced Women Moving Forward®
December 5-6, 2019
Westlake Village, CA $3,250
Change driving you nuts?
Rapid growth,
SAP implementations,
Thousands of our clients around the world have used Managing Corporate Change© to save their teams and sanity from the ravages of unbridled change.

Managing Corporate Change©
May 21-23, 2019,
Westlake Village, CA $3,750

The Bastardization of Purpose

I was talking to a client a few days ago about his team and getting them to the next level.  We started to talk about Enabling Purpose through Relationships© as a possible solution. The more we talked the more I realized that we were not meaning the same thing when we said “purpose”.  I meant the individual’s purpose in life.  He meant the team’s purpose or the company’s purpose ultimately a rallying cry or a way to get employees more engaged and productive.

So, I got it, “purpose” has been morphed into the latest management trick or fad.  But it is being used to jazz people up and squeeze some more productivity out of them, not to lead a meaningful life.  When I explained what we do in EPTR© or other courses to assist people to identify their purpose in life, he said “Oh that makes way more sense!”  Purpose is not something you find at work.  It is something you bring to work!  

Susan didn’t start Susan Van Vleet Consultants®, Inc. to discover her purpose.  It was just the next best way for her to express her purpose.  She had been living her purpose her whole life and had expressed it in different ways at different times of her life.  She brought her purpose to SVVCI® not the other way around. When I joined SVVCI® I brought my purpose with me that I had been expressing in multiple ways since I was 6 years old.

This is some dangerous mischief trying to find your purpose at work.  This is the new burden for millennials.  You  must  have meaningful work or you are a failure!
As long as we are here can we PLEASE STOP BITCHING ABOUT MILLENIALS!  They are not broken, lazy or entitled.  There is nothing wrong with them.  They are simply a product of the world they grew up in just like all the rest of us. For my parents it was The Great Depression and WWII.  For my generation it was Viet Nam, the sexual revolution.  For millennials  I think it is the Great Recession and the Big Lie that more education will make you more successful so borrow as much as you need to get those Degrees. Hence crushing lifelong debt.

I think they will be known eventually as the Betrayed Generation. The one where the promise of the next generation having a better life than the last, was broken.  If you are not already convinced you know everything about this generation here is a link to the best article I have ever read about understanding millennials.  I challenge you to check your millennial bias at the door prior to reading the article.
Titled: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Click here to read the entire article. than any other generation they have been told to go to work and to find their purpose: so look out!  

Your purpose should be universal and available every minute of the day.  My purpose is to “reduce suffering” which can be expressed by a kind word to a cashier who appears to be having a rough day as well as a participant in a high level class. 

The other article that links to this one is: Workism is Making Americans Miserable by Derek Thompson at the Click to link the entire article.
It proposes that the American work ethic has gone a bit mad and collided with economic realities and social media fantasized expectations to create a anxiety ridden generation, with no shot at the American Dream of owning a house and having a job with decent benefits as previous generations did. 

Long story short know your purpose and bring it with you where ever you go.  Never let anyone sell you on joining their purpose without yours as the foundation you walk on. Please educate yourself on millenials, I am tired of the complaining.

As always we invite your comments.

Congratulations are in Order!

Congratulations to Latif Sumaira on her promotion to Associate Director in her new role as Company Accessibility Leader at Procter & Gamble, reporting directly to the President.
From Susan:
Since I will be leading 2 Women Leadership Retreats in 2019 I have had to make some changes to my schedule for 2019.

The Women Moving Forward® scheduled for New Jersey is the last community based workshop I will be leading outside of California. I will still be available to lead WMF® inside your company wherever you are. 

In addition, in 2019, I will only lead 2 community based Women Moving Forwards®in California: March 13-15, 2019 & September 18-20, 2019. The cost for those will be $4750 pp. To register at the 2018 price, $3750 per person you must register by December 1, 2018. 
Added: Women's Leadership Retreat® in November 2019 Only 4 spaces left!
See below for Details.
WLR 2018
Advanced Men's Course© 2019
Contest #12

The 2018 theme was Our Relationships and Responsibilities to Women in the age of #metoo. It was intense, raw and powerful with breakthroughs and results for all.
2019 will start where 2018 left off...

The session will deal with how do we build and rebuild community with in our companies, cities, families to heal to schisms that exist in fractured societies.
Dates: October 15-17, 2019
Catch up day October 14.
Location: Ojai, California
Course Fee 2017 Returnees
$4,250 Newbies $4,950
FULL Watch for 2020 Dates

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