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Monthly Themes
Color : Green

Concepts: Identifying Money

Community Helpers

Dr. Suess

St. Patrick's Day

Shape: Star

Letters: Q, R, S


Ages(1-2): 7

   Ages (3-4): 13, 14

Important Dates
March 2nd
March 8th
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March 11th  
Daycare Open

March 17th

Welcome spring!

March 25th


April 8th - 9th
for our Pre-K and 3 year old children
March 2020

March is here and we are looking forward to the arrival of Spring, as well as a month full of special events, holidays, monthly themes and activities.  
We say goodbye to our shortest month of February, and hopefully the last of the winter weather.  Some memorable events in February were our Chinese New Year Parade.  The children enjoyed a feast of Chicken Lo Mein, Pork Fried Rice and fortune cookies.  The parade was complete with Chinese music, along with red lanterns, dancing dragons, and little rats.
We also had an amazing Daycare transportation parade!  Every class represented a different form of transportation from the traditional to the creative.  We had everything from little firefighters, cars, boats,  motorcycles, and planes; to hot air balloons, postal trucks, traffic lights, and a freight train Choo Choo!
On Monday, March 2nd, we will celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Dr. Seuss, is the name that author Theodor Seuss Geisel made up.  He loved children and was dedicated to encouraging a love of reading.  Through books filled with silly rhymes, silly characters and lots of humor, he kept their interest for a long time.  We know that when children enjoy a book they will want to hear the story again and again.  We encourage everyone to pick up a favorite book, find a comfortable spot and read to your child every day.
During the second week of March, we will learn about Community Helpers.  We welcome parents, guardians, and grandparents to come in and tell us about their jobs as we learn about Community Helpers.  Children love to have "jobs" and are helpers at school and at home.  This helps to develop a sense of pride and responsibility, as well as a positive self esteem.
We will celebrate Music and Dance Appreciation during the third week of March.  The week will end with our St. Patrick's Day parade and dancing on Thursday March 17th.  Preschoolers love to sing, make music, and move to the beat.  They feel competent when they learn a new song, powerful when they pound a drum or shake a tambourine, and proud when they invent a new dance.  As children explore and enjoy music, they can develop skills in other learning areas at the same time.  Teachers and families can relate music to subjects as diverse as math, science, literacy, and social studies.
At the end of the month, we will have our Annual Little CTK Shops.  Each class will pretend to be a special store in our CTK Community Mall and "sell" different products that they made.  Each class will then get an opportunity to shop with their "money" and decorated brown bags.  The children enjoyed this activity so much last year, and we hope to have continued success this year.  Our future chefs, bakers, florists, and talented entrepreneurs are beginning right here at CTK!
Our Annual Spring Festival/Open House and Easter Egg Hunt will kick off on Saturday, March 28th, from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.  All are welcome to attend.

  • Please remember to make sure your child's cubby contains weather-appropriate clothing.  In addition, please remember to label all coats and clothing.  We also appreciate all of our parents continuing to bring in diapers and a box of wipes twice each month on the 1st and the 15th.
  • When calling the facility, please keep in mind that calls should be ideally made between 12-2pm while the children are napping.
  • Should you need to do a drop off on a day you are not scheduled to come in, you must fill out a Drop Off form, and depending upon the availability, you will be charged your hourly rate.  Please keep in mind that we do not switch days.
  • We ask that you do not allow your child(ren) to run ahead of you when entering and leaving the facility, it is a safety issue. Especially when exiting the building, children should never open the security door.
  • Strollers that are left in our storage area must be closed.
We thank you for your cooperation with these matters.
Little Einsteins 

Science with the Kitties
The Kitties love Science and exploring the world around them.  Last month, the Kitties used Science to learn more about the theme of the month, Transportation.  The Kitties had a car wash!  We took a pan and filled it up with water.  We then poured soap into the water and mixed it with our hands.  They were excited to see the mixture of soap and water creating bubbles.  Before we knew it, there were bubbles everywhere!  We put the cars in the water, and used sponges to wipe down the toy cars.  Now all of our cars are squeaky clean!

Science with the Chipmunks
During the beginning of February the Chipmunks focused on how animals survive during the winter while hibernating.  We read a number of informational texts about Arctic Animals and we kept hearing the word "blubber."  The children became very curious to learn more.  I explained to the children that blubber is a layer of oily skin that protects the animals from getting cold.  We decided to get hands on with this project and I let the children experience how "blubber" protects them from the cold.  We took a bowl of ice water, rubber gloves and crisco and got to work!  First, the children touched the cold water with their bare hands.  Next, we put on a rubber glove and then they covered their hands in crisco.  Lastly, they put their hands back in the ice water. They were so amazed that their hands were still warm!  It was such a fun science experiment.  All the children loved pretending they had "blubber!" 

Science with the Turtles
In February, the Turtles learned all about "Light."  In Science, we learned a lot about the various animals that are nocturnal and diurnal.  Being nocturnal means an animal is asleep all day and awake all night.  Being diurnal means an animal is awake all day and asleep all night- most humans are diurnal.  We also learned about natural light versus artificial light.  We now understand that natural light is the sun and daylight, and artificial light are the lights that we turn on when we enter a room.  The Turtles had a great time learning all about the terms transparent, translucent and opaque.  During one lesson, each child selected an item in the classroom, and used a flashlight to determine if the items were transparent, translucent or opaque.  Many of the items were opaque, casting shadows, but we did have empty baby food jars and our box of x-rays, to use as examples of transparent items.  On top of it all, we further explored the topic of shadows, which was our favorite!  We learned that every solid object creates a shadow when enough light hits it.  The sun is the main source of light that allows us to create our own shadows, which we can see when we go out to play every day!

Math with the Angels
The Angels had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day last month.  In keeping with the theme, we made a giant heart collage to reinforce some of our math skills.   We started with a big purple heart on a big sheet of paper that was taped to floor.  Each child had a different heart to add.  We reviewed the color, size and texture of their heart before they added it to the collage.  We had big and little hearts, rough and soft hearts and all different color hearts.  The Angels always love making art projects and were so excited to work together. Great job!

Math with the Sunflowers
Math is presented in your child's life every day, from counting and sorting, to learning about the shapes and numbers of the month.  The shapes and numbers of the month are always turned into fun projects that help with hand-eye coordination, and math skills!  When we do these fun projects, the Sunflowers count out each stamp, sticker, or other item used to create the project.  In February, we did these projects for the numbers 11 and 12.  The Sunflowers counted out 11 hearts and 12 snowmen for each project.  

The Sunflowers also learn math skills by using the Shape and Color posters during Circle Time.  The children are asked to try and identify the color, number or shape that Miss Linda or Miss Ashley asks them to find.  Sometimes, some assistance is need and when the children need assistance, the teachers try and get the other children to help before they jump in!  This teaches the children how to help each other, and also how to ask for help when needed!  This is also a great way to get your child's wheels turning in the beginning of the day!

Math with the Ducks
The unit topic in February was "Light."  During math, we learned all about shadows.  We read the book Moonbear's Shadow and discussed how we can make a shadow. Then students observed silhouettes of small manipulatives that were traced on paper. After students observed the silhouettes, they went around the room to find what objects they thought would make a shadow, that would fit that silhouette.  When students brought back their objects, we turned out the lights and students used flashlights to see if the shadow the object made was a match for the silhouette. 

Another math project we did was using a light table to make patterns.  Students used different shapes of varying colors to make AABB patterns on the light table. Students observed how the light came through the translucent shapes.  Then we made patterns with solid block shapes and observed how the light did not go through the shapes because they were opaque.

Little Picassos

Art with the Bunnies
The Bunnies always have fun painting and making art projects!  To celebrate Valentine's Day, the Bunnies made Bumblebees, that flies around a heart, saying, "Bee my Valentine."  These Bumblebees were particularly special because they were made with each child's own footprint.  We put glue in the shape of a heart, and each child shook red glitter on top.  They loved shaking the glitter and saying, "Shake, shake, shake."  While doing this project, the Bunnies were also encourage to say the vocabulary words: yellow, bee, red, and heart.  The Bunnies love art time so much, we had to create another project that they all worked on as a group, while one child at a time made their bumblebees.  We made a giant heart, taped it down to the table and let the kids color with markers or crayons, whichever they chose.  It was messy and fun, and they loved it.

Art with the Lions
Last month the Lions had a wonderful time exploring art.   Even though we make art projects every day, it's always exciting when we get to do something out of the ordinary.  With it being the month of love, it was only fitting that we make hearts, but not just any hearts we made crayon melted sun-catcher hearts.  We started by having the children peel the paper off of some old crayons (which was probably their favorite part of the project because for once we told them it was OK do it).  Next, we had to shred the crayons, we started this by using a cheese grater and each child got a color and started to shred.  This process took too long and was not working they way we needed it to, so the teachers helped and used a sharpener to get the shredding's that we needed.  

When all of the colors were done, we cut out our hearts from wax paper and we were ready to get started.  Each child came up individually and picked a heart and then the fun started.  It was now time to take all the shavings and put them on the heart.  This process also took a long time, but only because the children were being so particular of their colors and the pattern they wanted they didn't realize that the colors were going to melt and blend.  After they had their perfect heart it was time to cover their work with another piece of wax paper and pull out the iron.  The children were asked to stand back as I ran the iron back and forth over their art work, their faces were priceless and the questions were many as the colors melted and blended together to make these beautiful sun-catchers.

Musicians in the Making

Music with Snugglies II
Last month, the children in Snugglies II had so much fun with music.  During Circle Time in the morning, we focused on the song, "I Love You."  During the song we practiced blowing a kiss!  We also enjoyed listening to lullabies at nap time and EduMusic with Mr. Kenny.    Some of us have learned to pat our laps for the welcome song, "Hello Friends."  Our favorite song is, "Shake Your Hands 1,2,3." We are working on trying to follow along by shaking our hands, wiggling our fingers, and tapping the different parts of our face.  We will continue to include music in our everyday activities as we prepare for our Spring Show in May.
"I love you, You love me.  We're a happy family. 
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. 
Won't you say you love me too."

Music with the Monkeys
The Monkeys always enjoy singing, listening and dancing to music. In February, the children were learning about Transportation.  During Circle Time, Miss Ami and Miss Diane were teaching the children a song about hot air balloons; this was our theme for the Transportation Parade. The lyrics discuss that hot air balloons come in many shapes and that they cannot fly when it rains.  The song converses how balloons operate better on a sunny day and that heat moves the hot air balloon from one place to another.  The students learned that their voice is also an instrument; therefore, they used the classroom microphones to sing along with the music. 

Music with the Bears
This months' theme, "Light" was incorporated throughout all of the centers in the classroom. The students were able to engage in many multisensory activities.  During small group, the students worked on the SMART board as we researched all the different kinds of light there are. The children learned that we have natural light and artificial light. The Bears learned some new songs that aligned with our theme.  The children had a great time leaning all these songs.  Here are a few of our songs that we learned:

Mister sun
Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun,
Hiding behind a tree... 
These little children Are asking you 
To please come out So we can play with you 
Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me! 
Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun, Please shine down on... Please shine down on... Please shine down on me!

Twinkle twinkle little star
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
 How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are.

Technology Tots &
Athletes in Training

Gym with the Puppies
One of the Puppies' favorite times of the day is Gym Time.  As we stroll in the buggies to the gym, the Puppies can't wait to get out and they run to the gym with excitement.  The Puppies enjoy getting their "sillies out" bydancing.  To encourage gross motor skills, we love to sing and dance to, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!"  Not only are they moving and grooving to the song, they are learning about different parts of their bodies.  They have so much fun stomping their feet and clapping their hands.  It is such a delight seeing them learn and play.  Gym time helps reinforce and build motor skills, and keep our children physically active.  Many of our children love the rollercoaster  and riding in the cars.  They can't wait to go back on them and are learning to take turns.  The Puppies get so tired in the gym, that they are happy to go back to their room and enjoy Snack Time right after.

Gym with the Bumblebees
It is so amazing to see how much the children have grown since the beginning of the school year.  Their social, fine, and gross motor skills have increased greatly.  We see this each day, as children enjoy their Gym Time.  They are learning new ways to play with each other, from playing catch, to rolling balls to one another, riding on the boat together and waiting their turns on the roller coaster cars.  Now we have also begun to use the rock-climbing wall in the gym.  It is great to watch the children strategize on their own on where to position their hands or feet to reach the top of the wall.  It's a great way for them to use critical thinking and a fun new activity for exercise.

Tech with the Dolphins
The theme we explored in the month of February was "Light."  As a part of our technology lessons, the students got to use a "LiteBrite."  A "LiteBrite" is a technology toy that consists of a light box with small colored plastic pegs that fit into holes on the light box. Students were encouraged to create pictures by using the plastic colored pegs or to create letters, numbers and shapes. 

Another activity we did involving the use of technology, was using the computer and the SMARTboard to search up fireworks.  As a class we discussed that a firework is a source of light when it is dark out.  As a class we looked up different types of fireworks and watched different videos involving fireworks.  First, students were asked to act like they are fireworks and use their bodies to demonstrate what they think a firework looks like when it bursts into the sky.  Then, students were asked to paint fireworks as well.  Students even got to add glitter to their fireworks to make it shine!

The students really enjoyed the theme of "Light" but are even more excited to learn about our new theme of "Water" during the month of March!

Gym with the Pandas
Last month, the theme of "Light" was a focus in many of the centers. The students were able to engage in many fun activities. The Pandas learned about different sources of light and how important light is to survive. As a class we discussed the different ways we see light being used in our everyday lives and what it would be like without it.

As we learned in the previous unit, an important light that people use every day is traffic lights.  The Pandas learned how to play the game Red light, Green light, 123.  During Gym Time, the teachers demonstrated how to play the game; as the children watched.  Soon they all joined in.  Each child couldn't wait for their turn to excitedly shout, "Red Light Green Light 123 - STOP!"
As we jump into Spring, the Pandas will be learning all about the theme of Water.  We are excited to see what projects and activities we will engage in and further discuss the importance of water in our lives.

The Nurse's Station

March 19th is the first day of spring!   We will be spending more time outdoors, both morning and afternoon.  For your child's comfort and safety, please have your child wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes to school. This will enable your child to run, jump, and climb with less falls, bumps and scratches.  Additionally, please check your child's cubby and be sure to remove and replace clothing that no longer fits and stock it with weather-appropriate clothing.

Below are a few important reminders:

Physicals and Immunizations
As a reminder, please submit your child's annual physicals and immunizations in a timely manner.  We are mandated by the Department of Health to keep record of all physicals and immunizations.  Please refer to our  Health Policy .  Your child will not be allowed to attend Day Care/Pre-School without the appropriate updates and forms submitted. 
As a reminder, if medication is required for allergies and/or asthma, a medication administration form must be filled out by your pediatrician.  You can obtain one from the Nurse's Office or print one from our website.  For all other medications, a doctor's note must be provided and medication must be in its original box/container.  No medication will be administered unless protocol is followed.

Holiday Parties
St. Patrick's Day is coming up! If you would like to send in your child with any snacks or sweets for their classroom party, remember that we are nut-free school and do no serve any items containing tree nuts, or foods that have come in contact with any tree nuts.

Happy Spring and Saint Patrick's Day!

We were listening to a Sesame Street song, "C is for Cookie."  When the song was over Michael shouted, "Um num num," in his best Cookie Monster voice!

After we read the book, "It Looked Like Spilt Milk," by Charles G. Shaw, we decide to make puppets of the characters in the book, and do a puppet show.  Victoria, Elora,  Nicholas M., and Nicholas P., were retelling the story while shinning a flashlight light on the puppet stand.  Victoria said, "Guys I have a good idea.  Why don't we invite the children from the other classes to our puppet show?"  Elora and Nicholas P. said, "Hey Elora let's make invitations for all the children so they want to come to our show."  Victoria said, "Yeah this is going to be so much fun and maybe we can sing and dance; and I am going to use the shoes and the long hair."  Elora then said, "Ms. Kerin can we use the dress up clothes for our show."  Ms. Kerin said, "Sure, why not" and all them shouted, "YAY!" 

As the children were playing a game in the Music and Movement Room on Valentine's Day, Brian went up to every girl in the class and said, "You're beautiful!" 

Niles asked Ms. Gina to take down a different toy from the shelf.  Ms. Gina responded by saying, "Okay sweetie."  Niles turned, and looked at Ms. Gina and said, "I'm not sweetie.  I'm cutie pie." 

While using the SMARTboard to search different types of fireworks,  Judah said, "Fireworks are so bright in the sky, I need to put my shades on to see them!"

While making shadows to match the silhouettes, Benjamin said he could make his own shadows with his hands.  We then made a puppet show by using our hands to make different shadows.  We explored how if you held the flashlight farther away, our shadows were smaller, while if your held the flashlight closer to your hand the shadow was bigger.

While on the potty, Zofia turned to Lucca Bella and yelled out, "How do you do?!"

One day Avery's baby brother came in to pick her up with mom.  As he was waiting for her to get her coat on, he looked up at the Ranger jersey in the class and started yelling and pointing, "Daddy, daddy, daddy!"  Everyone now knows who they root for in Avery and Johnny's house (LGR)!

One morning when Theo came to school, he sat next to Eric and said, "Hi Eric.  How's it going?" 

In whole group discussion, the Pandas were talking about the different sources of light (e.g. flashlights, fire, the sun, and lightning).  One student exclaimed that they never saw lightning before.  Adam explained that, "lightning happens after you thunder."  Ms. Krystal showed a video of what lightning looks like after thunderstorms and Anthony exclaimed, "Wow! That looks pretty scary!"
When Aston came into class in the morning, he jumped in extremely excited, posed and said, "I'm Spider-Man!"

Upon arriving to school and sitting for snack, Jayden casually stated to his table of friends, "I'm so happy to be back in school."