March, 2013

I hope you are ready for a wonderful spring!
We are excited about the new season that is here. 
We are looking forward to seeing where the Lord will lead us 
and what He will be giving us. 
Look, watch and pray with us.


Word from Steve
"And David inquired of the Lord" (1 Samuel 30:8). David regularly "inquired of the Lord"  when contemplating his next move. This must be our automatic response also. With the many things that we face personally, professionally and in ministry this is the answer to how we deal with it all. Your safety, your direction, your wisdom must all come from being before Him, hearing His voice, and walking with Him.  

Community News
1Facilitation: Both Sozo and Theophostic facilitation's will be held at the KCHC officesTo receive a facilitation contact Megan Handy at sozokchc@gmail.com.
2. Fellowship Dinners: This year we will have our Fellowship Dinners on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays on the month from 5:00pm-7:30pm. This is a Pot Luck dinner. The purpose of this dinner is to encourage and strengthen community. 

3. Leaders Retreat: May 10th & 11th at the Sister of St Francis retreat center. There will be more information sent to leaders about this retreat.

4. Charlotte: House bound after surgery. She needs someone going to the grocery
store, and picking up her basics. 816-257-8568 


5. Jim and Pat Banks  who taught the Chinese community at the Sozo Conference in December. Will be teaching here, at the end of May on "Your Redemptive Gifts". Look for the flyer for this coming in April. This material is very powerful because it helps you understand who you are in Christ. It helps to know that God made you the way you are ON PURPOSE.

Prayer Requests
1. Pray that the Lord will develop community in our midst.
2. Pray that He would develop our inner healing school.
3. Pray that the leaders would hear the Lord's direction.
4. Pray that  healing and deliverance would be released in our midst.
5. Pray that those who have been trained in KCHC would release healing
    wherever they go.
6. Pray that the Lord would give us a facility for larger conferences. 
7. Pray for a Spirit of Unity in our community. A culture of honor and respect.  

Fred and Barb
Fred & Barb Shoup
Honoring the Saints

This is a picture of Fred and Barb Shoup when they attended the KCHC Open House this last month
We would like to honor Fred an Barb again. 
They taught Theophostic for many years. 
They fathered and mothered many in the Grandview area. Then they passed on the baton to KCHC. 
They now work and live at the Harvest Home community where they lay down their lives daily for the saints.   
Thank you Fred and Barb. God Bless you both.

Sozo Facilitations

Time:     6:30pm - 8:30pm

Day:       Wednesday's

Date:      February 7th - April 24th, 2013 

Length:  4 facilitations  

Place:    KCHC offices 

Cost:      $35 a session.

              When paid up front $100 for 4 sessions  

Contact: Megan Handy - sozokchc@gmail.com  

Theophostic Facilitations 

Time:     10:00am - 12:00pm  

Day:       Saturdays   

Starts:    March 2nd, 2013     

Length:  4 facilitations  

Place:    KCHC offices 

Cost:      $35 a session.

              When paid up front $100 for 4 sessions  

Contact: Larry Curtis - larrycur@gmail.com  


Fellowship Dinners
Time:      5:00 - 7:30 

Days:      1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month  

Place:     KCHC offices 

Address: 4802 Red Bridge Road, KC MO 64137

Type:      Pot Luck 

Contact:  Feel free to just show up for a few minutes or longer!



Holy Fascination

Time:      6:30 - 9:00pm                     ONLY OPEN CLASS 


Day:        Wednesday

Date:       Feb 8th - April 25th 

Length:   12 wks 

Place:     Marvin and Carmin Smith's House

               12905 Palmer Ave
               Granview, Mo. 64030

Contact:  Steve Bartlett - 816-509-2890 - gopraybart@gmail.com   

Open:      This is the only open class. That you can jump into at any time of the semester.   


There is a description of all of the classes on our web site, under classes. 



Tom Paterik
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Steve Bartlett

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