March 2016
On a hill far away, stood an old rugged Cross
The emblem of suff'ring and shame
And I love that old Cross where the dearest and best
For a world of lost sinners was slain...

 "Old Rugged Cross"

Nick S.

     On the outside it appeared as if I had it altogether, but I was a mess. My alcoholism had broken me down and taken quite a toll on my body.  There were several trips to the hospital and treatment centers, and I finally had enough of this life style and needed a change, a Godly change. I need to let Him take control, and guide me in a good direction. Coming to The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) just made sense, if I was going to change.

     I know that God had brought me to the ARC to save my life from my addiction and comfort my soul in His grace and love. I have and am learning many key important things to set my life on a track of recovery and soul healing. I have never had a close relationship with my Higher Power more than I do now. Jesus has changed my life to a life that I was craving. Spending most of my time here at the front desk, I get the opportunity to see those coming in broken and at the end of their road, and see the changes in their lives and the restoring power of God working through them, as time passes. It humbles me and reminds me of where I was and how much God has helped me.

     Upon my graduation, I hope to get more involved with The Salvation Army back home and enjoy the activities I was involved in prior to my addiction taking over. I know that God will always be by my side and the keys I've learned here will help me lead a life free of addiction.

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The Salvation Army Grand Rapids ARC
1491 Division Ave. South
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Majors Roger and Cecilia Senn, Administrators