Don't miss the Skaltek Company tour & Roundtable discussion on April 13. 

  • Experience the visionary and impressive "Skaltek EcoPark"
  • Guided tour by Skaltek president Ralph Skalleberg
  • Drinks, food & mingle
  • Roundtable discussion with Skaltek, Metro Atlanta Chamber & GATC

Whether you are a business owner, executive or motivated business associate - this evening is all about getting inspired!

Read here for program and more information about the event.

Skaltek is a highly renowned manufacturer of equipment to the cable and wire industry, with customers in over 60 countries and offices in Sweden, Germany, Brazil and the U.S. Currently they are one of the top suppliers of cable and wire equipment in the U.S. Learn more on their website.
Featured Roundtable Participants:

Are you up for the challenge? This year SACC-Georgia will host its Annual Golf Tournament at Laurel Springs Golf Club – premiere private golf course – on Monday, April 24. 

  • Each 4-person team will represent its company in an 18-hole round of golf
  • 9 holes of scramble and 9 holes of best ball
  • Special contest: Closes to the hole long drive competition
  • Food and drinks will be served during the award reception
  • A special prize will be given to our tournament winners

Read full invitation here. 

Save the Date for Sweden Day on Tuesday, June 6. Sweden Day is the biggest Swedish event not only in Atlanta, but the Southeast. It is a great occasion to come together and celebrate Swedish heritage, culture, cuisine and traditions, as well as strengthening the long, meaningful historical bonds between Sweden and the U.S.

Read about last year's Sweden Day.
Platinum Sponsor:
Annual Meeting & Member Appreciation Reception, March 23, 2017
Thank you everyone who joined our Annual Meeting & Member Appreciation Reception on March 23.
It was a great evening at Arnall Golden Gregory where we got the chance to meet and re-connect with old and new members as well as friends of the chamber. 

More pictures from the event can be found here.

Ben Gibson, PNC Bank; Tycho Stahl, SACC-GA Board member, Arnall Golden Gregory
Jan Meijer, Consult-Us; Jonas Jarvholm, SACC-GA Board member, Ballard Spahr; Danny Patton & Meredi Lee, Skanska
Fredrik Hoeglund, SACC-GA Board member, Thomas Concrete; Ralph Skalleberg, Skaltek; Nico Swart, SACC-GA Board member, Rodl
Ted Siljestrom, Autoglo; Christina Searles Tai, SACC-GA Chairwoman, Searles Consulting
SACC-GA's Executive Director, Sara Persson, visited Washington D.C and the SACC-USA office to discuss future plans that will increase the return on investments for the SACC-GA membership.

She also got the opportunity to partake in an event hosted by SAS - Scandinavian Airlines and the Swedish Embassy in House of Sweden. Tech, travels and trade relations between Scandinavia and the U.S were among many the topics discussed. Featured speakers included:  SAS's Executive Vice President, Eivind Roald, representatives from the Scandinavian Embassies, including his Excellency Kåre R. Aas, Norway's Ambassador to the United States, and Natalia Brzezinski, CEO of Brilliant Minds - Symposium Stockholm
Natalia Brzezinski, CEO of Brilliant Minds - Symposium Stockholm; Sara Persson, Executive Director, SACC-GA
Eivind Roald, SAS's Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
Max Knagge, General Manager, SAS Americas; Sara Persson, Executive Director, SACC-GA; Natalia Brzezinski, CEO of Brilliant Minds - Symposium Stockholm;  Representative from the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce; Eivind Roald, SAS's Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.
 Visit at the SACC-USA office
Insights from the evening

SAS's Executive Vice President, Eivind Roald, spoke about the amazing turn-around for SAS - from being hours away from bankruptcy in 2012 to making a steady profit for the last couple of years. In a highly competitive industry with an increased number of low-cost airlines, SAS is making strides to become more of a lifestyle company and not only an airline. 

Some exciting SAS plans for 2017 includes:
  • Upgrades of the entire short haul fleet. New business cabins ranked as one of the top business cabins in Europe.
  • Europe's fastest WiFi onboard.
  • Opening of a next generation SAS lounge with a gym in Oslo, September. 
Sherry von Klitzing, Real Estate and Financial Planning

A full time real estate consultant, Sherry specializes in working with Atlanta’s international community, leveraging her extensive background in financing and financial planning to add exceptional value to her clients. Her international experience is a professional advantage in Georgia’s growing prominence as an international center of business and trade. 

She enjoys utilizing her fluency in German and French within international business and cultural circles, teaching an occasional class at Emory University.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Ms. von Klitzing started her career on Wall Street. As President of an international investment company, she expanded markets within Europe serving the needs of US Military, US Embassy and UN Diplomats, the expatriate community and a broad international clientele throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

In 1996 she relocated to New York City and practiced from Wall Street. In 2003 she moved to Florida, became licensed in real estate and lending becoming a President’s Circle producer, ranking in the top 100 in the nation.

The Expatriates Guide to Atlanta

With her many years as an expatriate, Sherry recognizes the value of a resource for local culture which spawned her book "The Expatriate’s Guide to Atlanta", published last year.

Available on Amazon and Kindle.

Launch of new "After-Kubb" concept

Kubb Atlanta is exploring the possibilities of launching "After-Kubb"
- a social get together on weekday evenings over the game of Kubb. They are currently looking for a suitable venue in Atlanta and preferably with: 
  • Possibilities of bringing music or a DJ
  • Space for at least one Kubb field (26 x 16 feet)
  • Good outdoor lighting
Since Kubb Atlanta is completely run by volunteers they are looking for a venue with low or no cost of rent. They are also open for making cooperative deals with local bars and pubs with possibilities of playing Kubb on their premises. 

Do you know about a venue that would be suitable for "After-Kubb"? Or do you want to take part of the planning of "After-kubb"? Don't hesitate to contact Kubb-Atlanta founder Svante Hjorth at:
About Kubb Atlanta

Kubb Atlanta is a sports & social club for Kubb lovers in Atlanta. Kubb, or “Viking chess”, is a lawn game played on a small rectangular playing field, with the objective of knocking over wooden blocks, known as kubbs, by throwing wooden batons at them. The game dates back to the Viking Age and has been played ever since in Scandinavia, and in particular on Gotland, Sweden's largest island, where the World Championships are held yearly. Watch this informational video on how to play Kubb.
Don't miss SACC-USA's flagship event Executive Forum, June 1 in Washington D.C. The event will be held in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden. SACC-USA is also pleased to announce that Sweden’s Minister for EU Affairs and Trade, Ms. Ann Linde will participate.

The 2017 edition of Executive Forum will examine Swedish-American business from several crucial  angles and provide in-depth analyses of the first 100 days with the Trump administration. Executive Forum will be an excellent opportunity to network and discuss different perspectives on Swedish-American trade with top business leaders, government representatives, political experts, and other key stakeholders.

Executive Forum Program

Executive Forum Registration

Too many projects and not enough time?

As a SACC member your company has the exclusive opportunity to participate in the SACC-USA Trainee Program which enables people from Sweden to come to the U.S on a J-1 visa. You get access to the SACC-USA's database with qualified, bi-lingual trainee candidates educated within the highly regarded Swedis educational system. SACC-USA will assist with the evaluation of candidates as requested. Your company may also use the SACC-USA J-1 visa service if you already identified trainee candidates or for employees in internal training or rotating programs.


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$275 -  for our small companies under 50 employees

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$100 - for individuals, not companies

1+1 Individual Membership
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Young Professional Membership
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