March 2019

                      March in Review
We had another wonderful month at Zack’s Place in March continuing to stay very busy!! Signs of spring are slowly beginning to peak through, which is very exciting, after a long cold winter!!
We Kept up with our fabulous art and music programs, Painting and creating with Caitlin, Finnie and Lynn Vanetta. We worked with clay at Artistree with Fiona. We had singing with Kerry and music with Kathleen and Mark. We did drumming with Ted and we had story telling with Jools.
We stayed limber and fit with Bari, we did yoga dance with Liz Barker and we had yoga twice a week with one of our wonderful yogini’s, Lalita, Tita, Amanda and Jamie. We went to UVAC swimming; we went to S6 and Pico skiing and back to Pico for Special Olympics, participating in the snowshoe competition which was amazing, everyone did a great job and we had a fabulous day!
We also had some great field trips in March, we went bowling to Maple Lanes in Claremont, we saw the movie “Chef Flynn” at Billings Farm. We went to Pentangle at the Town Hall Theater to see “Madeline and the Bad Hat.” We traveled to St. Johnsbury, VT to the Fairbanks Museum for a visit and met Mark Breen with “Eye on the Sky” and saw a wonderful show in the planetarium.
Overall March was an awesome month but I believe we are all ready for some warmer weather!!

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On March 19th, 10 Zack's Place Athletes and 10 Woodstock Union High School Students competed at the 2019 Special Olympics at Pico Peak. A special thank you to Eileen and Jim Godfrey for making that happen! And a special thank you to Calvin Jones for the fabulous pictures!