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Creativity Works Newsletter March 2020
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Being an artist of any artform, be it a socially engaged artist, a visual artist, performer, photographer, writer or whatever, is a tough business. I have been there myself and to be truthful, I found the freelance lifestyle a difficult one to manage. I lived in a permanent state of anxiety, and would constantly rehearse the answers to the inevitable questions from friends and family, "so what are you up to at the moment?" In response to this challenging way of life, where we know that one's creativity can often suffer from the day to day obstacles of finding and sustaining work, we developed The Creative Resilience Programme.

'How to Survive and Thrive' is a workshop where artists can experience our unique, thoroughly researched resilience model, consisting of seven elements. You can use the elements of the model in your career, in your life and in your creative practice. It will support you to develop the skills and confidence to manage challenging situations and to learn flexible and adaptable approaches to problem solving and staying motivated. It is also a great networking opportunity and way to meet with other socially engaged artists who are experiencing similar challenges to yourself. 'Support Networks' is actually one of the seven elements of our model, and there is no better way to develop your network of support than coming on our next workshop on 12th March. Please see details of how to book inside the newsletter.

This workshop is part of our co|Create programme of training, support and development for socially engaged artists. We have recently launched our programme for the next few moths and we have some exciting, engaging and incredibly useful workshops coming up. co|Create is delivered over four strands: Creative Inspiration, Safe Practice, Enterprise Works and Creative Resilience. These elements were established after extensive consultation with artists about what training and support they would find most useful. It is a holistic programme, that explores creative practice, the business side of sustaining work, how to stay safe when working with vulnerable people, and, as mentioned, how to develop your resilience.

Please do take a look at the programme inside the newsletter as I am sure you will find something of benefit. I would like to point out that we have also revamped our pricing strategy, making the programme as accessible as possible to everyone. This means that if you have difficulty in paying the full price, there is a 'pay what you can' option.

I very much hope to see you at one of our events soon.

Director, Creativity Works
Coronavirus Statement:  At present we are not planning to cancel any events or close our office. Current advice is for most people to continue to go to work, school and other public places and follow the guidelines and advice on hand washing and other preventative methods to avoid the spread of the virus. Please see the NHS website for further details: 
Where we have event plans which will bring together large numbers of people, we will monitor the Government advice and keep these plans under continual review.
Our standard cancellation and refund policy applies, but rest assured that should Creativity Works make the decision to cancel an event due to Coronavirus you will be offered a full refund regardless of the timing of the decision. We ask that when booking your place that you ensure we have adequate and up to date contact details for you should we need to contact you and cancel the event.
How to Survive & Thrive as an Artist: Creative Resilence
Would you like be able to bounce back from challenging situations and find new ways to protect yourself from stress?  Yes? Join our Creative Resilience  for Artists Workshop this Thursday  in Bath.

As artists and creative practitioners, we can be facing knock backs on a regular basis, which is why we developed the Creative Resilience course. Created with a steering group of artists and delivered by artists, this one day workshop can really help you build a personal resilience toolkit to better deal with these challenges.
We have places left on the workshop this week: Thursday 12th March, read on for the full details and how to book your place. 

For more details about each event, please click on the book link which will take you to the Eventbrite page.
Be inspired!! our upcoming co|Create workshops
[How to Survive and Thrive] Creative Resilience  - 12th March 2020                       
During this workshop you will learn practical, workable examples of the 7 elements of our resilience model enabling you to explore, develop and grow in your personal resilience and artistic practice.
Time: 9.30am-4.30pm                
Venue: Natural Theatre Company Studio, Bath
£ Full Price: £50.00 / Student: £25.00 / Pay what you can: Donation
A letter to my 8 year old self by M2Air  - 30th March 2020              
Learn, re-visit and discover. Leave with bubbling thoughts and tiny ideas for creating new social engaged art projects.
Time: 1.30pm-4.30pm               
Venue: Natural Theatre Company Studio, Bath
£ Full Price: £30.00 / Student: £15.00 / Pay what you can: Donation
Social Media for Artists - 02nd  April 2020                     
An interactive session, where we will explore not just how to use social media but why to use it!
Time: 9.45am-4.30pm                              
Venue: BRLSI - Lonsdale Room
£ Full Price: £40.00 / Student: £20.00 / Pay what you can: Donation
Fundraising and Sources of Income - 20th April 2020
Advice on how to get funding as an artist, or arts organisation delivered by Creativity Works, Artists and Arts Council England [including 1:1 advice].
Time: 9.30am-3.30pm 
Bath and County Club
£ Full Price: £30.00 / Student: £15.00 / Pay what you can: Donation
Participating in the wrong way with Sophie Hope - 24th April 2020
A fascinating look at the challenges, and benefits of social engagement and community participation. Sophie Hope will talk about her experience as well as leading you through practical exercises.
Time: 1pm-5pm 
Venue: Bath and County Club
£ Full Price: £30.00 / Student: £15.00 / Pay what you can: Donation
My Time My Space course starting 12th May, Bath

Ante-natal 'My Time, My Space'
When: Tuesday 12th May  -  7th July 2020  
Time: 4.30  -  6.30 pm
Where: St Martin's Children's Centre, Bath
This My Time, My Space course is aimed at women who may be struggling with their mental health since becoming pregnant, or who have previous low to medium level mental health issues, which have been exacerbated by pregnancy. The group will run for eight weeks and offer practical advice on relaxation and elements of preparation for labour and birth. It will offer the opportunity for women to relax, receive nurture and support, and enjoy some time for themselves. Previous participants really valued the peer support they gained - the feeling that they weren't alone in how they felt enabled them to address some of their anxieties and offer ongoing support to one another. All those who took part in the last course identified that their mental health had improved as a result, and they felt that they were looking forward more to the arrival of their babies.
This group is most suitable for women who are between 18-28 weeks pregnant at the start of the course 
[12th May 2020]. You can self refer to this course.

To be  eligible for a free place,   you must live in the Bath and North East Somerset area and must be able to answer "yes" to one or more of the following;
  • Experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or depression starting in pregnancy,
  • Or a relapse of mild to moderate mental health issues since becoming pregnant
  • Or a history of perinatal mental health issues
If you are working with women who would like to attend the programme, please complete a Request for Support form and submit to the family's local Children's Centre. Request for Support form can be found at:  We also accept self-referrals.
Please feel free to call Michelle Lander, on 01225 396660 or 07980 998635 if you have any further questions. Or view our web pages 
Peri-Natal Conference Mental Health & Creativity  Conference Thursday 7th May 2020, Bath

co|Create event:  Perinatal Mental Health and Creativity Conference   

When: Thursday 7th May 9.30am - 2pm
Where: Aix-en-Provence Room, Guildhall, Bath
Cost: Free

Hear from experts in the field of perinatal mental health and arts and wellbeing.  Be part of discussions about perinatal mental health pathway and learn about projects and expertise across England. 

This conference will enable learning and discussion around perinatal mental health and how creativity can support and empower women through their perinatal journey. This conference is for health professionals, artists and anyone interested in perinatal mental health to hear about and share best practice. 

This conference takes place during Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week and is delivered by Creativity Works in partnership with Arts and Health South West and partners in health, education and Children's Centres.

Book your place today: Tickets 
Love Letters to Radstock

Sean making a feather for the Angel of Radstock. Photo: MW

SWALLOW  members posting their letters. Photo: Ellie Shipman
Love Letters to Radstock is a socially engaged public art project created in collaboration with Radstock Town Council that aims to bring people together to celebrate this fascinating place, full of history, character and opportunity.

Over the past few weeks our two artists, Ellie Shipman and Alicia Ridley have been meeting and making art with a diverse group of Radstock residents, from children and young people at Radstock Museum, to the craft group of SWALLOW, to the elderly residents of Manor Farm House.

Ellie has been supporting and encouraging them to write love letters to the town; to the people, places and events that they love and have shaped them and their lives. These letters will form the basis of a Love Trail, where sentences, words and motifs taken from the letters will be displayed on aluminum panels around the town. It will be a beautiful, permanent work of art that people can enjoy for many years to come.

Alicia has been rustling up feathers that will adorn the wings of her Angel of Radstock. Participants have been inscribing the names of loved ones, people they admire and look up to, and indeed patterns and designs inspired by the town. The angel will be installed on the front of the Community Hub as an enduring symbol of love, positivity and togetherness.

We will be celebrating the unveiling of the trail and the angel on the morning of Tuesday 21st April so do put it in your diary and come down and join us.

Did you hear us and some super Radstock Residents talking about Love Letters to Radstock on BBC Somerset on the 14th February?  Click on the picture above to listen and hear a lovely piece about the old mines and some of the memories of the town. [Timings at: 1hr 38 and 2hr 34. You'll need a BBC account to listen]
Stories of Change
As part of a new series called Stories of Change, we're interviewing people who've been involved with a Creativity Works Project to hear how it's helped them make positives changes to their life. These interviews will include participants, partners and volunteers.
Our third interview is with Anna-Maria Ward who has been a part of Get Creative, one of our peer-led groups, since taking part in our Fresh Art@ Project in 2019. Anna-Maria has also completed our Volunteer training programme and joined some of our co|Create sessions.

Anna-Maria Ward, who has gone from taking part in our Fresh Art@ Project in 2019, to being the project volunteer this year.

Cockerel - Anna-Maria Ward. Silk Screen of a cockerel influenced by the American Museum 'Folk Art.' Gold Ink used on 4 coloured backgrounds. Part of the Fresh Art@ 2019 collection.
How did you become involved with Creativity Works?
I suffered with severe anxiety and depression 6 weeks after having my daughter. It was a very difficult dark time and the hardest thing I have ever suffered in my life, it affected me so badly. I struggled being out in social situations, particularly noise, and I got separation anxiety from my daughter so could not relax even when friends or family tried to help. I had to go on medication, reluctantly, but I was desperate. I went to see a few different counsellors until I found the right one.

I was looking for a local art group and I came across Creativity Works and the FreshArt@ project.
What was good about The Fresh Art@ Project?

I was drawn to the fact that I'd be creative and visit different museums in Bath. I've lived in Bath all my life, but not been to all these museums! Having somewhere to be with other likeminded people and being supported by an artist within a museum - and the knowledge that there was going to be an exhibition at the end of the year - was an important part for me.

It didn't matter if you didn't like what you were doing, you could just start again - I learnt that you don't have to start again on a new piece of paper - with mixed media you can just go over it again to create something that you do like.

It helped for me to have a bit of structure and things to look forward to each week, I really needed that. And realising how important it is to have those things that you really enjoy in your life.

What impact has taking part in Creativity Works courses had on you personally?

It has helped with my confidence. Having a regular creative activity in my calendar every week; experiencing it with other people; not feeling alone; knowing that you're not the only person feeling like that; to feel safe to be who you are and let that creativity out really. It's been really important for me.

I've been much happier, knowing that I have it to go to each week cheers me up. It's also made me want to learn more creative skills and try new things. I'm calmer and probably a slightly nicer person to be around!! You become more enthusiastic and more confident. I've found that "Creativity Works."

What other Creativity Works courses have you taken part in?

Currently Get Creative on a Tuesday, a peer-led group. We've tried experimenting with different art materials from mosaics, multi-media, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels to paints. We might look at a specific artist. Last week, for example, we all had to choose a piece of art by an artist and then swap ideas with someone else in the group. I also did the Journaling course with Artist Jill Carter and completed the 5-week Volunteer Training programme that Creativity Works ran with St. Mungos.

What difference does being part of Get Creative make?

Being in a group you tend to bounce ideas of each other. People can talk as much or as little as they want to and be comfortable just being in the same place as others. We just let people get on with their own thing. You've always got the support there from the others around, it's that feeling of a comfort blanket and that the support is there if you need it.

What's Next?

I'm going to be volunteering on the Fresh Art@ project this year. I'm looking forward to helping other people, now I've experienced it myself, I'll be able to support them. If you've been through an experience like that in your life, it's nice to be able to help others who are in the same position to get through it.  I would also like to  start a new creative career, having realised how happy it makes me. I want to wake in the morning and look forward to my job.  
What would you say to someone who's thinking about joining a Creativity Works course?

It is proven that creativity does help with mental health and as a county we are lucky to be able to access these kind of resources, so why not try one, even if you think you are not a creative person.  Come along, Have a go!

Thank you Anna-Maria for sharing your story with us.

Fresh Art@ Bath creates new artwork to enliven NHS communities, created by people with experience of mental health and is a partnership project supported by Creativity Works, Avon & Wiltshire NHS Mental Health Partnership Trust (AWP), The Holburne Museum, No1 Royal Crescent, The American Museum in Britain and Bath Mind. For more info about Fresh Art@ please click here.

Get Creative is one of our weekly peer-led visual art groups that meet in Odd Down, Bath. The small groups' aim is to support personal wellbeing through creativity. See below if you'd like to join this group.
Creativity Works Peer-Led Groups Highlights
Writing Space secure £2,000 funding from Quartet

A few of our current members: L-R: David, Sita, Greg, Justin, Les & Eric.
Writing Space members are delighted to have been given a grant by the Quartet Community Foundation from the Bath and North East Somerset Community Wellness Fund. Writing Space meet weekly in central Bath, and have been going for over 5 years. 

Philippa Forsey of Creativity Works said: "This means that Writing Space can continue to meet regularly in Bath and support each other. The group never fail to inspire with the depth and quality of their writing and we are very much looking forward to the publication of their next anthology, which will be out this Spring."
Other News 
 Our Weekly Peer-Led Groups 
 Photography Groups 
Foxhill Happy Snappers

An opportunity to experiment with photography, share stories about the social history of Foxhill / Combe Down whilst learning new skills and creative ways to express yourself. Take part in short walks and discussions. 

When: Thursdays 11am-1pm 
Where: Foxhill Community Centre.
Bring a camera / smartphone / tablet if you can. No previous experience is necessary. 

Contact Max for details and to register interest: 01225 316199 
or please contact Philippa 01761 438852
Keynsham Snap & Stroll

A friendly, informal and sociable group that enjoys taking photos and promoting wellbeing. If you've got a camera, phone or tablet and you want to walk, talk and take pictures then this group is brilliant!

When: Wednesday mornings, Keynsham. 
Facebook Page:  Keynsham Snap & Stroll

Contact Max for details and to register interest: 01225 316199 
or please contact Philippa 01761 438852 

Writing & Visual Arts Groups 
Writing Space

Writing Space is a peer-led project for people of all writing skills who would like a safe place to develop and present their writing. The group is suitable for adults who would like to support their wellbeing and mental health through creativity. 

When: Tuesday afternoons 1 pm - 4pm
Where: Central Bath

Occasionally sessions are outdoors, so please be prepared for easy walking and various weathers!  
Get Creative

Are you looking to experiment with different art materials and techniques? Get Creative peer-led visual art group in Bath, could be just right for you. The small groups' aim is to support personal wellbeing through creativity. 

When: Tuesday afternoons 1.15pm - 3.15pm 
Where: Odd Down

The weekly group offers an opportunity to meet others, learn and share creative ideas and gain confidence in a safe and friendly environment.  All members help plan further sessions and creative activity.
Radstock Wellbeing and Loving Life Group

The group offers a safe and welcoming space to come and be inspired and to  explore your own  creativity.  
When: Thursdays 12 noon - 2pm  Dates: 
Where: Radstock Trinity Methodist Church
Cost: £2.50 per session

Please note that there is no specific mental health support at these groups, but safe, respectful space is a priority. 
If you would like to join any of the peer-led groups please contact Philippa 01761 438852 email:
Other Opportunities
Free Training Opportunities for Volunteers
St Mungo's coordinates free volunteer training, providing the knowledge and confidence to successfully volunteer. We aim to utilise the knowledge and skills of staff, volunteers and peers, from a range of organisations and groups, to provide training.

Latest Training Includes: 

No Fear Up Front - Public Speaking with Confidence
Delivered by David Moore - Toastmasters Public Speaking
Friday 17th April 10am-4pm [Eventbrite Link]

Managing Challenging Situations
Delivered by St Mungo's & The Wellbeing College
Thursday 19th March 1:30pm-4:30pm

Connect 5 (Session 2) Mental Health & Wellbeing Conversations
Delivered by BaNES Council
Tuesday 24th March 09:30am-4:30pm

Suicide Awareness
Delivered by St Mungo's & The Wellbeing College
Thursday 26th March 1:00pm-4:30pm

To book any of this training please visit: or contact Tel: 07825 115 775

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