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March 2019
Mobility Mentoring ® Comes to Fredericksburg!
Brisben Center is pleased to begin a new program that helps current and former shelter residents attain economic independence for themselves and their families. Mobility Mentoring ® is a 13-year-old nationwide approach that has proven successful in providing adults with structured support on their journey toward financial stability. The Brisben Center will match participants with volunteer Mobility Mentoring Coaches for one-on-one sessions twice a month for a year. Each pair will work toward achieving the participant’s SMART goals in any of five domains: family stability, physical & mental well-being, financial management, education & training, and employment/career management.

We are currently seeking volunteer Mobility Mentoring Coaches to commit to working with program participants for a year . Training will take place on March 16 th & 23 rd from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Brisben Center. Matching program participants with Mentor/Coaches will begin on March 25. For more information, please contact Christian Zehner at [email protected] or 540-899-9853, ext. 129. 
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Message from the Executive Director
The Brisben Center Board of Directors, staff, hundreds of volunteers and donors entrust an array of financial gifts, goods and time to the Brisben Center. With these resources, our role as the largest emergency shelter in our four-county area and numerous value-added supports that we provide with residents are possible. Our commitment to you, our community of constituents, is to wisely apply all that you entrust to us to provide the most cost-effective, impact-producing results among the residents that call the Brisben Center their temporary home. At approximately $34.00 per day, per person, this combined cost of shelter and supports is very effective. We are committed with you to ending homelessness while equipping residents to become good stewards of the poverty-resolving tools and techniques entrusted to them. Stop on by. We look forward to showing you how stewardship is producing good results.  
N. David Cooper
Resident Message of Thanks
"Dear Kim,
I want to thank you and the staff here for allowing me to stay here. I truly appreciate it. You all made this experience much easier than I thought it would be. I want to thank you and the staff for your kindness, your encouragement, and your patience. I hope that I was able to make a few people laugh and brighten their days a little while I was here. I’m going to be moving on now, but I’ll be back to see everyone soon. I hope to be able to come back at some point to volunteer or help out in some way as a way of paying it forward. I will always pray for you and the entire staff here that God will continue to strengthen you and give all of you the wisdom and the desire to continue doing the good work that you all do! May God continue to bless you all!"

Thank you again! I’ll see you soon!


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The Brisben Center is devoted to improving the lives of the homeless who hunger and thirst for health and well-being.
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