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Say Buddy, can you spare a twenty? 

The Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) is now in our tenth year of educating America's citizens on the need for and use of abundant, available, and affordable energy. We do this by keeping energy in the public conversation in a thoughtful and consistent way--starting with my weekly column (now published first on Breitbart.com). Under my leadership, during the past eight years, our profile on the national stage has risen and the "Energy makes America great!" message is presented through many mediums, from coast-to-coast.


The year 2014 had a reoccurring theme of "media", as there were many new opportunities to assert our pro-energy message such as the Daily Show with John Stewart; the documentary, Regcession: The EPA is destroying America; and my own weekly Internet radio program: America's Voice for Energy--airing every Thursday at 11:00AM ET on AmericasWebRadio.com. It looks like the 2015 theme will be "politics." Yes, media will still play an important part in our efforts, but politics is the growing area of influence as much legislative and policy work is needed ahead. We face a fight and, despite the fact that the Republicans had a decisive victory in 2014 and the fact that the globe hasn't warmed in, now, close to twenty years, the anti-fossil fuel crowd hasn't given up. With the GOP in control of Congress, that battle plan is shifting from the federal to the local level.

You know, I have written on extensively on what I call Obama's green-energy crony-corruption scandal. I've addressed news stories such as the near-certain death of Cape Wind and exposed the criminal activity of the solar panel manufacturer Abengoa. In December, based on a thorough report someone else produced, I wrote a column about the German renewable energy experiment. It got me thinking, what if I pulled all of my research, and others, together and produced a report like the German one on which I'd based my Germany's "energy transformation" -- unsustainable subsidies and an unstable system column?


For the past couple of months, I have been quietly working behind the scenes to put together my first white paper: Solar Power in the U.S.--intended to provide a comprehensive look at the impacts of solar power on the nation's consumers. 


I started writing this note from the Tampa airport. I've been in Florida for the past five days where I've shared the content of CARE's new white paper: Solar Power in the U.S. (I introduced the white paper in this week's column, though didn't mention that I was the author). There, I met with more than a dozen legislators and/or legislative aides at the capitol in Tallahassee. I handed out copies of Solar Power in the U.S. and explained how solar only works with mandates, subsidies, and tax incentives. (Florida currently has 16 pro-solar initiatives before the legislature.) Most were grateful to have the real world experiences--lessons learned, from other states and countries which have been early adaptors of solar and, as a result, learned hard lessons.


Additionally, in the past few days I have met with two editorial boards, recorded two television shows, and done several radio programs--all of which addressed the
Solar Power in the U.S. white paper.



A press release about Solar Power in the U.S. was sent out and, as a result, others have picked up on it--furthering its distribution.


Unfortunately, the real world experiences chronicled in Solar Power in the U.S. do not square with the propaganda the solar industry is spreading--including some who claim to be "conservatives." As Solar Power in the U.S. gains wider recognition, CARE, Energy Makes America Great (EMAG), and me, personally, are likely to come under attack. It is for this reason that your membership (or renewed membership) is imperative.


I know so many of you who receive the weekly column value our consistent efforts. You send me random notes and comments. I need to be able to cite a substantial quantity of "members" who believe in the work of CARE and EMAG. We have about 1500 on our membership roster-but almost 5000 on this distribution list. Annual membership is only $20--hence my opening comment: "Buddy, can you spare a twenty?"


If you appreciate our work, will you please take the small step of membership in CARE? I know that for some of you, with the price of oil down so sharply, you, too, are facing tough times. If you are able, please add an extra contribution to continue the important work of CARE and EMAG. You can join/contribute online with a credit card or send a check to: CARE, PO Box 52103 Albuquerque, NM 87181.


I appreciate you and the encouragement you provide.


Your voice for energy



Marita Noon

Executive Director




March 2015
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Marita Noon
Executive Director

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