March 2015 Edition
Dear beloved,

Welcome to Lapis Lazuli Ministries March Newsletter.

How wonderful to be in touch with you again. This month is very important as we have the elections coming up. Papa God in His wisdom has placed the elections in the month when we tend to seek Him ( Lent ) the most, so this is really great. We can rest assured that our prayer answering God, will grant us a peaceful election season.
In His Presence
A s we look to the Lo rd for a  deeper revelation of why He went to the cross for us, what comes shining through, and more brightly each day for me is the greatness of His amazing, unfailing, extravagant love .
The other day the Lord showed me a big passionate, tempestuous  whirling storm, and said that is how His love for me is. He then showed me a small swimming pool, and said in my thinking.....His love for me is like this small pool.....oops...!!
Bill Johnson, always said, there shouldn't be any thought in your head that isn't in Papas head.  In other words, my idea of Papas love for me has to line up with Papas love. If it doesn't, then I am believing a lie. If it lines up, I can then begin to respond passionately,extravagantly and wholeheartedly to Papas love.
This is what gives Papa greatest pleasure. We can't have an orphan spirit when we are called to be sons and daughters.
Jesus said He came to reveal the Father to us. (John 5v19) The world is desperate to know this Father that loves like this. Our Father through sending His Son to the cross, shows us how much we are loved by Him. It is a tsunami type love. There is the need for the reawakening to this in the body of Christ. Paul prayed for this. (Ephesians 3v17- 19).

A close friend, Trish Riley, was woken up by the Lord a couple of weeks ago around 3am to write about His love for His goes thus: 

My love is a powerful force.   It can change the hardest of hearts and the most cynical of men.   My love is what holds this universe together - My love is what causes the tides to rise and fall, and the sun to rise and set each day.   My love is all powerful, and yet it is as gentle as a dove.   My love bursts forth in creation, and is heard in the gentle whisper of the trees, and is seen in the soft flow of sunset.   My beloved, I show you My love in a myriad of ways each day - through the song of the birds as dawn breaks, through the smile of a loved one in the morning, through the kindness of a friend during the day, through the rest I give you each night.   You may not recognise it in the busyness of your day, but it is there - it is with you each and every minute of the day and night - it is there because I am there.   If you will allow it, My love will cover you like a mantle, which is adorned with joy and peace.   If you will allow it, My love will protect you in your time of deepest need.   If you will allow it, My love will guide you through the maze of life and will bring you safely to the door of eternity.

Open your hearts to Me, My loved ones - Open your hearts to Me.   Man has learned to use much of My creation - he knows how to set a coal on fire, and harness energy to produce light.   As My beloved ones learn to channel My love, they will see it explode in a way that will impact every nation on the earth.   I am sending great waves of My love, and My loved ones have the skill, ability and knowledge to harness it into a powerful force that will touch the hearts of all men.

Be ready, My loved ones.   Recognise the times and the seasons.   Be watchful - it is coming.   My love will break out over humanity in a new way - it will wash away the dross and it will bring refreshing to a tired and weary world.   Be ready - it comes, not just to My chosen ones, but to all mankind.





Mina x



1.  Bethel Basic Sozo Conference 19-20 June, 2015
The first ever  Bethel Basic Sozo Conference in Nigeria is holding in Lagos on 19 and 20 of June 2015. Registration will go live in April 2015 , please register then.

SOZO is a Greek word used 110 times in the New Testament, and translated "saved (Romans 10:9), healed or delivered"

Bethel Sozo Ministry is a unique, gentle inner healing and deliverance ministry that was started at Bethel Church, Redding, USA.  It is being run in Churches on most continents in the world.  We are privileged to have the Directors for Africa, come over from South Africa and run this conference themselves . It is an amazing oppurtunity to come into more freedom ourselves, and also learn how to set this up in our churches, and help others.

The Bethel Sozo ministry is one that teaches how to minister in such a way that the truth about what God says and thinks about the person you are ministering to is discovered from God Himself by the person.This truth breaks strongholds and belief patterns that sets them free to discover their identity and become sons and daughters that Father God destined them to be through Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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2.  Kingdom Harvest Conference 2015 - New Date 17-19 September, 2015
As previously announced, Kingdom Harvest Conference is now scheduled for Thursday, 17th September to Saturday 19th September, 2015. We are grateful to God for making this date possible. Please continue to pray along with us that this event will truly usher in Kingdom Harvest.

Registration will go live in June 2015 , please register then. We look forward to seeing you at the Landmark Events Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. Come expectant.

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,  


Femi and Mina Bajomo
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The message of the cross is the unchanging story of Gods amazing love for sinners.  
John 3v 16 says..for God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that who so ever would believe in Him, would not perish, but have eternal life.
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