Whose Kingdom is it Anyway?

“Let the children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs” Matt. 19:14

I’m trying to teach my kids not to interrupt when their mother and I are talking. They’re still learning. Sometimes I have to shoo them away until I can give them my attention, and respond to their requests. 

Not long after Jesus taught about becoming like little children, the disciples were at it again, trying to prevent the crowds from bringing their kids to be blessed by him. He doesn’t tell them to go away and come back later. Jesus commands them to bring the children. They are invited to receive a special blessing! Clearly these little ones matter to Jesus. 

Who are the ones we count out, shoo away, are unwilling to welcome? 
During Lent, as we take time to confess the ways we’ve failed to love and serve neighbors. We might also get honest about how we as the church and as individuals have tried to manage and manipulate who is in and who is outside of God’s family.

Jesus’ welcome is for all. And ALL means ALL. 

As we share the heart of Christ in the heart of the city, the way we welcome our neighbors should reflect Jesus’ love for each one. It’s not always easy. Sometimes it requires us to take a look at ourselves and examine our own hearts. When we do, we may realize that God’s grace is enough to welcome ALL those beloved children, and that includes ones who are still learning…like us. 

In Christ,
Pastor Jason
Happy Birthday to:
3 - Gini Train
9 - Hana Sherman
23 - Dan Olson
29 - Audra Rael
31 - Pete Geloff

Come for a meal, hear a song from Mumford & Sons and connect to God's Word for those who wait, watch, seek, believe, and receive salvation.
Soup: 5:30pm, worship to follow.
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The 11:30 worship at Reformation features the gifts of Keri, Danny, and Linda as they lead worship and lead us in music that speaks of God's glory and grace to our 21st century ears. It's not just for the youth! All ages have been with us, and it's a great time to welcome visitors and guests (who don't want to wake up so early)! I hope you'll join us and invite a friend to come and experience our creative contemporary worship!
Mark your calendars – March 21st is Nevada’s Big Give! On the day of the Big Give, Nevadans will unite for 24 hours of online giving to support their favorite organizations (like LSSN!). This year, LSSN is aiming to raise $1,000.00 to support our Senior Supportive programs, which provide seniors across the valley with much-needed meals, as well as case management, connections to other services, and deliveries of necessary supplies like adult diapers, Ensure, pet food, and other goods not covered by benefits like SNAP.

Will you help us serve and care for the Seniors in our community on this year's Big Give? Donations are open now! Check out our Big Give page below:

Wednesday March 13 - Soup/worship 5:30p
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