March 20, 2019
Hello Dear Readers,

I have always thought that of all the natural resources that men waste, nothing compares to his waste of women. Intelligent women. Women that have more to offer than simply batting their eyelashes. I think that at the crux of everything that's wrong in the world lies the innate power struggle between the sexes, and the fact that we compete for dominance rather than complement each other to make strides in improving our existence. Remember "Make Love Not War"? Too bad that idea fizzled out with the hippie era and women had to play the man's-world-game to HAVE A LIFE! Competition instead of cooperation.

When people put down Western Culture and start idealizing the Non-Western Cultures, I respond: "try being a woman there." No thank you! There are still some very frightening places for women on this planet. I just thank my lucky stars that I was born in NYC, and yet, it's not easy for women here or anywhere.

The women in my family left Chile for New York City in 1955. My forward-thinking grandmother, born in 1910 and of Danish descent, did not think that marriage was the be-all-end-all for women. That mindset is still considered radical in Chile so you can imagine what it was like back then. My mother and her three sisters--although loyal wives and devoted mothers--did not fit in in conventional Chile. My mother started working as a fashion model while she was still a teenager--tabooooooo! boo! boo! My mother and aunts, known as the Rieloff sisters, were intelligent, strong, independent and attractive. Fatal combination. Their stories--from provincial 1950s Santiago to NYC 60s, 70s, etc.--are worthy of a novel.

Chilean women have always been ahead of their times and at the forefront of the feminist movement. In Chile, the men of my generation are very conservative and the women are very progressive. Most of the women navigate machismo with skill. They make it into an art and a science discipline mixed with a very healthy sense of humor. However, the new generation is a completely different story; they are fierce! The International Women's Day commemoration, #8M, was a strike of 190,000 women, teenagers, and girls.

No one can deny that the world is a mess and we must clean it up. The Future is Feminine? Perhaps! Still, I hope men will join women in turning things around because it's gonna take a lot of muscle to get it done and one thing is for sure The Future is Alarming.

Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo
Roser Fort is the founder and executive director of the Centro Arte Alameda , the most wide-ranging, all-embracing, diverse and multicultural art space in Santiago.

League of San Francisco Consular Corps visits Chile Lindo

Eliane Aché, the dynamic Brazilian wife of the Consul General of Chile in San Francisco, Guillermo Martínez, invited the League of San Francisco Consular Corps to Chile Lindo. It was wonderful to meet this group of women representing the four corners of the world. Once again, gracias Cónsul and muito obrigada Eliane. I am truly appreciative of all your support since your recent appointment to San Francisco.
Designer Sebastián ErraZuriz--making it in New York City.

I fell in love with Sebastian Errazuriz's work years ago. I can't remember how I discovered him, but once I did, I dove into his website and read numerous articles about his career. He was riding the crest of success in Chile when he decided to keep challenging himself by taking the leap to NYC.

His latest public artwork, blu Marble, shows a live-stream of our beautiful, fragile planet Earth from a NASA satellite.
blu Marble
159 Ludlow Street
Lower East Side, NYC

March, 13 to April, 14 2019

My mother, Paulina Rieloff, with Sebastián Errazuriz at the blu Marble art opening in NYC's Lower East Side.
The live video feed from NASA was directed towards the Lower East Side 20’ custom l.e.d screen/sculpture on Ludlow & Stanton, and simultaneously at the north facade of The New Museum in Manhattan.

"blu Marble is a reminder of our miraculously fragile existence. It places our very lives in perspective at a global level – as a tiny spec suspended in space and time." read more

Melissa shoes designed by Sebastián Errazuriz
The Brazilian brand Melissa works with top designers and uses recycled plastic to create "inspired" shoes. I got my first pair when years ago, I worked at an eco-fashion boutique. So how surprised was I when I discovered that Sebastián Errazuriz designed an entire line for them!

Here I am, with my Melissa + Sebastián Errazuriz Melting Heart ballerina slippers.

Sebastián Errazuriz created for Melissa "12 shoes for 12 lovers." Check out the witty love stories that inspired each design.

"It proves that to create, one needs only one good inspiration: loves capable of lasting forever- even if “forever” lasts only one night." Melissa + Sebastián Errazuriz

La Nueva Gaceta Chilena

Produced by the
Centro Chileno Lautaro

Edited by Marci Valdivieso
Centro Chileno Lautaro President


Pascuala Ilabaca Y Fauna
Joe Henderson Lab
Sunday, March 24
Shows: 6:00 PM & 7:30 PM
201 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Ilabaca makes her SFJAZZ debut
with music from her newest release,
El Mito de la Pergola.

Valparaíso-born Pascuala Ilabaca is steeped in the folkloric music of Chile, but she’s not looking to preserve the sounds of the past.

Possessing an enchanting, full-bodied voice, she presides over her band Fauna with the authoritative air of a ringmaster, moving between accordion, piano and hand drums.

Presented with a keen sense of drama, the music blends the immediacy of garage rock with the seductive grooves of a Latin dance combo. It’s a sound and approach that has earned Ilabaca an avid following across South America and Europe, though she’s still introducing herself to North America.

Centro Chileno Lautaro
Chilean Cultural Festival
See you there...
Chilean Cultural Festival
Sunday, March 31st
12:00 to 5:00 PM

Donworth Event Center
473 Eucalyptus Drive
San Francisco, CA 94132

For information call: (415) 661-6909
Chile Lindo empanadas will be sold at the Chilean Cultural Festival. Other traditional dishes by local vendors will be available. Enjoy wines by importer VinoSur, pisco sours, and dance to live music from Tango to Andean to Cumbia. MC Mauricio Bertín.

In support of the Centro Chileno Lautaro, Chile Lindo will donate part of the proceeds and sell the empanadas at a special price.

Hope to see you there!
Chile Lindo Classic Pino Empanadas

Now Playing Gloria Bell

Oscar winner Sebastián Lelio (A Fantastic Woman) directed a remake of his critically acclaimed film Gloria (2013) . The Chilean production won the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival and, for her leading role, Paulina García walked off with the Silver Bear for Best Actress . The remake, Gloria Bell , produced by FilmNation Entertainment , stars Julianne Moore .

Sebastián Lelio
Chile Lindo Newsletter (2014): Film "Gloria" Submitted for Acadamy Award
LIVE Direct from Chile, Noche de Brujas
3140 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110
Friday, April 12
8:00 PM

Pre-sale tickets $35 for sale at Chile Lindo

The Sausalito-Viña del Mar Sister Cities partnership was founded in 1960 and it is affiliated with Agep-V (Association of Professional Women and Entrepreneurs of the V region--Valparaíso) .

This year the Sausalito Rotary Club Gala will donate part of its proceeds to benefit Sausalito Sister Cities: Viña del Mar, Chile (1960), Sakaide, Japan (1988), and Cascais, Portugal (2013).

"...a fun evening of cocktails, dinner, live auction and raffle
benefiting Sausalito Sister Cities"

Saturday, March 30th 5:30 PM
Spinnaker Restaurant
100 Spinnaker Dr,
Sausalito, CA 94965
Last year a Sausalito Sister Cities' delegation joined the Agep-V women in Viña del Mar, Chile.

The Agep-V women's main objective is to give each other support while generating business opportunities, such as reaching out to new markets to commercialize their products and to offer their services. Agep-V members exchange information while giving each other encouragement.

This year we look forward to their visit to the Bay Area from August 30th to September 8th, 2019.

World Premiere Concert Debut, The Road of the Pilgrim, Composed by Axel Herrera

Friday, April 5th 8:00 PM
Old First Church
1751 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

I 've known Axel Herrera for many years, but it wasn't long after I met him that I knew he had the makings of a Maestro . Born in the enchanting port of Valparaíso, in 1974, Axel Herrera discovered his vocation for music early on. By age twelve he was studying guitar and music theory at the Escuela Artística de Valparaíso, a community based school. Growing up in the shadows of Chile's military regime, his sensitivity found, during these turbulent times, a form of expression in music, specifically classical music.
Axel moved to California at seventeen and of course he met up with many compatriots that shared his social views and musical comprehension; in particular the former generation of local Chilean artists, many of which were the founders of La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA. In 2001, Axel got his music degree from San Francisco State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Axel Herrera plays guitar, drums, but foremost, he is a profound composer of classical music. Thus, it's not surprising that his work began to interest local filmmakers.

His original film scores include: Soledad is Gone Forever directed by Mabel Valdiviezo (2006), Sobreviviendo en el imperio directed by Ariel López (2006), The Blast directed by Dennis Maxwell (2006), Epifanía directed by Gabriel Restrepo (2006). A documentary on the life of Manlio Argueta, renowned Salvadorean poet and writer, titled Manlio Argueta, poetas y volcanes by filmmaker Carolina Rivera and director Nando Grancelli (2010); and the award wining feature documentary Patagonia Rising directed by Brian Lilla (2011). The The soundtrack for the Los Angeles Imagen Foundation Awards for documentary series 25 year anniversary (2010). The Velasquez, Interacting with Autism directed by Nando Grancelli (2012). Award winning documentary, Festival Internacional de Cine de Providencia, We’re All Meant To Be Queens directed by Miguel Ángel Astudillo (2012). Ballroom Confidential directed by Brian Lilla (2013).

World premiere The Road of the Pilgrim

The upcoming concert on April 5th at Old First Church features Patrick Galvin on the violin. The first half of the program will consist of Franz Schubert's violin sonata in A major, and Johann Sebastian Bach's Ciaccona in D minor.

The second half of the program will feature the world premiere of Axel Herrera's The Road of the Pilgrim. This original composition is scored for two violins, viola, cello, contrabass, and clarinet. The piece is narrative in inspiration and it musically describes the experience of human migration due to social conflict. The individual passages (movements) within the piece are: The Child and the Garden, Time and Distance, The Flight of the Egret, Prayer, Searching for the Light, and Arrival & Memory.
Axel Herrera is a prolific composer that has created two symphonies, three orchestral suits, and chamber music for quintets, quartets, trios, duets, as well as music for solo guitar and piano preludes.


~ Heavenly Light ~
Crisp meringues layered with freshly whipped Chantilly cream (Straus Family Creamery), Lúcuma, and organic raspberries.

serves 18 $85.00

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