Volume 14 | Issue 162 I March 2020
"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and our safe" Proverbs 18:10
BajaTrip Diary....
The following is a recap of a February four day trip taken by our long-time partners from the Bridge Christian Fellowship who traveled all of the way from Oak Harbor, WA. Incuded in the group was a family of seven. The trip was definately packed, but the group jumped in with an abundance of energy and love to all those encoutered.

Day #1 . Right after the airport pickup, we were helping to support our partners in TJ who are serving hundreds of refugee families in the Agape shelter. We purchased groceries for the families and handed them out to some relieved faces at the shelter. After that, we traveled to La Mision and checked in at Door of Faith Orphanage where we had an opportunity to visit the children. We then headed off to fellowship at the Casa de Maria Skillcenter where we connected with long-term volunteers and had a time or worship and prayer. The volunteers really appreciate this support.

Day #2 . After a beautiful morning in God’s Word, we were off to paint and do improvements at an orphanage. We had a blast painting hand-in-hand with our new little friends and then of course shared some good food at lunch. Then it was off to Selah House in Tijuana where we worshipped, prayed, and went to the streets of the Red Light District to minister to the girls. Our group gave out gift packages and roses and prayed with them. These precious daughters of Christ don’t experience Valentine’s Day the way most of us do. It was a reminder of the evil in this world, but more importantly of the infinite love of our Father in heaven.

Day #3 . Another day starting out in fellowship (and lots of coffee). Then off to Casa de Mana to help fill in the new septic and gray-water irrigation piping. Then we packed up and went to the small colonial (town) of Santa Rosa. We installed drywall and insulation in the new church plant building, and helped prepare dinner for the congregation (which included some interestingly shaped tortillas). Then our team helped lead us in worship before Pastor Gilberto gave us a sermon. After our good byes, we returned for some time of sharing around the campfire.

Day #4 . We had an early wake up for an incredible hike to the waterfall where the fog cleared just in time. Then it was back to the airport where this giving team finally got a little bit of rest!

Adam Stieve, Trip Coordinator & Casa De Mana Project Director
Isabela's Journey...
How do miracles happen? One way is by God using YOU! Some of you have been a part of Isabela’s story since we first partnered with her family and Under the Shelter of His Wings in 2016 following a home fire. Others have been a part of our Siloé Ministries partnership, either through construction or continued medical efforts. Still others help support our story-telling partner Love Story Foundation , whose mission is to continually display God’s love for all to see through media.

On February 29th, we all came together as one as Isabela had the opportunity to get medically checked by a medical team from Loma Linda, Calif. at Siloé Ministries. She also had the chance to enjoy the playground installed by you and other “kid stuff” activities. And with the help of Love Story Foundation , this and other miracles wont soon be forgotten.Thank you all for continuing to be part of His story in Baja and letting Him use YOU to bring the message of hope and love to others. Strong Tower Ministries is committed to walk beside Isabela and her family as her journey continues!

For those wanting to start from the beginning of her story: Isabelas Story
Should COVID-19 Effect Serving In Baja?
The subject of this current epedemic has prompted questions about service trips into Baja. For the past 15 years Strong Tower Ministries has connected those with a desire to serve, to those appreciative of the love and hope provided by these life changing encounters. During this time we have served through economic uncertainties on both sides of the border, cartel activities, swine flu, zika virus, immigrant caravans, and the list goes on. We remain steadfast in our mission and Jesus' simple directive to "GO" .

Below is a excerpt from DJ Schuetze (Ministry President) weekly blog article:

I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have complete boldness, so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Philippians 1:20-21

As Christians, we need to see the bigger picture. Death doesn’t matter. If we deeply believe what we claim to believe, this is only a temporary gig here on earth. We’re destined for something better, richer, and more profound than we can ever imagine. So why all the fear?“Fear not” comes up a lot in the Bible. Over and over again, we are instructed to trust in God, to turn away from fear, and rest in the peace that passes all understanding. Unfortunately, many Christians, and way too many churches, have embraced fear as a way of life. The world in general, and cable news specifically, encourages fear. We are not supposed to be of this world. Fear is the manifestation of a lack of trust. Fear is sin. Fear says, “God is not big enough for me, He doesn’t understand and can’t help.” 

We serve a wonderful God; we also have a cunning enemy. Satan is perfectly happy with Christians being distracted and afraid of things that don’t matter, and he’s good at providing those distractions. So much of what we worry about, focus on, and spend our time talking about is trivial. We focus on things that don’t matter when there is a world around us where we need to be turning our attention. The true epidemic is human trafficking, child abuse, hunger, and countless other areas where we should be at battle. There are people suffering all around us, and too many people are worried about hand sanitizer, and if the church greeters should still shake hands with people. The enemy is fine distracting people with smoke and mirrors while we ignore the man behind the curtain doing the real damage.

I’m not advocating we ignore risk, it’s just important that we keep things in perspective. If we understand that we have a great advocate, a God who sees all knows all and is in control, we should be able to sleep at night. If we truly believe that God can use ALL things, what are we worried about? Obviously, we shouldn’t place ourselves in harm’s way. Life is a precious gift that should be cherished. But we need to look at the things we worry about, and see if they really matter in the grand scheme of things. The only thing we should really be afraid of is being out of God’s will.  “Fear not.” is pretty good advice.