March 2019
Department Newsletter
News and Activities
IGP Institute Welcomes
Guy Allen
Guy H. Allen has been hired as the senior agricultural economist for the IGP Institute. In this role, Allen will lead the grain marketing and risk management trainings.

GEAPS Exchange
Twenty-five grain science students and a number of faculty and staff attended the GEAPS Exchange in New Orleans, Louisiana, in early March.

  • 70 Junior Angus Association members toured the Hal Ross Flour Mill while on the Angus in the Little Apple visit.
  • Indigo Ag is working on experimental milling projects of different varieties of wheat at the Hal Ross Flour Mill.
Sorghum Grain Provides Answer for Food Shortages
From developing countries to the most modern places in the world, feeding children and boosting economies is a constant challenge for leaders, but Dr. Sajid Alavi is working to find solutions to these problems.

Awards and Recognitions
Gage Nichols (pictured left) received the 2019 International Poultry Scientific Forum Award for Excellence in a Graduate Student Poster Presentation. He presented on the effects of medium chain fatty acids in mash and pelleted diets on growth performance of broilers. Caitlin Evans (pictured right) received the 2019 International Poultry Scientific Forum Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Graduate Student Research. Caitlin's oral presentation topic was on determining the influence of diet formulation, particle size, and analytical method on the crude protein predictability of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy.
Upcoming Events
Explore the grain science majors and organizations, and the family atmosphere that makes K-State stand out. Enjoy food, fun and plenty of purple at the K-State Open House on April 6 from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.