March 2019
Making the Case for Economic Development
By: Tony DeLisi, Vice President

Many economic development organizations have seen their work come under increased scrutiny in recent years, which is highlighting a critical need for improved communications with local stakeholders.

Questioning of economic development initiatives, and even the basic mission of an EDO, can come from different fronts. For example, in our experience as economic development strategists, we have numerous clients who are fielding strong pushback from local elected officials. National headlines often hit close to home, and concern about the use of public dollars to spur economic development has some citizens agitated (and confused). In other cases, we see local businesses questioning their own investment in job creation campaigns that could further heighten competition for talent. 

Women in Economic Development
In honor of Women's History Month IEDC released an ED Now Feature all about women in the economic development industry. The article, " What's It Like to Be a Woman in Economic Development? " explores the challenges that women face in our industry, the strengths women bring, and advice for young women entering economic development careers. Senior Consultant Noelle Salerno is quoted in the article discussing how feminine traits like listening, empathy, and collaboration are assets.

As one of few woman-owned consultancies in our field, we're glad to see an industry leader like IEDC discussing how women can succeed in our industry!
Watch Amy Holloway's ED Talk - The Power of Partnerships
Amy's ED Talk from IEDC's 2018 Annual Conference, The Power of Partnerships, is now on YouTube. If you weren't able to attend, this is a great opportunity to catch up! Watch The Power of Partnerships.
Avalanche on the Road
Come see Vice President Tony DeLisi and Consultant Marian Kansas at NextGen Talks 2019 in Brooklyn on April 28 - 30. They'll lead a session about internal communications in communities, which Tony previewed in this month's blog. If you're attending NextGen Talks let us know , we'd love to say hi!
See Noelle Salerno at the Council on Foundations Leading Together Conference in Miami, FL on April 29 - May 1. If you'd like to connect with Noelle, please let us know !
Celebrating our Clients
Home building, rebuilding set to accelerate, Sonoma County officials say - Sonoma County is working to combat a housing shortage caused by a loss of homes in the 2017 wildfires. The County is working to meet the Strategic Sonoma goal to create more attainable housing by partnering with developers and streamlining the permitting process.

Onward 2023 Campaign Surges Over $1.5 Million Goal - Onward New River Valley exceeded its five-year funding goal, earning $85,000 more than the $1.5 million goal. Congrats Onward NRV!

Longmont as a brand is paying dividends: New building, new residents keep coming - Longmont, CO is reaching all-time highs for residential and commercial development, which is bringing in new businesses and jobs for residents. We're so excited to see Advance Longmont in action and producing transformative results!

Texas-based logistics company investing $3.6 million in Chattanooga, creating 500 new jobs - Arrive Logistics recently announced that it will expand to Chattanooga and create 500 new jobs, doubling the company's total employment. The expansion will include a $3.6 million investment in the community.

Pflugerville Community Development Corp. Awarded Certificate for Economic Excellence - The Texas Economic Development Commission awarded the PCDC with a certificate of achievement for Economic Excellence this past February. This is the fifth year in a row PCDC has been given the award, which recognizes EDOs for their professionalism, organizational success, and high standards of economic development. Well deserved!
Avalanche in Action
Spring has sprung, and we're seeing the sun shine across the country. This month, Tony led workshops in Sandoval County , NM, to develop a Strategic Plan. (Sandoval is the best location for business in NM, by the way.) Huge congrats to the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation for winning a certificate of achievement for Economic Excellence. We were thrilled to be there in person to see the award. We wrapped up the month by visiting Columbia, SC to meet with regional leaders as we complete the Synergy Central SC economic development strategy. Here are a few photos of our team in action:
The Future Of Featured Post: Key Takeaways from the Amazon HQ2 Search and its Aftermath
The biggest economic development news story of the past decade got even bigger when Amazon announced they were pulling out of their New York office. Now that the Amazon HQ2 search process is (seemingly) over, experts are taking a step back to see what we can learn from the whole affair.

Brookings reviewed the public proposals from the Amazon HQ2 search and came up with five top takeaways  for economic developers. The very public search process and few available proposals gives us a unique perspective on the site selection process. Read the full article on The Future Of.
Avalanche's curated news website, The Future Of, shares what we see as the most relevant news to our profession with YOU. The Future Of is designed for busy thought leaders and change makers in our field who are continuously curious but do not have enough time to cull through messy mass media to find meaningful news. Contact us for subscription information.
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