Newsletter: March 2017

Spring is almost upon us again, time to get out and tackle all the things you couldn't do through the winter months. Whether that's taking a trip with your family, or taking care of a few things around the house, we have you covered with a variety of services. 

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We are on a mission to serve our members with one goal in mind... "To always be responsive to our members' financial needs by providing personal and innovative services of a superior quality."

Auto Loan Promo Winner!

We'll start off with a congratulations to Danielle Bradley, our previous Auto Loan promotion winner of 0% interest for the life of her auto loan. Enjoy the savings!

Bill Pay

We've recently made some changes to our Bill Pay system that will benefit you. It's easier to navigate, and we've made some improvements in the timing options, giving you more control. If you're signed up for Bill Pay, check them out. If you're not, what are you waiting for?

March Auto Loan

Spring is a great time to look for a new or pre-owned car. It's also a great time to take that new car on a road trip. If you purchase or refinance* an auto loan through MHFCU from March 1st-April 14th, you'll be entered to win a gift card for some free gas to take you on that road trip. 

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Premium or Regular?

Do you fill up your car with Premium grade gasoline? You may not need to. Here's an article explaining why filling up with anything but regular might be a waste of money.
Home Equity Line of Credit

Be Wary of Fraud

Around tax time we see an increase in fraudulent activity- people contacting you pretending they're someone they aren't to get sensitive information. It's important to be on the lookout for activity that might put you at risk, and we have an article that might help you look for things you might not have considered here.
MHFCU's FREE Checking

We'd like to end your search for a completely free checking account. We have one right here with no minimum balances or maintenance fees. Open an account today.

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