In February each year, the Port Commission reviews, deliberates, and adopts the budget. The new budget year starts on April 1.

The budget review includes a look at the current year. Though this year’s operating income is projected to be down significantly due to impacts the Coronavirus pandemic has had on restaurant, parking, and RV park revenue, expense and staffing reductions were quickly put in place which helped offset losses. A bright spot on the revenue side is directly attributable to our boaters – slip rent, visitor berthing, and launch revenues have exceeded budget expectations and we expect that trend will continue into the coming year.

Following a review of the draft FY22 budget proposal, the Port Commission directed staff to make a number of changes that will ensure the harbor continues to be upgraded, repaired, and maintained to provide our users with a fully functional marina facility. Highlights of the adopted budget follow:

  • No Slip Rent Increase: Staff and the Commission will continue to monitor quarterly budget reports to determine if a mid-year increase may be needed to meet required debt service ratios; however, for now, slip rent rates will remain static

  • $500,000 contribution to Capital Improvement Plan: Funding provided for priority projects including pavement repair, boater, and public restroom rehabilitation and building restoration and maintenance

  • $272,762 contribution to the Dredge Intermediate Fund: Funding for critical dredge system equipment repair and replacement

  • 2% increase for landside leases: CPI increase in accordance with existing lease agreements effective April 1

Additionally, the FY22 budget restores some part-time staffing for operational support, though full-time staffing continues to be reduced by one position. The budget fully funds Reserve and Election Funds and approved labor contracts.

For additional information, the Port District’s operating budget and Capital Improvement Program are described in detail in the FY22 Budget Report, which is available for viewing on the District’s website.