Santa Cruz Port District
Newsletter - March 2020
At its regular public session on February 25, 2020, the Santa Cruz Port Commission adopted the FY21 operating budget. The budget maintains service levels, meets reserve policy funding goals and funds approved labor contracts. The budget provides increased funding for acquisition of equipment in support of the dredging program which will increase utilization of the submersible pump used for inner-harbor dredging operations. It aligns with identified Port District priorities by providing $590,000 in funding for priority capital improvement projects and investigations in FY21, including:

  • Dock and pier upgrades and repairs
  • Paving repairs
  • Building and restroom maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Sanitary sewer lift station equipment upgrades and inspections
  • Parking pay system equipment
  • Harborwide refuse and recycling study
  • 7th and Brommer site assessment

CIP funding was utilized in the current budget year to complete an extensive list of projects, including:

  • Aldo’s seawall replacement
  • Phase II of the pile removal and replacement project (80 piles replaced)
  • Concession lot parking and revenue control system upgrades
  • Security cameras
  • Santa Cruz Harbor Boatyard marine ways inspection and pile repair
  • Kayak rack construction at J-dock
To increase boating opportunities for those currently without a slip, the FY21 budget continues the following programs:

  • Sliding fee structure which lowers the cost of vessel partnerships for the majority of participants (5% 1 partner; 10% 2 partners; 15% 3 partners).
  • Reduced sublet fee of 15% of slip rent for north harbor slips (previously 30%).

For additional information, the Port District’s operating budget and Capital Improvement Program are described in detail in the FY21 Budget Report, which is available for viewing on the District’s website .
It's not too late to pay your 2020 waiting list renewal! Be sure to pay by March 20, 2020, to avoid being dropped from the list.

If you have any questions regarding your placement on the waiting list, please contact the harbor office at (831) 475-6161.
New Assistant Harbormaster and
Supervising Harbor Dredge Worker
The Port District is pleased to announce that following an open recruitment, Sean Rothwell has been promoted to the position of Assistant Harbormaster and Rory Stipanovich has been promoted to the position of Supervising Harbor Dredge Worker. Please join us in congratulating both Sean and Rory on their recent promotions!
Sean is a Marine Corps veteran who joined the Harbor Patrol in 2006. Sean is a skilled vessel operator and he has 15 years of experience working in public safety. Sean is the Harbor Patrol's rangemaster and he is a certified instructor in defensive tactics.

Sean's experience and knowledge will be valuable as he works closely with Harbormaster Anderson to provide oversight and administration of the Operations department.
Rory has been working at the Port District since 2013, and in that time he has steadily moved up through the ranks as a member of the dredge crew.

Rory has a comprehensive understanding of the dredging operation, including the District's new dredge, Twin Lakes. The experience, knowledge and leadership Rory brings to his new position as supervisor has already yielded positive results for the operation.
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