Santa Cruz Port District
Newsletter - March 2022
FY23 Budget Highlights
In February of each year, the Port Commission reviews, deliberates, and adopts the annual budget. The new budget year starts on April 1.

At its regular public session on February 22, 2022, the Santa Cruz Port Commission adopted the FY23 operating budget. The budget maintains service levels, meets reserve policy funding goals, and funds approved labor contracts. Additionally, it provides funding to address tsunami-related damage and aligns with identified Port District priorities by funding priority capital improvement projects in FY23, including:

  • Additional Security Cameras
  • Building Maintenance and Restroom Rehabilitation
  • Boatyard Marine Ways Improvements
  • Fuel System Upgrades
  • Paving Repairs
  • Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Equipment Upgrades

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding was utilized in the current budget year to complete an extensive list of projects, including:

  • Dock Upgrades: New Gangways in the Southeast Harbor
  • Pavement Repairs: Northeast Harbor Paving Project
  • Building Maintenance
  • Maintenance Work Boat Replacement 
  • East Public Pier Pile Repair
  • Boatyard Marine Ways Inspection and Pile Repair
  • Installation of Additional Security Cameras
To increase boating opportunities for those currently without a slip, the FY23 budget continues the following programs:

  • Sliding fee structure which lowers the cost of vessel partnerships for the majority of participants (5% 1 partner; 10% 2 partners; 15% 3 partners).
  • Reduced sublet fee of 15% of slip rent for north harbor slips (previously 30%).

For additional information, the Port District’s operating budget and Capital Improvement Program are described in detail in the FY23 Budget Report, which is available for viewing on the District’s website.
New Harbor Patrol Boat
Harbor Patrol welcomed its new patrol vessel home on January 24, 2022. The new, 34' Moose patrol boat replaces the District's previous rescue vessel, Almar, which was acquired by the District in 1999.

The new patrol boat, which was funded by a one-time budget allocation in the amount of $530,000 from the State of California, greatly improves Harbor Patrol's ability to continue providing rescue services within the County.

A dedication ceremony for the new patrol boat will take place in May, in conjunction with National Safe Boating Week, which is scheduled for May 21 to 27, 2022. More details will be provided soon!
New Port District Staff
Please join us in welcoming two new Deputy Harbormasters
to the Port District's Harbor Patrol team.
Deputy Harbormaster
Peter Melrose
Peter, a Santa Cruz native, has worked for the Port District in various capacities, including parking control and night security, for the past four years.

With his previous knowledge of the Port District’s operation and extensive background in providing security services, Peter brings a unique set of skills to the Harbor Patrol team.

Peter’s knowledge and understanding of the harbor community have allowed him to maximize field training opportunities and continue building relationships with slip renters and stakeholders alike.
Deputy Harbormaster
Parker Guy
Parker, also a Santa Cruz native joins the Port District with extensive first responder experience. For the last three years, Parker has worked as a paramedic and brings a valuable skill set to the Harbor Patrol team.

Parker began his field training in November 2021, and quickly showed the aptitude and keen communication style necessary for the position.

As an avid boater, Parker looks forward to honing his skills aboard the District’s new patrol boat and working with the harbor community and its stakeholders.