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March Newsletter

Dear MMAMTA members,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the sunny and warmer day!

Federation is around the corner and I know that makes it a busy time of the year for many of us. With that in mind I will keep this letter short.

Unfortunately we didn’t have our annual Musicathon in Columbia this year due to low enrollment. This made me consider if we should rethink the model of Musicathon, so we could make it more engaging and appealing. I personally have a few ideas that I would like to share with you in our spring meeting. Musicathon is an important event for our community and for MMAMTA, since it helps us raise funds so we can continue to support music events and music students in our community. I would be happy to brainstorm some ideas with you on that matter so we can make Musicathon more successful in the future.

Jefferson City will have their Musicathon this weekend, and I hope it is a great success!

If you have students participating at Federation, I wanted to wish the best of luck for them!

For upcoming music events, visit:





I’m wishing you all a wonderful month of March and I can’t wait for Spring to come!

Best regards,

Renan Leme

MMAMTA President

MYO Director

Adjunct Prof. at Central Methodist University

Owner and Violinist at Leme Ensemble

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