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Global Pyramid Network will seek out pyramid healing and knowledge from all over the world. It will be a place to learn and share experiences and expertise on the subject. We want to hear from you how Pyramids affect your life. Help us reconnect this long lost knowledge.
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2019 TOUR
Bosnia...September 16-23
Celebrate the Fall Equinox in the Bosnian Pyramid Valley! Hosted by Dr. Sam Osmanagich who discovered the Bosnian Pyramids. The oldest and biggest pyramids on Earth!

Members of the board...Bosnia Pyramid Foundation.

We are the oldest tour operator to the pyramids.

Tour information contact Marta Thomas at
Upcoming Meetup in Chicago
March 14th we are excited to welcome the Director of the American Institute for Pyramid Research, Larry Pahl to our monthly Pyramid Energy Group Meetup! Larry will discuss "New Ideas about the Giza Plateau, the Great Pyramid and its Trial Passages."

The architects and authors of the Giza Pyramids had a variety of purposes in the construction of these majestic structures, but one of them was not to be tombs for pharaohs. The most important practical purpose of the Great Pyramid is to serve as a beacon of revelation and warning to the present age. Popular modern theories of the Pyramids will be assessed and a new paradigm offered. This presentation will not be a rehash of what others have said, it will be a fresh look at ancient mysteries.

April 11th Meetup - "Healing with Pyramids" a special 3 hour unlimited hands on healing & meditation.

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