March 2018
March Madness!
It's March Madness, Family Promise of Morris edition! With the help of the Making Moves Matter team, 6 households, including 4 families and 2 single adults, moved into new permanent homes this month - an unprecedented victory! Our staff and the Making Moves Matter crew make the perfect team in assisting Morris County residents secure safe and affordable housing. We thank Michele Caruso, a key volunteer who leads the Making Making Matter team, and Michelle Santaliz, a dedicated Making Moves Matter volunteer (in photos above). We wish the newly housed individuals and families joy and happiness in their upcoming journeys, and look forward to hearing their continued success in the future!
Fun at Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township (PCCT)
Children at PCCT had a great time during the Missions Workshop with Family Promise. Dominique Tornabe, the Director of Development and Community Relations, spent the morning teaching children about empathy, kindness, and the role they play uplifting their community. Children decorated two lunch bags - one for themselves and one for a child in our program. Joy is shared when we are considerate of each other - from the child experiencing homelessness to the friend sitting next to them, they have the opportunity to make pos itive impact. Thank you to Cindy Caporaso, Director of Children’s Ministries at PCCT for the invitation!

The PCCT is a longtime supporter, dedicated to serving their community members experiencing homelessness. We are happy to partner with this congregation in helping our neighbors on a daily basis, and are thankful for their participation in spreading the word of the our work and joining the fight to end homelessness.
Help with Storm Recovery
Family Promise of Morris County hopes that our donors, volunteers and all neighbors have recovered from the recent slew of Nor’easters! These severe winter storms left many Morris County residents without power for over 10 days.

Losing power for several days is a hardship on any household. It is especially devastating for already marginalized families and individuals who lack essential resources enjoyed by many homeowners and renters. A number of families in our housing programs were impacted by the extensive power outages that took place in Morris County.

These households, each of them with young children, elderly family members or family members with special needs, found themselves impacted by limited access to food, running water and heat like others. Though Family Promise of Morris County provides families with Emergency Preparedness training and key items (LED lanterns, first aid kits, etc.) one can not completely negate the impact of Mother Nature. For example, many families cannot afford to replace the food in the refrigerator that spoiled while the power was out.

Family Promise of Morris County is doing everything possible to help minimize the impact of the recent storms and power outages on our families. Volunteers and donors can help support these efforts by donating LED lanterns. first aid kits and Shop-Rite gift cards during this time of recovery.  
Join us on April 6th for this special evening of Chamber Music for Charity! Donations to benefit Family Promise of Morris County!
chamber music for charity
Meet the People of Family Promise
Name: Robert Button

Role(s) with Family Promise: Through the Rotary, we have provided emergency supplies and equipment after Hurricane Sandy. We also provided a grant to purchase a full house generator and other supplies and equipment for Family Promise. I personally worked on the roof when Habitat for Humanity refurbished the Day Center. Annually, my Rotary Club donates about $1,500 to the cause, and, for many years, Family Promise of Morris County participated in Rotary District 7470's District Wide Raffle, where 50% of each ticket sold was returned to Family Promise of Morris County.

Hometown: Randolph

How would your friends describe you?: Friendly, dedicated to the Rotary because of their motto "Service Above Self", Responsible, Family Oriented, and happiest when achieving significant goals in a congenial atmosphere.

What did/do you like most about working with Family Promise?: Family Promise of Morris County provides a service to people who are identified with pre, actual, or post homelessness. My role has been primarily to fundraise through a Rotary International Grant and my local Rotary Club (Lake Hopatcong); to create awareness of Family Promise of Morris County in other Rotary Clubs; to enjoy the opportunity to meet people and contribute to their Day Center building addition through the blistering heat of summer and freezing cold of winter; to provide assistance with my neighbor to deliver Christmas presents for families; and to work with a great staff of very dedicated and accomplished people. will donate 0.5% of your purchases to Family Promise Morris County NJ. You pay the same prices for merchandise & automatically sends a donation to the charity of your choice!

Here's how: 
1. STARTING NOW,  shop by going to   
2. FIRST TIME ONLY  - You'll be asked to designate a charitable organization - PLEASE search for Family Promise of Morris County & SELECT US! 
3. Enjoy the same Amazon  shopping experience while helping to support our families! 
spring wishlist
We are in the need of the following basic necessities. If you are able to help, please do! Email  or call 973.998.0820 for drop off details .

 Some special requests:
  • Vacuum cleaners for newly housed families
  • 1 men’s bicycle (for a man 6’1)
  • 3 more space heaters
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Size 3 pull-up diapers (girls)
  • Clear storage totes/containers
  • Shop-Rite gift cards

The fulfillment of these special requests helps guests more than we can say. An extra thank you to the anonymous donor who provided the tandem stroller!

Ongoing Needs:
* Shampoo and Conditioner
* Soap/Body Wash
* Baby Wipes
* Tissues
* Paper Towels
* Toilet Paper
* Cleaning supplies
* Men's & Women's Thermals
* Women’s & Men’s socks
* Women & Men’s underwear – all sizes but especially L & XL for men
* Basic Clothing for Men & Women – sweatpants, hoodies, tee-shirts – all sizes
* Razors & Shaving foam
*First aid items (Vaseline or Aquaphor)
* Foot powder and/or baby powder
* Walmart Gift Cards
* Gas Cards (any gas station)
* Food Store Gift Cards
* Movie Gift Cards
Family Promise of Morris County | 973-998-0820 | |