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Youth Ministry News
We have 10 youth and three adults attending the Summer Sierra Service Project. Each year the teens and their parents host a fundraising event to help cover the cost of chaperones and vans. The youth pay their own way and donate an item of time, talent or treasure to the fundraising auction. Be sure to join us for a Pokémon themed event on March 29th following the 10 a.m. service.

Sky High, a concert, band, and more. Checkout the new Youth Ministry Schedule for the Spring.

Easter Flower Donations $20. See the bulletin stuffer for more information.
Donations can also be made online. Click here to visit the giving page on our website.

Make this your first stop for information and links to the calendar, Ministry Scheduler, Giving and more.

Lessons for Sundays and major Holy Days from the Revised Common Lectionary

No FED Talk & Pancake Breakfast in March

30 Minutes of Faith is on a hiatus
Rector Transition
Q & A from the Senior Warden, Cathy Daust
Q. What’s going on with our rector search? It feels like we are in limbo.
A. It may not look like it, but there is a lot happening right now in our search for a new rector. 
·        The Bishop’s office is receiving applications. 
·        The Applicant Review Committee (ARC) has completed training with Canon Andrea.
The team is ready to begin their work of reviewing, interviewing and considering candidates to recommend to the vestry.

Q. How many applications have been received by the Bishop’s office?
A. We do not know how many applications have been received…and this is on purpose. All information concerning potential candidates is confidential. Candidate applications will be provided to our Applicant Review Committee within the next few weeks.

Q. How long will it take before we have a new rector?
A. There are several steps involved in selecting a new rector. High level they are:
Step 1 – Write the Parish Profile and OTM
Step 2 – Application period
Step 3 – ARC interviews candidates and provides a short list to the vestry
Step 4 – Vestry interviews the candidates recommended by the ARC. Vestry chooses a rector

Faith has completed step 1 and we are currently in the midst of step 2 – the application period. The ARC will begin their work once the application period is completed. There is not a set time table for when step 3 will get underway or be completed. 

Q. What can I do to help?
A. Pray. The best thing each of us can do now is to pray. We can pray for the potential candidates that have been called by the Holy Spirit to apply for Faith’s rector position. We can also pray for wisdom for the members of the Applicant Review Committee to discern which candidates to recommend to the vestry. And we can continue to pray that God gives all of us eyes to see his hand in this process and remember that God is always with us.

Got questions? Please ask myself or any vestry member. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 
Take-up A New Spiritual Practice During Lent!
Additional book study groups are meeting in private homes. Flyers are in the bulletin.
Ministry Volunteer Reminder - What to do if you are unable to serve:

  • Request a sub using the Ministry Scheduler Software if there is one week or more before you are scheduled. The link is on our website.

  • Call your Ministry Leader directly if there is less than one week before you are scheduled to serve. A link to the church directory is on our website.
Donations can also be made online. Click here to visit the giving page on our website.
Women's Prayer Day March 7th
St. Luke's Auburn is holding a Women's Prayer Day hosted by Daughters of the King.
Click here to see the flyer. Contact Karen O'Brien to reserve your space.
916-316-2806, .
Community Thanks
Dear Faith Family,

I would like to take a moment to express the gratitude I have for you as I am so very blessed to be part of such a caring community. Thank you for walking me through the progression of my MS and for the loving kindness some of you showed Jim as he dealt with callenges during his Alzheimer's Disease. I'm so grateful for the support our family received duirng his passing, too. Pastor Liz recently spoke of loving her congregation and I see God's love flowing throught our Faith Community in very many ways. We all experience happy and difficult times and it is so very comforting to know that we are in such a loving family of faith throughout them all. I love you guys!

Love in Him, Linda Williams
Newsletter Submissions and Other "How to" Information
Mailing Address: PO Box 966, Shingle Springs, CA 95682

What are the church Office Hours? Staff and volunteers are generally in the office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hours may vary and the door may be locked for the safety of our staff. Please call ahead if you need to get into the church to pick up or drop off items.
How do I reserve a room for my church group to have a meeting? Check the church calendar first and then call the church office to request a space to meet. Outside groups must contact Pastor Liz to see about facility use.
How do I ask for an announcement to be in the Sunday announcements or bulletin? Announcement slides and bulletin items for Sunday need to be submitted by the Tuesday prior. Announcements must be approved by Pastor Liz. Please send a request via email.

How to I submit an item for the Newsletter? Send an email request no later than two weeks prior to the publication date. Newsletters are published the last Saturday of each month.