March 2017
 Mardi Gras....did you participate?
This year, the "official" date of Mardi Gras was yesterday, February 28th.  Mardi Gras is among several "holidays" that are calendared using a lunar rotation.  Next year it falls on February 13th, and the year after that, March 5th.

A few other fun "Mardi Gras" facts:

Mardi Gras is celebrated world-wide, is often referred to as "Carnival" and in some countries is an official non-work holiday.


The literal translation of Mardi Gras from the French is "Fat Tuesday."


In some parades it is illegal to be on a float without wearing a mask.


New Orleans starts their Mardi Gras celebrations the day after Christmas!


Some groups of revelers choose a "Capitaine" to travel with them as they party their way through streets and neighborhoods.  The Capitaine is responsible for controlling the ensuing chaos.  Much like a designated driver, the Capitaine pledges not to get intoxicated, and often does not wear a mask.


The origin of Mardi Gras beads and their meanings was determined by Rex, the King of the first daytime Carnival in 1872. Rex was really Russia's Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff. Being of royalty, he determined that he would use the royal colors for this celebration: purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.


New Orleans holds children's parades, where float participants throw not only beads and candy, but thousands of  toys and stuffed animals along the parade route.

In the User Group: Spare Parts
In an effort to make parts identification easier for our customers, additional photos are now available in the Spare Parts section of our User Group. Click the clover to see what they are.
Also, if you use the Spare Parts forms as a cheat sheet for quickly finding part numbers for frequently ordered items, you might want to download the Quad-Stack spare parts lists again (both Single and Double Oscillator). Some of the information has changed.  (Note: those spare parts lists are by no means a complete listing of everything you might need!)
Ink from Exhaust?
An MIT spinoff company in India is proposing a novel solution to air pollution problems in Asia - turning vehicle exhaust into ink. It involves attaching a device, called a Kaalink, to the business end of a standard automobile exhaust pipe.
It's in the very early stages, but may give a way to turn pollution into art.  The current stage of their idea lab focusses on capturing vehicle emissions, but they see a future that includes industrial exhaust as well. We've put a link to this fascinating article  (originally showcased on its accompanying video in the Worth Reading section of our user group.
The Predicted Snow Moon...
We cursed ourselves talking about the "Snow Moon" last month!  The Puget Sound area rarely gets "snow events", and when it does, at least at lower elevation levels, it maxes out at a couple of inches.  Between February 5th and 6th, many "valley floor" locations (pictured... Gail's neighborhood) received 6-8" with some of the foothills receiving upwards of 12".   There was a rain/snow mix for 8 hours at this location before the snow started sticking!
We know we are not alone with the "El NiƱa"
weather events this year. With all the snow, rain, tornados and other calamities hitting US and the world as a whole, we wish all our customers and associates safety and security.
A Healthy Dose of Optimism
From a February 2017 report found on
"Across both large and independent publishers, we frequently encountered a surprising level of confidence about the future. Although not immune from the wider cyclical and structural challenges faced by the industry, there was a strong sense that smaller local newspapers are well placed to ride the rising digital tide, emerging successfully - albeit bruised and battered - on the other side.

To help them solidify their place in local communities, small-market newspapers are slowly beginning to commoditize one of their most unique selling points: the value of place. By bringing people together - both literally and figuratively - newspapers can help create and reflect a sense of community that larger publications may struggle to replicate..."

A link to the complete article can be found on our Worth Reading page...
In Memoriam
It is with heavy hearts & fond memories that we report the death of Gregory A. Russo, Jr. who passed away on February 4th, 2017.
Greg Russo was a seasoned press technician who had a wealth of knowledge and experience in installation and maintenance on all kinds of presses.  He also designed and built some of the electrical drives to operate them.  Greg helped to install Web Press lines in both the USA and many other countries around the world.
Greg was known as a gentle soul, but one who believed in hard work and doing things the correct way.  He was revered for his ability to not only install lines, but to train the personnel in a way that formed lasting friendships.  Greg's talents will be missed by all who had the privilege of working with him.
Born in Orange, NJ, Greg is survived by his children Pamela Russo Whitaker and Gregory A. Russo III, and grandchildren Aryan Dalman and Devyn Russo. A memorial service for Greg will be held on Sunday, March 5th at 4PM at Hollywood Church of the Nazarene, 5901 Taylor Street, Hollywood, Fl. 33021.
Memories or condolences for the family may be left in an online Guest Book by clicking HERE.
Parting Thought
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
Helen Keller  

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