March 2018
  Customer Highlight: Press Journal Printing Company
Press Journal Printing (Louisiana, MO) originally added 2 Quad-Stack units to its Goss Community press line in late 2001 after visiting a demo at another plant. Jeff Guay, General Manager, was impressed with the Quad-Stack's ability to hold registration, which, along with his talented press crew, enabled PJP to win several print awards.  However, things were always physically tight inside the plant, and Jeff had a dream of moving the whole company to a larger facility.  He designed what he deemed to be the perfect space, and in February of 2018 was able to see his dream come to fruition.

"We are officially in our new printing plant which is 38,000 square feet. The plant was designed by me to flow as a printing plant should. Our pressroom is 3 times the size of our old plant with a press pad of 137 feet - plenty of room for future growth," states Jeff.
"The move of our existing press line which consisted of 7 Goss Community units, one folder and two Quad Stacks - was done starting on a Thursday morning and completed and operational by Monday evening. Many long hours were put into this move which was mainly done with the staff of Press Journal Printing Co. We needed to split the Quads due to their weight which was a very meticulous job taking them apart and putting them back together. I have some very talented folks on my staff, I wouldn't recommend just anyone doing a move like this."
We at WebPress congratulate Press Journal Printing Company on the successful move to their new location, and look forward to our continued relationship.
Press Journal Printing Company press line installed in its larger facility, February 2018

Know Your Troubleshooting Terms

Blinding | Catch-up | Fill-up | Picking | Hickies | Graininess | Scumming | Slurring | Streaking | Striping | Tinting


When you identify a problem with your printed pages, can you describe it correctly using one of the terms above?


These terms and their definitions are all found in the troubleshooting section of each of our Pressman Manuals.  Possible causes for each problem, and suggested solutions are found in that same section.  We suggest you make the appropriate pressman's manuals available for reference in your shop.  They are available for download in the user group (log-in required).  Having trouble logging in?  Please call Gail or send her an email.


Forward March!
credit: Flickr
We've all heard how hard it can be to learn the English Language. This month, let's just take a look at the word "March" (because, after all, it is...). Capitalized it can represent a month, or a person's name. As a noun, it can be a specific way of walking/stepping, or conversely, as a verb, you are DOING that walking/stepping. The same noun/verb connection can work for the act of advancing or forward movement, even if not done with knees raised, whether  physical (march on over here...) or rhetorical (the march of science / time marches on...). Music with a rhythm that represents marching can be deemed a March. It's also used to describe a crusade or demonstration (as in the March on Washington). A thesaurus look up suggests additional meanings, but you can march into that quest yourself.
Ink Optimization Pros and Cons
An article from Editor & Publisher exploring the pros and cons of ink optimization add-ons is available through a link on our "Worth Reading" page.  As WebPress is an OEM partner for various systems which have been  specifically designed to work with our equipment, we are always happy to obtain a quotation for you.
Did you know...
Prior to the 20th century, Irish folklore had leprechauns wearing RED, not green!  They were also known to have seven rows of buttons on their jackets...some with seven buttons in each row.
Leprechauns are characteristically known as shoemakers by day, and mischief-makers by night.
Parting Thought
Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through, and you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will.

Thomas Carlisle,
Scottish Philosopher

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