Member Spotlight: Ninette Patrick, ARM®, CPM® Candidate
Please join IREM Maryland in congratulating Ninette Patrick on being chosen as one of IREM’s 2021 DISI Leaders! What is DISI, you ask? DISI is the “Diversity & Inclusion Succession Initiative” which “recognizes exceptional leaders in the real estate management industry from underrepresented groups who have demonstrated leadership at the chapter level, making a significant impact on the industry and their community.”
FAQs on Workplace Vaccine Policies
On December 11, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use authorization (EUA) for a COVID vaccine developed by Pfizer. On December 18, 2020, the FDA granted similar approval to a vaccine developed by Moderna. Despite various manufacturing, distribution and logistics issues, over 20 million doses have been administered, and approximately 100 million more doses are expected to be distributed by the end of April, providing significant protection to 60 million people in the U.S. A third vaccine from Johnson & Johnson may be added in the coming months. Wider distribution will occur over the following months based upon manufacturing capacity and distribution efforts, but it could be sometime in the fall before everyone who wants the vaccine can receive it.

The availability of these vaccines raises questions about whether employers can require their employees to receive the vaccine. On December more
Upcoming Events
Join your fellow IREM MD members for a 40 day Get Fit Challenge! Compete individually and in teams to earn points and win big! Top Individual will win $500 and winning team will get $100 gift card for each member!

The challenge will run for 40 days and will kick off on April 12th with an Amazing Keynote Kick Off Virtual Event
Wednesday, June 9th 2021
5pm - 7pm
Details coming soon!

Join us for a summer time happy hour with some of the best members and Industry Partners in the industry!
UBalt 1st Virtual Real Estate Career Fair
UBalt is pleased to announce its 1st ever virtual career fair specifically for Real Estate and related industries! This semester, employers can be a part of the career fair free of charge thanks to CARES recovery funding. 
You may or may not have any job openings at this time, but we encourage you to participate regardless to meet with the students and learn about the virtual platform in case you are interested in future opportunities.

*Please fill out the survey below as soon as possible to secure your spot. 
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