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Pastor Jeff Smith
Leo United Methodist Church
Every Journey
As I was with Moses, so I will be with you...
Joshua 1:5

On the cusp of entering the Promised Land, the Israelites had to undergo a leadership change. Their long-time leader, Moses, had passed away and his protégé Joshua was given the reigns. Think about what that must have felt like for those folks, stepping into a promised, but still uncertain future with an untested leader. But God understood their anxieties and He had this to say:
“No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, I will also be with you; I will never forsake you or abandon you.” 
Personally, I find those words to be reassuring for us right now. If you haven’t heard already, some very big changes are coming to our church. By a significant majority, our membership has voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. Like those ancient Israelites, we are about to step into a brave new world. For most of us, leaving the United Methodist Church must feel a bit like what our spiritual ancestors experienced when they had to say goodbye to Moses. The UMC has been a huge part of our identity and while the decision to leave it has been a necessary one, it’s still hard. Let’s begin with a recognition that the road to this vote has been long and difficult. You could even accurately say that it’s been painful. Some of our church family have decided to move on to worship elsewhere in accordance with God’s leading in their lives. We shall miss them, and while their departures sadden us, we release them and bless them on their journey. 
For those of you who voted to disaffiliate, I know this outcome comes as a huge relief for a variety of reasons. In many ways, however, the hard work is just starting. We must consider the key question: “Now what?” I want to reassure you that your leadership team and I have been at work on this even before the vote took place February 19. We will be having public conversations on this topic very soon, if we haven’t begun them already by the time you read this. Here are a few things for you to think about in the meantime: While we will soon no longer be United Methodists, we are still Methodists. It’s our spiritual DNA. Our theology will remain Wesleyan. The question is how do we live that out? Fear not. We’ll get there. 
We have three basic options. We can be an independent church; we can join an established Wesleyan denomination other than the United Methodist church. Or we can join the new Global Methodist Church. All of these options have pros and cons and in the coming days, we, as a congregation, will be discussing them thoroughly. But I can assure you that with any of these options, we will retain in one form or another our Wesleyan heritage.
More on that to come. But for now, keep the faith my friends. God is indeed good; and God is indeed good all the time.  

Pastor Jeff

March 12 - Spring Forward!

Don't forget to set your clocks
ahead one hour
on Saturday night, March 11
so you don't miss worship service
on Sunday morning!
Tuesday Morning Bible Study Resumes

Did you make a promise to yourself to dig into the Bible more in 2023? If so, why not join the Tuesday Morning Bible Study held in the church library at 10:00AM, starting March 7.

We hope most of the treacherous weather will be behind us so we can continue our study in Women of the Bible. We are ready for women of the New Testament and will be studying familiar females as they are written about by multiple gospel writers. We will see how their experiences with God transfer to our lives and learn about customs of their times. Hope you can join us!

--- Bobbie Welker
Scout Skillet Breakfast
Sunday, March 26, 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Our Boy Scout Troop 49
will be serving a hearty breakfast of
pancakes, sausage, biscuits & gravy,
eggs and fruit,
all for a free-will offering!

Hope you come hungry, prepared to enjoy a delicious breakfast
while supporting our amazing Boy Scouts!
March Mission Focus: Bush Whackers!

Just what are the Bush Whackers? Well, they are a group of members of the Leo Methodist Church who help those in our congregation in need of assistance with outside work such as raking leaves, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, etc. during the summer months.

Shown here are just a few members; it’s hard to get a picture of these illusive garden warriors because they’re always hard at work, buried head-first in bushes or putting the muscle behind shovels, rakes or hedge clippers! If you'd like to join in the fun of getting down and dirty, and lending a much-needed hand with friends - for friends - just contact Pam Roy!
Leo United Women in Faith - Spring Bazaar & Flea Market

Join us this May!
Use your own vehicle in assigned outdoor parking slots
or indoor tables to sell items.
Limited spaces available in the church’s parking lot
or gymnasium for interested sellers/vendors.
Vendors keep their proceeds.

Space Rental: $40.00 outside parking space or $50.00 table setup inside gym 
Vendors need to pre-register by April 24
to receive assignment of a space 9' wide by approx. 32' in length in parking lot
or 8' table in gym with 2 chairs.
No on-site registration. You must preregister for this event.

Date: May 13th, 2023 - 9 am to 2 pm   rain or shine
Contact: Becky Rhodes 260-627-5117

Rental goes to Leo UWF Missions.
Deadline Fast Approaching!

United Women in Faith
GORGEOUS Floral Hanging Baskets

$20 for a 10" basket

Orders must be received by March 1

Please contact Becky Rhodes
Don't know how? Call the church office! ;)
Taste of Thursday!

Thursday, March 2, 10AM-12PM
in the Youth Room

If you missed the previous gatherings,
you missed some amazingly delicious confections!
But fear not!
Becky has another fantastic recipe to share this month!
Come see and enjoy!

Taste of Thursday! The first Thursday of each month!
We hope you'll join us!
Wednesday Night Dinners
Continue Through March!

Serving is from 5:30-6:15PM with fellowship until it's time to put away the tables and chairs! Come and enjoy a DELICIOUS dinner prepared by Nancy and her Kitchen Krew!

Menus each week are usually announced the Sunday before during Worship Service Announcements. A free-will offering is appreciated to help fund each successive dinner!

Come! And bring a neighbor or two!
Men’s ministry

The next Men's Breakfast will be Thursday, March 9, 7AM in the gym. Always an enjoyable time of fellowship and prayer, we hope you will join us! 
Missions Sewing

Recently, our Mission Sewing group shipped 107 receiving blankets to the Midwest Missions Distribution Center - how wonderful to help meet this great need!

If you would like to help with this ministry, they meet the third Friday of each month, from 9am-1pm in Fellowship Hall. The next gathering will be March 17, and everyone is welcome whether you know how to sew or not - there are lots of other ways to help!

If you have any questions, please call JoAnne McPherson.
Pray As You Are - Back to 12:00 Noon

Beginning in March, Pray As You Are will return to its original time, meeting in the sanctuary from 12:00-12:30AM on Tuesdays. We hope you will come join others in this reflective time of worship together, or just take time to pray wherever you are.

January's Cozy Morning
Coffee Time!

Ladies (and Pastor Jeff) braved the wintery, wet roads to enjoy delightful fellowship and delicious dainty muffins on January 28! Some even sported their favorite flannel jammies and fluffy slippers!

Next gathering will be April 22 when hopefully the weather will be MUCH better! Watch for more details soon!
Become a part of United Women in Faith
2023 UMF Activities

Thursday, March  9 - Circle Meeting - Noon in Youth Room
Speaker Carole Heil, Associated Churches

Friday, March 10 - Preschool Babysitting
for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday, April 13 - Circle Meeting – Noon in Youth Room
Prayer & Self Denial

Saturday, April 22 - Coffee, Cookie and Chatter
Ladies’ Morning Out  (open fellowship)
              9:30 am in Fellowship Hall       Babysitting provided

Thursday, May 11 - Circle Meeting - Noon in Youth Room
Salad Carry-In

Saturday, May 13 - Spring Bazaar (formerly Junk in Your Trunk)
Be a vendor, helper and/or customer!
Questions? Call Becky Rhodes

Thursday, June 8 - LUNCHEON - Noon in Youth Room
All women of the church are invited!

Thursday, September 14 - Circle Meeting - Noon in Youth Room
Program: Marilynn Toops
Preschool News

February was a busy month at the preschool. The children enjoyed several celebrations including our Valentine’s Day parties and our annual Dad’s Night. We finished the month with our annual Open House/Registration Night. We are looking forward to all the new families that will be joining our school for the 2023-2024 school year. If you know anyone looking for quality early childhood Christ-centered education, please send them our way!

Our staff also had a visit from Cupid! He filled our break area with lots of goodies and sweet treats. We heard he had some help from some very special church members. We so appreciate all the love and support the congregation shows us!

Our service project for the month of March is collecting new books for Kate’s Kart. The organization distributes new books to children in hospitals across northeast Indiana. There will be a Kate’s Kart book cart in the preschool hallway if you would like to donate. We also look forward to welcoming our mothers to preschool this month for Mom’s Night. Another busy, but fulfilling month, filled with blessings!!

Lisa Wietlisbach
Leo UM Preschool Director
Same moves, same great workout, new name!


Wednesdays: March 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29
Sundays: March 5, 12 & 26

8:00-9:00PM in the Gym
Come join the fun!
March Birthdays

03/02 William Scruggs IV
03/04 Jennifer Hines
03/05 Bill Cook
03/05 Lauryn Quinones
03/06 Renee Beaubien
03/08 Calena Houser
03/08 Wendy Wierzbowski
03/09 Lois Hill
03/09 Lela Pulver
03/10 Gene Harding
03/10 Colleen Pontius
03/10 Sharon Tieben
03/11 Caleb Carpenter

03/11 Dave Leburg
03/12 Beth Roberts
03/14 Don Leichty
03/16 Shannon Roberts
03/19 Gary Tieben
03/20 Chloe Koch
03/22 Alexis Carpenter
03/22 Merton Deventer
03/22 Diana Hankey
03/24 Joanne Beerbower
03/27 Betty Adamson
03/30 Philip Murden
03/31 John Hines

March Anniversaries
03/07 Diana & Jerry Ream
Prayer Requests
Jeanene Alleger
Belinda Bencin
Shirley Bunch
Dave Kechel
Julie Schiffli
Tracy Shafer
Skylar Shand
Linda Smith
Vivian Standiford
Gerry Weesner
Janet Yager

(Names remain on Prayer Requests for two months unless otherwise notified.)
Merton Deventer
Pat Henderson
Helen Hobson (Michigan)
Sue Roberts
Maureen Strauss

Pray for the Family of
Carroll Hand
Bill Martin
Our Military

Jesse Adams, U.S. Air Force
Benjamin Eager, U.S. Army
Julie Gorney, U.S. Navy
Gene Harding, U.S. Army National Guard
Greg Myers, Jr., U.S. Marines
Stephen Wierzbowski, U.S. Navy
Jacob Wolfe, U.S. Army National Guard
David Wright, U.S. Air Force
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And you can always reach us via email:
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Diana Kuebler - - scheduling meetings/events, reserving/renting church space, newsletter articles, prayer concerns, general questions
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