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We hope you enjoy our March issue. SeaKeepers newsletters contain our most recent and exciting activities with DISCOVERY Yacht missions, events, and feature articles about our expeditions.


Barcelona Yacht Rendezvous
SeaKeepers will host the Barcelona Yacht Rendezvous at Marina Port Vell
on May 8th to
celebrate DISCOVERY Yachts
during the weekend of the Spanish F1 Grand Prix.

Palm Beach Event with Horizon 
SeaKeepers and Horizon Yachts are coming together at the Palm Beach International Boat Show to recognize the importance of ocean research and conservation, and introduce Horizon Yachts as a DISCOVERY Yacht partner.
 Joint Event with TBF
SeaKeepers and The Billfish Foundation hosted a joint member event to announce their partnership on billfish research on February 12th during the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show.

What's New 

2015 SeaKeeper Award

SeaKeepers announces Fabien Cousteau as the 2015 SeaKeeper Award recipient.

Fabien will be honored on November 5th in Fort Lauderdale.


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 New Partners

SeaKeepers has been named a collaborating partner of the Sargasso Sea Commission. Together, SeaKeepers and SSC will work to conserve the Sargasso Sea ecosystem. 

 Drifter Scavenger Hunt

SeaKeepers will host its third Drifter Scavenger Hunt during the Palm Beach International Boat Show. Take a selfie with our drifters for the chance to win a great prize!


SeaKeepers displayed 12 drifters at partner booths for the scavenger hunt during the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show in February. 

Waterway Cleanup
Join SeaKeepers for the largest and longest-running environmental event in the U.S. on March 7th. 
Type "Team SeaKeepers" in the Volunteer Group/ Organization field
and please email to confirm participation.

Drifter Deployment  
The first drifter of 2015 was deployed from  M/Y Noble House i n the Pacific Ocean on January 2nd.
What a great way to start the New Year!
  Upcoming Expeditions
 SeaKeepers is partnering with Miami-based organizations to monitor local waterways in South Florida. 

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