Bodywork * Movement * Skincare | March Events
Yamuna Body Rolling:
Pelvis & Abdomen
This workshop will focus on the pelvic and pubic bones, as well as the abdominal, piriformis, psoas, and illiacus muscles to create strength and function in the center torso and core. This work can help with hip and low back pain, digestive issues, and relieving piriformis syndrome pain.

YBR practice uses 6”- 9” balls to release tightness and tension from where the muscle begins and ends. You lie on the balls and gently roll your body across the mat, allowing for a deep self-massage. As your muscles elongate, you’ll discover an increase in your range of motion in your muscles and joints. Popular among athletes and post-rehabilitation alike, Yamuna® Body Rolling can be incorporated into any workout.

Skill Level: Mixed-level class. Students must be comfortable laying on the floor and capable of supporting their own weight, but no previous YBR training necessary.

Instructor: Kandy Duke
$40 Early Bird Registration; $45 after Thursday, March 7, 5pm
2019 Class Schedule:
Jan - Feet & Lower Legs (Calves)
Feb - Upper Legs & Hips
Mar - Pelvis & Abdomen
Apr - Shoulders, Arms & Hands
May - Back & Neck
June - Face
Upcoming Events | March
Ashtanga Yoga Series
Join Lindsey Adkison for an Introduction to the Ashtanga Primary Series of yoga practice.
Workshop will cover opening sequences, closing sequences, and how to build poses in between. History and methodology will be included along with physical practice.
6 weeks, March 10 - April 14
$90 for 6-week series if registered by Sunday, March 3. Price increases to $100 after.

Sundays - 11:30-1:45pm
Yoga + Art: Exploring Warrior, Tree, & Hero Poses
No previous yoga experience or art training required. Open to all levels. Come as you are and Explore the Warrior, Tree and Hero within you.

This gentle yoga practice will include a warm-up and a series of postures designed to quiet the mind, relax the body and open the heart. This practice will highlight the following postures: Warrior (strength, courage, perseverance….), Tree (rooting, grounding, centering….), and Hero (honor, transcendence...)

Creative expression allows one to practice a similar sense of non judgment and facilitates developing more self understanding. The more we trust the process, the more we know. Offering further exploration of Warrior, Tree and Hero, we move to a period of journaling/sketching. 

Saturday, 1-3:30pm
Yin Yoga Nidra
The long, supported holds in Yin Yoga help the body and mind to relax and release tension, mentally, emotionally and physically. ... We will finish the class with a Yoga Nidra, which is a deep relaxation. It is a method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Instructor: Sheri Wesolowski

Tuesday 6-7:30pm
Finding & Strengthening Your Core
Identify the muscles that compromise your core, learn to engage them, and how to strengthen them.
March 30

Proper Foam Rolling & Stretching Techniques
Learn the most effective ways to use a foam roller to facilitate proper stretching as well as ways to avoid misuse and injury associated with poor technique.
April 27

How to Plan a Fitness Routine
The workshop will cover incorporating cardio, strength training, and stretching into your weekly routine as well as adjusting your workouts specific to your training needs. May 18

Saturdays - 12:30-1:30pm

  • $25 Registration for single workshop
  • $60 Registration for 3-workshop Series ($20 each)
  • $17.30/each if purchased as part of the Spring Wellness Self-Care Package available March 1 - May 31

New's Years Resolutions long abandoned? Motivation fizzled out after the revelry of Mardi Gras? Don't want to think about your Summer Beach Body when temperatures are still dipping below 50' and Spring is still a few weeks away?

Then, try our Spring Wellness Self-Care Package to get you back in the swing of things.

Package Includes:
  • 3 Spring Wellness Workshops
  • 3-month Unlimited Class Pass for Weekly Yoga + More and Weekly Cardio + Core classes
  • 3-pack of 60-min Massage or Reflexology Sessions

$650 Value Purchased Separately

$500 through March 31

Upgrades to Class Pass or Bodywork Package Available in-studio for up to $150 discount off custom package. Current Passes Can be Paused.

10% Discount on Props used in Workshops with 3-workshop pass or Self-Care Package.
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Class Schedule | March
Vinyasa Flow w/Annie

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement w/Elaine

Restorative Flow w/Pat

Hip Hop Cardio w/Megan

Most Classes Held in the Mandala Room
* Denotes Classes Held in the
Lotus Room
Peaceful Flow w/Pat

*Back on Track w/Megan

Hatha Yoga w/Bitsy

*Barre w/Hillary

Open Vinyasa Flow w/Sheri

Yin Yoga w/Sheri
(Yoga Nidra 3/19)
Vinyasa Flow w/Annie

Peaceful Flow w/Annie

Chair Yoga w/Bitsy

Cardio Circuit w/Megan

Bold Denotes Time or Date Change
Peaceful Flow w/Pat

Yin Yoga w/Bitsy

*Barre w/Hillary

Open Flow Vinyasa w/Joyce

Feldenkrais ATM w/Elaine
Open Vinyasa Flow w/Sheri

*Back on Track w/Megan

Gentle Yoga w/Dixie

Sat 9:00-10:00am
Barre w/Hillary

Sat 10:00-11:30am
Align & Flow w/Karen

Sun 10:00-11:15am
Open Vinyasa Flow w/Sheri

Sun 4:30-6:30pm
Community Yoga w/Brian
Weekly Yoga + More Classes
Yoga - all levels and styles, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

  • Class Size Limited to 8-15 people
  • 30-Day Advance Booking
  • No Early Cancellation Cut-off
  • No Pre-Registration Cut-off
  • No penalty for Late Cancellation or No-Show
  • Wait-list Enabled
  • Class Pass not required to register
Weekly Cardio + Core Classes
Barre, Back on Track, Cardio Circuit, Hip Hop

  • Class Size Limited to 5-8 people
  • 30-Day Advance Booking
  • 8-hour Early Cancellation Cut-off
  • 30-min Pre-Registration Cut-off
  • Penalty for Late Cancellation or No-Show
  • Wait-list Enabled
  • Drop-in or Active Class Pass required to register
What Does This Mean?
To ensure access to all of our classes as well as the best experience possible by maintaining class-size limits, we ask all students to pre-register for our Weekly Cardio + Core classes, to waitlist if it appears full, and to cancel their reservation with 8 hours notice to allow waitlisted students to be notified.

Please check with your instructor if you have questions.