From the Interim Minister
    We are well into the Lenten season.  It began with our Ash Wednesday service on February 14th.  Easter will be on April 1st (April Fool's Day).  I have been asked how often Easter falls on April 1st.  Well, if you are 96 or older this will be your 5th time.  It has fallen on April Fool's Day in 1923, 1934, 1945, 1956, and 2018.  Ash Wednesday has fallen on Valentine's Day four of those times.  1956 was a Leap Year, so Ash Wednesday was on February 15th that Year.  The next Valentine's and April Fool's combination will happen in 2029.
     There is one puzzle I have not yet figured out.  Easter falls on April 1st every 11 years except the gap is 62 years between 1956 and 2018.  I am sure Leap Year has something to do with it.  The next big gap after that will happen between 2040 and 2108, but that won't concern any of us.
     Lent is 40 days before Easter not counting Sundays.  I have been told that Sundays are not counted because we celebrate the Risen Christ every Sunday.  Personally, I think 40 being a sacred number in the Bible has something to do with it.
     Of course the dating of Easter is the key to all of this.  The dating of Easter is related to Passover, and Passover is related to the lunar calendar.  Hundreds of years ago "The Church" decided we would celebrate Easter the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring.  This year spring will arrive on March 20th, the first full moon will be March 31st, and therefore Easter is the next day, April 1st.
     Palm Sunday, March 25th, will begin with the Ecumenical Service of the Palms in the street between FCC and Trinity at 10:15.  Then the Baptist Church will join our church for a cantata.  Our Maundy Thursday service will be at 7:00 p.m. March 29th.  It will be scriptures, hymns, and communion.  We have been invited to share Good Friday, March 30th, with Trinity United Methodist Church across the street.  That service will start at 6:00 p.m. 
Blessings,  Pastor Hayes  
From the Board...
     There is a lot of activity at First Christian Church right now.   With all of the activity comes new and different ways to serve our Lord, and believe me, we have plenty of opportunities to serve in our future.   Members of the church are working on one special project nearing completion, starting a long anticipated year-long project, and will have the opportunity to join one of the standing committees in the future.
     The Building Evaluation is the special project that is nearing completion.   Led by Don Lindstrom and Jim Rybka, the Property Committee and several other members of the congregation have all been working {under the guidance of a facilitator from the Regional Office) on a review of the Church properties.   They are considering the condition of the various spaces and mechanical systems and the use of the spaces.   They spent all of one Saturday a few weeks ago walking around the buildings and trying to look at things with a new eye, with a vision for how we might change and improve the physical elements to better support our worship and fellowship.   They are meeting this week to discuss their ideas, with the goal of preparing a report on the Building Evaluation to the Church Board.
     New Beginnings is the year-long project that is getting underway this week, under the leadership of Norm Long.   This effort is "A meaningful evaluation and plan about the future of First Christian Church".   In fact, the effort began late last year when Norm (with the help of the office staff and other church members) gathered information and prepared an extensive report on the demographics of our congregation.   During the course of the coming year Norm and many other members will be holding meetings to discuss the mission and programs of our Church.   Please be a part of these discussions when the opportunity arises: it is important that we hear from as many voices as possible during this project.
     Finally, we are entering the time of the year when we organize the various committees that do the all of the day to day work of the Church.   First Christian Church has many ways in which you can serve: by using your special skills, or even by simply being a responsible and thoughtful member of a committee.   Please remember that the activities of the Church require effort from many people, and that the more people involved, the less effort per person.   Consider the fact that each Sunday service involves at least ten people: Minister, Deacons, Elders, musicians, sound board, and others.   You may be contacted by a Church member and asked to serve on a committee or as a Deacon: give such a request your heart-felt consideration, remembering that our Lord and his Disciples did not sit back, but were active and fully participated in their worship of God.
March Diaconates
March 4th
Team Leader: Hilgediek
Serving: Hilgediek
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving: Lou Hill
Serving: Marsha Hill
Set Up & Clean Up: Lou & Marsha Hill

March 11th
Team Leader: Hilgediek
Serving: Hilgediek
Serving: Don Lindstrom
Serving: Lou Hill
Serving: Marsha Hill
Set Up & Clean Up: Hilgediek & Don Lindstrom

March 18th
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Roberta Pilotte
Serving: Sue Dismore
Serving: Linda Brammell
Serving: Richard Brammell
Set Up & Clean Up: Roberta Pilotte & Sue Dismore

March 25th
Team Leader: Sandie Hauser 
Serving: Floyd's 
Serving: Roberta Pilotte
Serving: Robin Sturgeon
Serving: Larry Sturgeon
Serving: Dee Chitty
Serving: Crystal Cover
Serving: Juanita Hobaugh
Serving: Josh Tully
Set Up & Clean Up: Robin & Larry Sturgeon
World Day of Prayer
First Christian will be hosting Christian Women United's celebration of World Day of Prayer this Friday, March 2nd at 1:30. The program will begin in the chapel. The speaker is Tia Rucker, Outreach coordinator for the YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention and prevention program. Following the program, we will have refreshments in the parlor. All women are invited!
To the Church,
I'm doing well.  I'm walking some now.  It is not pretty but I'll take it.  Keep me in prayer there is something wrong with my back and I have an MRI done on March 1st so I'm hoping they can help me.  Thank you, Sue England

Thank you for your gift of $599 to Lafayette Urban Ministry.  Joe Micon 

Palm Sunday - March 25
Ecumenical Palm Blessing Service with First Baptist, St. John's Episcopal and Trinity United Methodist

Palm Sunday Worship with First Baptist at FCC
--Featuring the Holy Week cantata:  "Upon This Rock" by Pepper Choplin
--Presented by combined choirs of First Baptist and First Christian, with special guest singers and orchestra

About the Holy Week cantata: 
As we read the Gospels, it is evident that Peter was a passionate person.  "Upon This Rock" leads us through Peter's experience with Christ:  his call, his confession, his denial, his restoration, and his sending out.  As we experience the story through Peter's eyes, we are led to ask, "What is our passion?  What is our call?  Who do we live for?"

REHAB: Ken Curtis, Westminster
NURSING HOME/HOMEBOUND :   Donna Adam: Daughter Leslies home, St. Anthony's: Lynn Mann, Elmcroft #124: Suzie Mounts, Westminster: Lucille Maris #1112, Rosewalk Commons: Vernetta Lynn; Verne Comer Rosewalk Village #216 Sue England: Rosewalk Village#216, Flo Peters: Friendship House #320, M. Charlene Bowman 502 W. Jackson St. Mulberry 46058; Wanda Sharp-home, Connie Zarzour-#114 Fowler Apts. 
At home: Jeanne Dible, Ruby Ward at home of son, Marcus Haley 8415 Turner Rd. West Point, IN 47992, Marilyn Galloway: Creasy Springs #201
Congregational Prayer Requests:  Jenny Edwards,  Larry Sturgeon, Ann Prather, Sue England's sister, Helen, Laura Reinken, McKenzie Fields and Liam, Sue England's niece, Sandra, Don Weedon, Barb Renaud-Prescott, MI, 

I would like to introduce you to our new church secretary. Her name is Heather Wilkerson and she will be in the church office Monday - Friday from 9am-3:15pm. Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. You can send any church info to her at
 Kids Club & Youth Activities for March
March 4th      Game Night at Pizza King 4:30-6pm 
                        Pizza provided just bring  money for a drink
March 11th    Bowling at Arrowhead Bowling Alley at 11:30am
March 18th    Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings on the Levee at 11:30am
March 25th    Spring Break! 

THANK YOU for the sponsorship money to help a few youth go on the ski trip.  We are blessed with a very generous and supporting congregation.  FUN was had by all and NO broken bones! :) 

I will be on Spring break vacation this year during Holy Week. There will not be an Easter Egg Hunt at FCC.  However, Trinity UM church has invited us to join them on Good Friday for their church service at 6pm.  They will have a pizza dinner and Easter Egg decorating at 6:45pm.  This is FREE and open to everyone!  Contact Melissa Kramer at 765-742-1288 with any questions.                             
**Summer Camp info is out!  It's June 11th-16th.  For more info go to or call Michelle at 765-742-4058.
A huge thank you to all who attended the Valentine luncheon supporting Jubilee Christmas 2018.   $360.00 has been raised as a result of the fund raiser.   This will fund the cost of about 24 fleece blankets for the children.   Currently the fleece blanket project is under way.   About 1/4 of the blankets are complete.   Donations of fleece or money to purchase fleece is still needed, as we will need about 100 blankets.  
It is not to early to start preparing for the 2018 event on December 8th.  Shop early.  Buying toys, stocking stuffers, pajamas and food items as they go on sale is always a great way to save money
If you have any questions please contact Roberta Pilotte, Hariett Beeler, the Kelsey's or myself.  God's Blessings to each of you.  Sandie Hauser
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