AWS at Petco

F irst Saturday & Sunday of every month.

AWS representatives will be there from 10 am - 2 pm to answer your questions, and introduce you to some of our feline friends. Petco, 169 Danbury Rd, New Milford
Pet Thrift Shop

The Shelter Thrift Shop will be open Saturday, April 11, 2020 and every second Saturday of each month through October. Hours are 10 am - 1 pm. All proceeds help our rescued pets.
Pets for Patriots

Eligible vets can adopt a perfect cat or dog companion free-of-charge. Plus, Pets for Patriots helps veterans find affordable lifetime care for their adopted pets through their network of providers.
Sassy's Story
Sassy is a two year old tabby who injured her leg and was unable to use it. After a thorough veterinary examination, it was determined that she would benefit from some physical therapy exercises.

Our staff was trained and a team of dedicated volunteers kept up a continual schedule of exercises that restored the use of her leg. Thanks to this teamwork Sassy is on the move in her loving new home.
Does Your Pet Really Need Cat TV or a Dog Playlist?
Streaming services like Amazon Prime and Spotify offer videos, playlists and narrated books to entertain dogs and cats. But who loves it more: The pets? Or their owners?
This is a story about Opie and Karma.

Most days the two cats cuddle on a bed upstairs in the Saratoga Springs, N.Y., home of Aray Till, a freelance creative director. One recent afternoon, though, they were startled by the sound of chirping birds in the living room downstairs.

They bounded down the staircase and were transfixed by two blue jays they saw sparring over seeds on the television screen. Opie swatted at the glass, while Karma sat upright, a vigilant sentry.
Ms. Till had recently discovered  “cat TV” on Amazon Prime,  a library of streaming videos and movies that feature birds, squirrels and other creatures, and were made to entertain felines...

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