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The President's Message

Written by Mike Thuss

Our big event in March will be the Annual Meeting at Quail Point Lodge (QPL), on Saturday, March 19, 2022 – please mark your calendars and join in the festivities. There will be a social period starting at 9:30 am with the meeting starting at 10 am. The Board will also conduct the Annual Meetings for the Cape and the Memorial Associations.


The Board and Staff will report out on activities since March 2021, as well as the status and condition of the Association. You will have an opportunity to give us your comments, and we will answer your questions – as long as they are not too hard!  We will install Yuki Graves and Karen Calderon-Schweitzer, for three-year terms, as new Board members - succeeding Mary and me. Thanks so much to Yuki and Carmen for volunteering to serve our community. Of our 9,700 members, only these two volunteered this year. 

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Women's History Month 2

Monthly Announcements 3

What is a Good Neighbor 4

March 2022 | HSBPOA

 Once the Annual Meeting concludes, we will conduct the annual Organizational Meeting where the Board elects its Officers and appoints “Neighborhood Liaisons” for our primary neighborhoods – Central, West, and Uplands & South. Just let Sandra know at if you are interested in being a Liaison for your neighborhood. 


The Board then conducts the annual meetings for the Cape and the Memorial Associations. As with our Neighborhoods, we have Liaisons for these Associations. Just let Sandra know at if you are interested in being a Liaison for either the Cape or the Memorial Association. 


By the way – Liaisons attend Board meetings, but are non-voting. 


Our Safety tip of the Month, as well as our “Good Neighbor” tip, came from a Member who lives along Bay West Blvd. It was reported that 20-ton dump truck traffic along Bay West Blvd., Broken Hills,

and Apache Tears has significantly increased. These trucks appear to be speeding, especially on downhill slopes; have run off the road, and needed to be retrieved; and because of their size, have forced cars off the road.  This maybe the result of the lack of local experienced drivers, but in any case is a real safety issue. Solutions suggested by the Member are - lower the speed limit, open the old Logo Escondido construction entrance, and lower the road load limit.  In any case, warn your visitors - and travelers should be especially watchful on these streets, and report any problems to the Police Department. 


Please remember that there is no regular Board Meeting on March 16th – only the Annual meeting on the 19th. Looking forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting!


As always – contact me at if I can be of assistance.


Women's History Month

What have women done?


If history has told us anything about women, it's that they are strong, independent, and well-versed in most anything that they do. Women's History Month is a dedicated month to reflect on the often-overlooked contributions of women to United States history.

To Mackenzie Scott who is Forbes most powerful women and has given more then $5 Billion to 500 Charites world wide. To Queen Nefertiti who was perhaps one of the most powerful women who have ruled and the mother of King Tut.

The Real Question is:

What have women not done?

“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.” – Malala Yousafzai

The World's 100 Most Powerful Women 2021

Nothing illustrates the dynamics of this list better than the change at the very top. For only the third time in the 18 years we've compiled this ranking, German chancellor Angela Merkel is not No. 1. With her imminent retirement from public office comes a chance to find a new number one; this year, that honor goes to billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott.

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March 2022 | HSBPOA

Monthly Announcements

What is happening in March?


In Chicago, the tradition of dyeing the Chicago river green on St. Patrick's Day started in 1962 when the green dye poured into the river to detect pollution. The bright green color inspired the idea to turn the entire river green for the city's annual Irish celebration.

Don't forget to push your clocks forward an hour on March 13th at 2 am


Our Public Annual Meeting is happening March 19th in Quail Point Lodge starting at 10 am-12 pm!

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March 2022 | HSBPOA

What is a Good Neighbor

What do they do for each other?

7 Qualities of a Good Neighbor to Look Out For

We all have neighbors, but we would like to maintain a relationship only with the good ones. How can you identify the good neighbors? A good neighbor can make you feel welcomed in a new place and offer assistance during an emergency.

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