March Newsletter
What a year it has been! While there's no reason to dwell in it, there is every reason to celebrate all of the wonderful things that have transpired from what many would call a "trying" year. We united, problem solved and prepared for a promising future that included everyone. We are excited and inspired to continue working with one another and our community to build a foundation of partnership, opportunity, compassion and health that encourage and allow us to move forward together.
Women and Wild Plum Center Go Hand in Hand
Wild Plum Center is not a women supporting women organization, however, a large part of the work we do just so happens to be. When your work includes breast feeding support, family support, and child support, you're bound to work alongside the women of the world.

At Wild Plum Center we know a lot of women worth celebrating. We spoke with a few of our senior staff and learned how their roles at the Wild Plum Center evolved and what it has been like to be a woman on staff at Wild Plum Center.

Our Family Service Director's story is really neat. She shares:

"I learned of this organization because a friend worked here as a cook and encouraged me to observe. During that observation, I kept seeing, hearing and learning how Head Start works differently than any other program I had known.

I watched how teachers, cooks, bus drivers and parents teamed up to create meaningful experiences for children. I talked with several staff members including the Executive Director. I went home that night and told my husband I felt like I found my new home. Even though it meant leaving a teaching job, I decided to take the leap and accept the one available position, which was bus aide. A short time later, I became a bus driver.

When another position came available, I was hired as a teacher for the 3 year old class. I had that position for 15 years. There was not a day that I did not learn at least as much as I taught. When the organization grew and created a position for an Education Coordinator, I was ready to grow some more. What has always stood out about Wild Plum is the connection with families. 

Being able to work with parents through their expertise opens strong collaborative partnerships. Having systems in place to support family goals helps to makes real change possible. Six years later, I was again ready for a shift and became the Family Service Director.

After 25 years at Wild Plum I am continually challenged and rewarded and still feel like I am home."

We are really fortunate to be able to provide staff with professional development opportunities that not only stimulate growth within the organization, but also enhance their level of connection with our families through better understanding systemic issues, such as achievement gaps, wealth gaps and other social inequities.

We know how important our work is, and we couldn't be more grateful or proud for the women in our organization and countless others that have dedicated their career to serving selflessly and taking steps every day to build an equitable future.
Service Spotlight
Primrose School of Longmont has been a fabulous supporter of Wild Plum Center, our students and families.

One of our favorite things about spring is when Primrose's Kindergarten classes come and read with our Preschool students who are getting ready to make the shift from Wild Plum to Kindergarten in the Fall.

It is so endearing to see how excited our Preschool Plums are to have a "big kid" read them their favorite book. This simple gesture is reassuring to our students that reading on their own isn't so far fetched.

While this year we weren't able to join one another in the classroom, we are just as grateful for the 639 books they collected and donated to Wild Plum student's home libraries.
A little of your time could benefit over 200 families.
Join our Board of Directors today!
The Wild Plum Center is currently seeking a Board Treasurer.
The Board Treasurer, along with the organization’s Executive Director and Business Manager, provides financial management, oversight, and information to the Wild Plum Organization and its Board.

Experience Needed: Financial, banking, or accounting background

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours per month

Wild Plum Center's Board of Directors defines the mission, establishes priorities, crafts strategies, and ensures that plans and programs are implemented.