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In an effort to more effectively engage the community, my office has adopted the use of an electronic newsletter.  Over the last month, we have continued to pursue the fulfillment of the goals listed in our recovery plan which are listed below. 

Please feel free to share with your family and friends, and encourage them to remain updated on what's going on in San Bernardino.

This newsletter will be distributed on a monthly basis.

The City Council adopted Priority Goals which serve as the guideposts for all decisions made for the implementation of San Bernardino's recovery plan.  These emerged from the opinions voiced by residents who attended community engagement meetings in 2015, and refined by our strategic planning core team.  

All information and developments discussed will be aligned with these goals to ensure the establishment of  a sustainable San Bernardino for our community.

Along with establishing the Quality of Life Team, designated for the improvement of Quality of Life in the City, our efforts range from improving specific parks, community areas, and neighborhoods. The following are some examples of work that is being done to improve the Quality of Life for San Bernardino residents and stakeholders. 

The QOL team presented a 60 day status update to Council in February.

They've cleared approximately 173 tons of waste across 70 different sites in San Bernardino. 

The team is steadily working toward the goal of strategizing the maintenance of SB public right of ways.  Soon SB students will have clear walkways on their way to and from school; residents will not worry about road hazards and health hazards caused by illegal dumping.  We look forward to more results as the QOL team continues their hard work. 

Click on the title of this section to access the document shared at the Council meeting. 

SB Access Center Provides Relief
San Bernardino Staff and our  Access Center partnered to provide relief to a resident named Linda.

Linda, a retired nurse from Patton State Hospital, uses a wheel chair and is often bed ridden due to ongoing health issues.  She experienced trespassers in her backyard who not only set up camp, but also stole her electricity.  San Bernardino's Homeless Access Center was able to provide Linda with 7 nights in a local hotel to rest while they sorted out the situation. 
Mercy House, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing and comprehensive supportive services, manages the daily operations at The Access Center. The Access Center is located in the Butler Building at Seccombe Lake Park and serves as an access point to vital services, resources, and emergency needs to individuals and families in the City. This highlights the daily efforts we are making to establish relationships that will make a difference for the residents of SB. 

 I salute City staff and Mercy House for their continued service to those in need in our community. 

Follow SBPD on Facebook for more updates:  San Bernardino Police Department
Over the last month, I have been able to meet with residents from across the City during February Evening with the Mayor, as well as at February's Neighborhood Association Council and Community Builders meetings. I look forward to continuing to engage the community through the upcoming events and platforms detailed below. 
Coffee With A Cop

San Bernardino Police Department has been engaging San Bernardino residents in weekly discussions led by resident concerns.  Events are each Wednesday at 9:00 am. Details as follows:

1st Wed:   Vicky’s- 502 S. Waterman
2nd Wed: Denny’s - 702 E. Highland
3rd Wed: Farmer Boys - 1776 Kendall
4th Wed: Mike’s Burgers - 940 W. Highland 
State of the City
I am excited to invite San Bernardino residents to my second State of the City Address, occurring April 22, 2016. 

The event will be held at the San Bernardino International Airport, reception starting at 5:00 pm, program at 6:00 pm.  
Upcoming Events
April 2016

Calendar of Events

California Schools to Watch Designation

Curtis and Serrano Middle Schools have been recognized by the State of California as 2016 "Schools to Watch- Taking Center Stage."  Schools are chosen based on  their performance, academic excellence, responsiveness to students' needs, and social equity. 

I salute Serrano & Curtis Middle Schools for pursuing engaging and motivating methods of teaching and discipline while setting a standard of excellence for all of us who engage youth.

Indian Springs Manufactures SB Strong Pins

Driven by a desire to support the December 2nd victims, Indian Springs Principal Alan Kay proposed a project to manufacturing teacher Ron Delmonte.  From there, Mr. Delmonte and his students created a design for SB Strong pins.
Designed and manufactured by students, the pins  can be purchased directly from Indian Springs, with proceeds going to the victims of the December 2nd Tragedy.  
I am proud of the leadership and innovation displayed by Indian Springs students and staff.  
Management of SB Soccer Complex
The San Bernardino Soccer Complex is now under the administration and management of the Elmore Sports Group. We celebrated their soft launch in January. 

In the short period of time since transition, Elmore Sports Group has begun a million dollar redevelopment of the facility and has hosted home matches for the newly formed soccer team, the Southern California Sports Team.
Elmore Sports Group will provide consistent and improved operations and maintenance of the complex, as well as boost the use and functionality of the site.

I look forward to many more tournaments and community events being held there, offering our community a chance to be united in a family-friendly environment. 


  Promise Zone Application
Last year, President Obama announced a  Promise Zone Initiative that would allocate resources to designated communities in an effort to assist communities in creating jobs and increasing opportunities. 

Over the past several months, in partnership with the County, the City of San Bernardino and a consortium of fourteen partners have joined to apply for The Promise Zone designation.  Through a collective impact framework, we will pursue six specific goals for our region: 

1) Reduce violent crime
2) Improve educational opportunities
3) Access and create jobs
4) Increase economic activity
5) Improve housing opportunities
6) Improve health access and outcomes
With a successful application, we have the opportunity to access:

1) An Intensive Federal Partnership-  federal support in implementing our goals
2) Resources-  priority and access to federal investments that further our goals
3) National Service-  five full-time AmeriCorps VISTA members to support our strategic plan
4) Accountability for Goal Achievement- help  tracking progress and evaluating results

Effective April 1, 2016, Burrtec will be providing refuse services to SB residents. 

With this decision, we will add approximately $2.8 million per year in franchise fees and $5 million in franchise fees upfront. 

This marks a significant step closer toward becoming more economically stable, and more efficient services offered to residents.
We are maximizing the City’s organizational productivity and quality of service by streamlining the workforce and the limited resources currently available to us.  While doing so, we are also unlocking revenue sources that will be valuable in boosting the economy, subsequently creating jobs, and making San Bernardino the attractive and sustainable city that we all want it to be. 


We are proud to have such committed economic development staff who are dedicated to bringing business to San Bernardino.  Because of the efforts of San Bernardino staff, we have had immense success with the entrance of businesses like Mommie Helen's and Jimmy John's.  Below are some businesses that will soon join the SB community as well. 

We are proud to welcome JCPenney to the Inland Center Mall, where they will join Sears and Macy's as the mall's anchor stores.  Their projected opening is in October  2016. 
Aldi is a German discount grocery retailer that is opening two locations in San Bernardino. They hosted their Grand Opening Celebration on the 24th of March at their first location:
625 E. Hospitality Lane
I extend a warm welcome to Aldi & JCPenney  and wish them great success in their endeavors.  
Special Mentions...
  Welcome Councilmember Richard!
Councilmember Richard was seated at the first Council Meeting of March 2016.  I congratulate her on her victory and look forward to collaborating with her.  
 Councilmember  Bessine L. Richard

Kindergartners at Pierpont Elementary School saved and collected bottles full of money to donate to the City's GoFundMe for the victims of the December 2nd Tragedy.  They raised $355.18!

 Assistant Chief Eric McBride, made a trip to Ventura to personally thank the students for their efforts. He was able to greet the students, read them a story, and give each one an official SB Police patch. 

  We send a special thank you to Mrs. Robinson's and Mrs. Novstrup's classes at Pierpont.
Legacy Post-Acute Rehab Center
Legacy is the first rehabilitation center in San Bernardino to receive a five-star quality rating from CMS. 

I applaud Legacy and thank them for their devotion to the rehabilitation of our residents.
Welcome to the SB Team!
I extend a sincere welcome to the new additions to the San Bernardino Police Department.  

Mr. Matthew Abrego - Promoted to Police Dispatcher II
Mr. Micah Cook - Appointed as Police Dispatcher
Ms. Maria Romero - Promoted to Community Service Officer II
Mr. Lanier Rogers - Promoted to Police Detective
Mr. Joseph Shuck - Promoted to Police Detective
Mr. Erick Bennett - Promoted to Police Sergeant
Mr. Brian Harris - Promoted to Police Lieutenant
Mr. Jonathan Tennyson- Appointed to Police Dispatcher I
Mr. Alex Cerritos - Appointed to Law Enforcement Trainee
Mr. Muhamad Sara - Appointed to Law Enforcement Trainee
Mr. Brandon McCauley - Appointed to Law Enforcement Trainee
Mr. Sergio Alvarez - Appointed to Police Officer
Mr. Brandon Rollings - Appointed to Police Officer
Mr. Jamie France - Appointed to Police Officer
Mr. Michael Yeun - Appointed to Police Officer
Ms. Ana Munoz - Appointed to Police Officer
Mr. Robert Hines - Appointed to Police Officer

Free Residential Clean Up Days
The City of San Bernardino provides free dump days for residents.  Please feel free to utilize these days to dispose of large and bulky items.                                                  
For More Information Visit:

Join SB Community Day of Service!
The San Bernardino Service Council is a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all through revitalization of our city. They've planned a day of service where members and organizations of the San Bernardino community will get together to help refurbish 5 San Bernardino Ball Parks.  Click on the link below for more information. 


Chief of Staff : Christopher Lopez
Executive Assistant to the Mayor : Evelyn Estrada
Assistant to the Mayor : Ericka Murphy
Legislative Aide: Richard Tejada
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