McDonalds calls frequent buyers of their food “heavy users.”

The expiration date on water bottles is for the bottle, not the water.

Scientists have tracked butterflies that travel over 3,000 miles.

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Things Churches Can Teach Nonprofits

This article from Bloomerang sites 3 things churches have done to compensate for the millennial generation that have increased their financial commitment and participation. Have you done the same? Consider additional advice below:

  • Are you offering Mass at times conducive to schedule of the younger generation? Sunday evening Masses are much more convenient to schedules and the sleep pattern of teenagers. Remember whatever Mass you target teenagers and millennials should be late Sunday morning or evening and include contemporary music.
  • Reach the teens and millennials using e-communication and make sure it is formatted for viewing on a cellular device. Do you want millennials to attend and support a fundraiser? Makes sure it’s a social event open to all, encourage them to bring friends (they are going to anyway), no sit-down meals for this crowd, - bistro tables and hot appetizers and don’t forget the craft beers and wine. Consider using the word “social” instead of fundraiser. They are savvy, they know you want donations.
  • Speaking of donations, make sure your online donate now button is working and lands on a new uncluttered page. Millennials will be using their phone so no required scrolling!
  • Involvement! Millennials want to make a change, they want to be involved in the change. Don’t ask them to only donate, ask them to donate and become part of the team to bring about the change or complete the project. These are not donors looking to get you off their back by giving you money. If they showed up at your social it’s because your mission, project or cause interested them and they want to help!
  • Thank you – remember a takeaway I shared a few months back from my attendance at the International Stewardship Conference – millennials love snail mail. Instead of the generic thank you letter send them concrete outcomes and results of the project. Pie charts – they love pie charts. Minimize the type copy but wow them with pictures and graphs.
Oops! Don’t Make these Tax Return Mistakes

By Barbara E. Weltman | Updated February 24, 2017 Investopedia

  • Make sure you choose the correct filing status for your situation.
  • Enter income as it's been reported to you (and the IRS).
  • Don't enter items on the wrong line.
  • Don't automatically claim the standard deduction.
  • Be sure to check for typos.
  • Take write-offs you are entitled to.
  • Report negative numbers correctly.
  • Remember to tell the IRS how to handle your refund.
  • Be sure to pay your taxes properly.
  • File! Don't file late and don't skip it all together.

Read the full article outlining details for each tip!

Consider an E-mail Service to Reach Your Constituents

Optimize email correspondence

  • Subscribe to an email service for as little as $10/month
  • Encourage becoming part of the conversation
  • Share success stories
  • Encourage sharing

Read the full article.

Only 3 Reasons You Need an Irrevocable Trust

Daniel Timins, CFP® ; Investopedia

You probably don’t need an irrevocable trust. When you create an irrevocable trust you are creating a trust that cannot easily be changed. When you sign it and transfer property to the trustee of the trust, those funds are locked in, outside of your control, and are now administered by the trustee.

Why would anyone part with control of his assets and rely on someone else to control his money? The only time you might want to consider creating an irrevocable trust is when you want to

  1. minimize estate taxes,
  2. become eligible for government programs, and
  3. protect your assets from your creditor

If none of these apply, you should not have one. Read the full article.

Please contact your tax advisor for guidance.

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