March 2019 e-news
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Saving Lives in Nigeria
Bisi Odeyale was born in Nigeria but moved to the United States when he was a young man. Back home in Lagos, Nigeria, his niece became sick and almost lost her life due to untreated illness. When Bisi realized he could use his skills to overcome the obstacle of healthcare access, he founded the nonprofit Fair Hope for Children. Focusing on healthcare and education, Fair Hope for Children works in northern Nigeria where schools and hospitals are under-served.

This month we worked with Bisi and Fair Hope for Children to send 7 tons of medical supplies and equipment to Borno State, Nigeria. This region is one of the most impoverished areas in all of West Africa. Denise Sears, SOS President & CEO, visited Borno State last year where she witnessed a refugee camp of internally displaced Nigerians. The facilities in these camps are lacking even the most basic healthcare amenities and our shipment will directly address the lack of medical care in the region. In the refugee camp, Denise met a child (pictured above) clearly suffering who had no medical treatment available. Soon after Denise returned, we partnered with Fair Hope for Children to tackle healthcare inequality in northern Nigeria.

This shipment included exam tables, dental equipment, an ECG machine and lab equipment that will be distributed to 3 hospital across the region. We would like to thank St. Joseph Mount Sterling, Baptist Health Floyd and TriHealth for donating these critically needed supplies! Bisi will be in Borno State when the container arrives and we will keep you updated with reports from the hospitals!
Bisi Odeyale (left) with the SOS team after the container loading.
Meet & Greet with Bishop Tom Kiiza
Join us for a Meet and Greet on Thursday, March 14th from 5pm-7pm to welcome Bishop Thomas Kiiza  to SOS headquarters!

SOS is partnering with Bishop Tom for our first comprehensive global health project in Kisebere, Uganda. Our shipment will include medical supplies to support the local clinic, safe water resources for the village and the beginning of a maternal and child health program!

RSVP to hear Bishop Tom's vision for transforming his community. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.
SOS Volunteers
The work you read about every month cannot be accomplished without our volunteers! Every day we have amazing groups of people who give their time and energy to help us accomplish our global mission.

This month we had large group from Ford (pictured) that helped us prepare pallets for shipment to Nigeria! We also hosted over 30 cadets from Eastern High School's JROTC program who helped sort and package supplies for an upcoming container shipment.

You can email for volunteer information and opportunities!
U of L Nursing students.
Louisville Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.
Eastern High School JROTC cadets.
Students from Belarmine University.
Thank You To St. Margaret Mary
Of all the supplies and equipment we send overseas, some of the most requested things are items like Band Aids and simple bandages. We work with local schools to host Band Aid Raids where students collect Band Aids and help us deliver these critically needed supplies.

At the beginning of February, St. Margaret Mary collected hundreds of boxes of Band Aids and raised over $500 from students and staff to support our mission!

Whether it's volunteering their time, collecting donations or raising money, the student community in Louisville has a sense of charity that is inspiring!
7th and 8th graders from St. Margaret Mary with the boxes of Band Aids they collected.
Save The Date for Bourbon & Band Aids
Bourbon and Band Aids is back! Mark your calendars for June 20th at the Muhammad Ali Center. There will be your favorite bourbons and a few surprises. There will be much more info to come so stay tuned!

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