March Newsletter                                         March 9, 2016
Hello Everyone!

I’m so glad we are seeing more of the sun in Alaska!  We are also seeing more of the of the moon during the eclipse this week.  This is bringing all sorts of interesting things to the surface !!  It just so happens, that during times of stress and upheaval I turn inward to my faith.  I love knowing that our world and universe and all that is…. is complete.  We have everything we need to experience peace, grace and gratitude.  We need nothing else.
At this moment we have the ability to monitor our thoughts.  What we spend time thinking about creates the world we live in.  A big piece of this puzzle is recognizing what we are attached to.  I’m not talking just about material things.  I’m talking about outcomes and expectations.  What do we expect others to do… or not do?  What do we expect the world to do?  How do we expect to be treated?  As soon as we can let go of expectations, we are free to live in a world that supports us all.  This is tricky because it requires faith that you are supported in the perfect way for your highest good. Usually we don’t know what this looks like, until our life shifts.
I’m inviting you to check in and see what you really like about your life.  What do you think about?  How is it reflected in your life?  What do you want more of?  What would you like your life filled with?  There is so much more to the Universe and love and God then we can comprehend.  Wherever our thoughts take us, we will be supported.  As soon as you start monitoring your thoughts and take a chance on living life with less attachments….. you have started your personal shift.  This change comes in many forms.  Stay open in your heart and mind.   Believe me I know this can be a challenge.  Until a certain point in my life I was often frustrated.  I eventually woke up to the opportunity to experience life differently.  I now share the methods and experiences I learned that helped me transform my life.  I’m not saying I don’t get frustrated or angry…  I do, but I don’t stay there.  I also know deep in my heart that we all are OK.  Everything is working out as it should and things are really changing.  We have the opportunity to be an active part of the shift or resist what’s happening all around us!

I am available for intuitive readings and intuitive life coaching.
If you want to learn more about your personal shift send me an email.
The classes I teach, as well as readings and coaching, all take you to a place
where you have more purpose and your energy begins to shift.

The Circle is complete… are complete!

Upcoming Event
Join Max Ryan and Polly Wirum for a day of learning more about your personal intuitive skill set.  We will spend the day exploring different ways you can receive messages. We will also discuss simple practices that you can use to enhance your connection to spirit.
  • Personal messages from your guides
  • Messages from guides to share with others
  • Messages from angels
  • Angel card reading
  • Tarot card reading
  • Messages from this that have passed
  • Energy work
  • Intuitive readings
In the afternoon you will have hands on practices.  This is a great opportunity. Working in a room filled with people that are open to spirit connection makes it even easier to receive messages.
Plus, one lucky person will receive a team reading from Max and Polly.  After the reading we will take it apart and share how we received each message.  This is another great opportunity.  Typically the messages come so fast that we don’t share how it comes to us…   So please come with notebooks, pens and if you have any tarot or angel cards or pendulum bring them to class.

Please note this Divine Message event will sell out at 20 people.  We have learned that smaller groups for our messages make a better experience.  Our class can hold 40-45 people.  We will work in groups and pairs.
If you are interested please contact me by email.  You can pay at the door…  I will hold a spot for you.

Many blessings of sun, fun and adventure!!

I am available for intuitive readings as well as
Intuitive Life Coaching. Max Ryan and I together,
have also started offering team readings.

Visit my website to contact me!

Upcoming Class

8 Week Class
March 20th, March 27, April 3, April 10th, April 17th, April 24th, May 1, May 8th
NOTE: Since Easter is March 27th, if this is a conflict for many people, we will not meet that date and add one more weekend in May. 

FIRST CLASS IN SERIES: March 20th at 5:00 pm
The theme will be: Life Purpose Development

The goal is to help you create a life that has passion and peace. I will have exercises and homework for each class in the 8 week series. If you miss a class, we will simply keep up on lessons by phone or email. I will be following an outline, but there is much still room for sharing and spontaneity and I always bring the magic of the Divine into my classes. 

COST: $12.00 per class or $80.00 for the entire 8-week series
                Payment can be made at event by cash, check or credit card

Unity Church
1300 E 68th #109
Anchorage, AK 99518

Metaphysical Workshop & Evening of Divine Messages
Friday & Saturday
April 8-9, 2016

Listen to a Past Divine Messages Event
Gateways 2 Peace  | | 907 - 360 - 1992